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Written By: Rhian Benson, Jonas Rendbo, Daniel Fridell

BE (feat. Jonas)
Written by R. Benson (Icarus Music, BMI, PRS), J. Rendbo (Jonas Music, KODA, SESAC), D. Fridell (KODA)
Produced by Daniel Fridell
Co-produced by Jonas Rendbo & Rhian Benson

BE-BEfore you even BEgin
To think you can BE me
BE-BEat the clock that goes tick-tock
BEfore you call me crazy
I think you’re running out of time
Sinking ever slowly
This has BEcome end of the line
No more if or mayBE

Forget the drama
Just just let it BE
With everything that lies BEneath
You should BE all that you can BE
And if you BElieve that karma
Comes back to BEat you up
You BEtter loosen up baBE
BElieve Im gonna BE me

Just let it BE
Let it BE
Don’t worry about a thing
Let it BE
Let it BE

BE-BE easy as ABC
That’s the combination
If you BE you and I BE me
MayBE that’s the best equation
BE-BEam me up, I think we need
A little elevation
It would BE oh so heavenly
If you could BE my good vibration

Forget the drama…