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Rhianna LaRocque

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Rhianna LaRocque-Hotel Songs Review"

The music of folk-pop vocalist Rhianna Larocque recalls the strolling gait of Dido and the reflective themes analogous to Ani Difranco's songs evidenced in lyrics like, "Is it easy for you to walk away like you do / leave me alone / I don't think I'll ever know" from "Ever Know" on Larocque's new EP, Hotel Songs. Like the title of the album suggests these are songs that could be made while spending alone time in a hotel room. Produced by Marco Delmar (the producer of her debut recording, The Only Thing I Can Do), Hotel Songs is loaded with personal reflections and relatable sentimentality.

The drifting riffs of "I Care For You" have a contemplative vibe as her ruminations turn romantic, "I don't care for dark clouds / In the middle of June / But I care for you / When there's nothing left to say / I care for you / In my darkest of days." The thumping beats of "Anyway Anyhow" are glossed in comfy guitar strums and slight indentations in the vocals. Whereas "Hotel" has a country-folk hue with acoustics that flex and retract alternately as the lounging pulse of "Just For Awhile" bends to Larocque's vocal movements.

Rhianna Larocque's music is corniced in folk-pop trimmings and spawned from introspective musings. Influenced by The Spice Girls, Larocque's songs are based in comfy acoustics and made to affect the spirit to look inward to find the path to fulfillment.

-Susan Frances
- Hybrid Magazine

"Just a Taste of Rhianna LaRocque"

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"Rhianna LaRocque: Rising Star"

Meet Rhianna LaRocque: former Severna Park native, current Northeastern University student, and a promising talent. Her laid back acoustic melodies and stunning voice have already garnered the attention of such seasoned veterans as Rob Levitt.

Q: How did you get into music? Was there a lot of music in your house?
A: I always loved music, but was always too shy to sing in front of people. It was really when my aunt's boyfriend came to our house for a visit and taught me couple chords on the guitar. For about six months, I sat in my room for hours at a time and practiced. An opportunity arose to perform when I decided I wanted to audition for a school production, and for that audition I sang in front of people for the first time. After that, I realized playing music was what I wanted to do.

My grandmother was a singer, but nobody in my immediate family plays any instruments. My mom claims my musical abilities came from her playing The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and James Taylor when I was a baby.

Q: Who were some of your influences?
A: There is a ridiculously long list of artists that influence me, but to name a few, Joni Mitchell, Andrew Bird, Wilco, Feist, and Radiohead. I'm also lucky enough to be surrounded by a ridiculously talented group of friends, and I get a lot of ideas, support, and input from them.

Q: When did you start writing songs?
A: My first few songs were written in tenth grade about a failed relationship. They're really quite silly to me now, but it's cool to look back at how I've changed in the last few years.

Q: What inspires your music?
A: Honestly, I wish this wasn't the case, but for the most part...boys.

Q: What was it like recording your EP, Only Thing I Can Do? Are you currently recording a follow-up?
A: Recording my EP was slightly stressful because it's an extremely different from what I was used to performing, but my producer, Marco Delmar, was amazing and I ended up learning a lot.

I'm definitely going to be recording a follow up, but right now I'm dedicating most of my time to arranging and rearranging songs, and getting a band together.

Q: What do you hope audiences will take from your music?
A: For me, what I love when I hear music is when a certain band or a certain song really connects with me, and if my music could affect even one person like that, I would be happy.

For more information, check out her website at www.myspace.com/rhiannamusic.
- Mid-Shore Life

"LaRocque Celebrates Release Of New Single In Annapolis"

By Luke Boardman

On June 4, The Whiskey on West Street in Annapolis exhibited an impeccable display of young musical talent, providing a performance that all in attendance could enjoy. At the forefront of the performers, and headlining the show, was local resident Rhianna LaRocque, who made a large impression, showing her audience just how far she has come since her graduation from Severna Park High in 2009.

The performance at The Whiskey was meant to celebrate the release of her new single entitled ‘Ever Know,’ which was made available free to those who signed up for her mailing list. Even though she has played in Annapolis many times; this show marked something special for LaRocque.

“This show was especially exciting because I got to play with friends from Boston and show everybody new music I’ve been working on,” said LaRocque.

On top of her homecoming performance, she brought some friends from Boston with her; an indie-folk band named Friendly People that LaRocque is in close collaboration with. The crowd was certainly pleased by the group’s tunes, which featured LaRocque on backup vocals on a few songs.

Following Friendly People was LaRocque’s set, which featured her soulful, passionate, yet peaceful vocals over the groovy rhythms of her back-up band, which featured three members of Friendly People. She played her original songs, including a duet with the lead vocalist of Friendly People Pat McCusker, before which she jokingly commented on the cheesy gaze the two performers typically share in duets. She closed her set with a cover by Fiona Apple and was awarded a large applause from the audience.

Many members of the local community remember LaRocque from the beginning stages of her performing career at community venues including the Manhattan Beach Clubhouse and Rock n’ Roll Revival at Severna Park High School.

“Manhattan Beach was a great place to start, because it was so welcoming to all types of music,” commented LaRocque. “I realized I loved performing when I sang and played guitar in an audition for [Rock n’ Roll Revival],” she added.

LaRocque has steadily been making a name for herself both in the Annapolis area and Boston, where she attends Northeastern University. “In Boston I’ve been surrounded by a support group of friends and musicians that has definitely influenced me in a positive way.”

LaRocque is well on her way to developing into a strong musician and has already accomplished many great things. “I was recently awarded the Washington Area Music Association’s P.A.S.S. (Personal Artist Support System) contest’s grand prize, which allowed me the opportunity to record a new EP.”

LaRocque has a lot to look forward to in the immediate future. Her new single debuted on 103.1 WRNR the day before her release show. “I’m extremely excited to have my single played on WRNR. It’s cool to hear a song I wrote on a station I’ve been listening to since I was in middle school.”

Also, on July 1 LaRocque will debut her new album entitled “Hotel Songs,” which will be available on iTunes. The same day, she is playing at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, which is not an easy feat for any young musician to accomplish. - Pasadena Voice


7/1/2011 Hotel Songs

6/4/2011 Ever Know Single Release

2/1/2009 Only Thing I Can Do



Rhianna LaRocque has come a long way since spending Sunday afternoons in her hometown of Severna Park, MD, singing Spice Girls songs into her hairbrush. Today, on the verge of releasing her second EP, Rhianna has evolved into a unique and versatile singer-songwriter whose music combines a level of introspection beyond her years with the wide-eyed sincerity of someone always trying to learn and grow. Floating over rolling chord patterns, Rhianna’s voice has one quality that stands out above many others – honesty. Her voice is real, unembellished and reminiscent of a time when a guitar and a voice was all you needed to say something beautiful. Lucky for us, she’s only just begun talking.

Her life as a musician began in her sophomore year of high school when, on a whim, she auditioned for a musical. Like the strongest of loves, music came out of nowhere and then consumed her. She began writing her own songs, taking them with her to open mic nights in Annapolis and the rest followed fast.
At 16, she went to Recording Arts in Virginia and with the help of Marco Delmar, and the infinite support of her mother, she recorded seven original tunes – a process that proved difficult and frustrating but ultimately rewarding. One only has to give The Only Thing I Can Do a spin to see why. Her debut EP is available on iTunes, Amazon and other retailers.

As the end of high school approached, Rhianna set her eyes beyond Maryland and began sharing her music with listeners in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts, venturing as far as Utah and California during the summer before she moved to Boston for college.

She was awarded the grand prize of the Washington Area Music Association’s P.A.S.S. contest, which has helped her fund her second EP. She was also able to play the 25th annual Wammies at the State Theatre in Falls Church.
She has shared the stage with the likes of Eric Hutchinson, Tom Paxton, Freedy Johnston, Cliff Eberhardt and Trace Bundy. Traveling and performing all over the country, she continues to grow as a singer, songwriter and performer.

Currently, she lives in Boston and is attending Northeastern University. She surrounds herself with likeminded musicians who, together, form a pool of constant creative give-and-take, an environment that is perfectly suited to her musical focus on growth and change.

Her second EP, Hotel Songs, produced by Marco Delmar and featuring a backing band that includes some of the Baltimore-area’s most talented musicians was released July 1st and has received praise from artists such as Eric Hutchinson and radio stations such as 103.1 WRNR