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Music for every age that take's you back to the days of what music is about.


Legendary Iron Butterfly / Captain Beyond Member Larry 'Rhino' Reinhardt Releases New CD Featuring Original Great Southern Members

When you speak of real classic rock legends, Larry 'Rhino' Reinhardt, founder of legendary '70s rock group Captain Beyond and former member of heavy metal prototypes Iron Butterfly, is a firmly established constituent of this elite group. Guitarist, songwriter and producer Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt started in the Georgia based bands The Load (1967-69) and The Second Coming (1969-70), with Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley, who went on to help form The Allman Brothers Band. Rhino would join Iron Butterfly in late 1969, and recorded the highly acclaimed 'Metamorphosis' album as well as touring with the band worldwide. After Iron Butterfly split at the end 1971, Rhino wasted no time and formed Captain Beyond, together with Lee Dorman (bass) from Iron Butterfly, Rod Evans (vocals) from Deep Purple and Bobby Caldwell (drums) from Johnny Winter. Captain Beyond was called a super group, given that pedigree and skills of the individual members. Their first self-titled album left the world breathless and continues to sell, being an influence of a whole new generation of bands. Rhino‘s unique guitar playing and songwriting skills can be heard on all three Captain Beyond albums: the first, self titled album 'Captain Beyond' (1972) and their second album 'Sufficiently Breathless' (1973) were released on Capricorn, while their third album 'Dawn Explosion', released on Warner Bros. In 1977. The first two Captain Beyond albums are considered 'classics' and have been since remastered and reissued on CD.

Rhino made some selected guest appearances through the years: he appeared on two Bobby Womack songs,“Don‘t Let Me Down” and “I Don‘t Want To Get Hurt By Your Love Again” from 'Lookin' For A Love Again' album (United Artists 1974). The Robert Tepper album 'No Rest For The Wounded Heart' was released in 1996, having been recorded in 1991 as Iron Butterfly. After Captain Beyond split in 1977, Rhino formed his own band Rhino in 1979, which included former Tucky Buzzard singer Jimi Henderson. The band toured the US in support of Stephen Stills. Through the years, Rhino has been in several reformed versions of Iron Butterfly with Lee Dorman (1978, 80, 84, 89 and 92), that also included original lead vocalist Doug Ingle (1978, 84), drummer Ron Bushy (1978, 92) and guitarist Erik Keith Brann (1989). In 1998 he reformed Captain Beyond with original drummer Bobby Caldwell. After a fantastic debut at Sweden Rock Festival in 1999, sharing the stage with Deep Purple, Dio and Budgie, Captain Beyond recorded an EP, that contains the potential hit “Don’t Cry Over Me”. Unfortunately, due to management issues, Captain Beyond was discontinued in 2002. Rhino then joined Blue Swamp in 2003 also playing selected shows locally with Rhino & Doss.

In August 2008 Rhino Reinhardt released his first solo album in Florida, called 'Rhino's Last Dance'. The CD received critical acclaim, but, due to distribution problems the CD was hard to obtain. Unsupported by management he pondered what to do, and then in early 2010, Dicky Betts sudden retirement, opened the door to get together with old friends, Mike Kach (keyboards), Frankie Lombardi (drums), and Pedro Arevalo (bass), from Great Southern, Dicky Betts band, and Don Bonzi (guitar). Rhino formed Rhino and the Posse and a lot of songs and a new concept started a new album 'Back in the Day' based on the idea of music that was familiar sounding but with a fresh new approach.

Rhino says, “We will just have see what the fans have to say about it. If the concept is not misunderstood, we just may have a winner here!”

Rhino and the Posse 'Back in the Day' CD can be purchased through www.rldrecords.com
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Back in the Day

Written By: Rhino Reinhardt

Sleep all day, up all night, bar to bar till we get it right
Never work, never get paid, must be heaven cause we got it made<
Live for today, I've heard it said, get downtown and feed your head
No time to waste, not time to lose, get on the bus and play the blues
That's the way, that's the way it was Back in the Day

Tried to change us, the words were thin, love and peace were words of sin
Fight the war or go down trying, back at home the leaders were lyin

That's the way, that's the way it was Back in the Day

Leave the U.S., head to the north, got to get out for what it's worth
No satisfaction for this reaction, there's no peace on earth
It may take the finial solution or is it a waste of time
Do what's right, don't look back, now it's time to draw the line

That's the way, that's the way it was Back in the Day

BRIDGE . . .

Got taken by the local police, I was a bad man or so they believed
Only going to end up dead one day
That's the way it was, that's the way it was

Sleep all day, up all night, bar to bar, till we get it right
Never work, never get paid, must be heaven, cause we got it made
Live for today, I've heard it said, get down town and feed your head
No time to waste, no time to lose, get on the bus and play the blues

CHORUS . . .

That's the way, that's the way it was Back in the Day


Latest release on RLDrecords Back in the Day. This album is a concept with a modern look back to the days of Classic Rock done with a 2011 view of the past roots of music. This album has it all for people that are tired of the classic rock stations that repeat the same old play list made not buy programmers but the corporate office's of the five big radio owner's. This album would be on the radio if not for the $7.000 or so payoff's it take's to get on the air waves these days, but that has not really changed it still the same as it was only the amount has. Give this record a chance and I think it will play. Rhino Reinhardt........