Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs

Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

"Her soaring, crystalline voice immediately stunning the crowd into a hushed reverence. The control this women has over her vocal chords is nothing short of breathtaking" Sam Hobson, Time Off


Rhiannon Hart and the Umm-Ahhs are about to infiltrate your world in a big way. Their catchy blend of pop have seen them become hometown favourites as well as playing recently at the Woodford Folk Festival, Falls Festival, Speigeltent, Brisbane Festival and successful tours down south, they have been winning hearts everywhere.

Rhiannon Hart roams the delicate landscapes of relationships and self -preservation. Her honest, different and often hilarious lyrics are matched by handsome vocals providing a live show that is always something special.

Her motley assortment of songs is an odyssey of mish mash adventures, misfortunes and crazy love stories. Her eclectic and devoted style is matched by The Umm-Ahhs combining individual loves of pop, funk, jazz, and flamenco to provide music for all sorts of merrymaking.

Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs have just released their brand new debut album ‘The Simple Joys of Maidenhood’ recorded with the legendary Neil Coombe (The Go- Between’s, The Grates, John Steel Singers)

Latest video clip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8Tb3mROE7E


The Desert ( self titled album) 2000
Circadian System (self titled album ) 2000
Gorgonzola-Thanks for Last Night(live album) 2002
Gorgonzola- Veronica (single ) 2003
Fagan - Shipping Secrets 2005
Fagan - Shipping Secrets (live @ The Rev) 2005
Rhiannon Hart - The Pirate Song (single) EP 2008
Rhiannon Hart - Lady Luck (single )EP 2008
Rhiannon Hart - Tenderness (single) EP 2008
Rhiannon Hart - Carousel (single) EP2008
Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs - How Happy You Are (single) 2009
Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs-Peace (single) The Simple Joys of Maidenhood 2010
Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs- The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (album) 2011