Rhiannon Deline

Rhiannon Deline

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN


Rhiannon Mary-Rose Deline was born June 20th, 1993. She was the youngest of three girls, but the one with the biggest voice. At a very young age Rhiannon, began singing everywhere she went, and at 9 years old began taking lessons with various instructors and vocal groups geared towards her age. Rhiannon would sing with a sweet voice, letting out musical theatre melodies until one day, while in rehearsal for a play, she was asked to belt out a song. After that moment, Rhiannon began singing with a tremendous belt, and over the last 10 years developed a four octave vocal range.

Rhiannon started working with musical theatre groups, fulfilling a love she has for theatre and musicals. In 2007, she began working with musician Enzo Lapadula, Tom Marchese, Igor Lazebnik, Phil Naro and manager Kristine Marchese at DYT Productions, and immediately fell in love with the pure sound of Rock n’ Roll. Rhiannon began tackling covers of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Guns n’ Roses, and Janis Joplin, and found her calling as a female rock vocalist.

Her performance style changed as well leaving behind the conservative format of musical theatre, and embracing the loud and in your face attitude of good ol’ Rock n’ Roll. Since this spectacular transformation, Rhiannon has covered all kinds of rock anthems, and has performed at some of the great classic concert venues in Toronto, perfecting her Rock n’ Roll personae.

In 2010, Rhiannon was showcased at The Rose Theatre, performing for the first time, her brand new original song, Dream Called Life.

This pop/rock collaboration between Tom Marchese, Enzo Lapadula and Rhiannon herself, excelled in the Bon Jovi Super Band Contest in early April 2010, and made its way to the semi-finals.

For the last several years Rhiannon has been performing with groups, Rock Candy, Stillwind and Classic Rewind. Since the end of 2010, Rhiannon has put her solo career full speed ahead and has been focussing on her song writing.

In June 2011 Rhiannon will say goodbye to her days as a member of these phenomenal bands, and begin her new adventures as one of the best sought after female rock vocalists of this decade.

Her determination and tenacity make her a force to be reckoned with, a house hold name in years to come. Rhiannon is an unbelievable performer, who blends grace, sex appeal and a down and dirty attitude so well, that you can’t take your eyes off of her on stage.

She has a voice that can be sultry or threatening depending on the song, and quick fingers to attack any violin, piano or guitar. She is currently in the writing process, creating what could quite possibly be the next rock anthem for this generation. She will be in the studio recording this July, with an album release date of September 2011.

Stay tuned to your radio……..the powerful, sultry and sexy voice of Rhiannon Deline will be coming to you soon….

Set List

Acoustic Set
Rock 'n' Roll Original
Gotta Be Me Original/Sweet Child O' Mine Cover
Boys of Summer Cover
On My Own Original
Run for Your Life Original
Me and Bobby McGee Cover
Alone with You Original
You Could Be Mine Cover
Dream Called Life Original