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Leeds, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Leeds, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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Rhombus @ Cafe Schlachthaus

dornbirn, None, Austria

dornbirn, None, Austria

Rhombus @ Raumstation Sternen

Freiburg, None, Germany

Freiburg, None, Germany

Rhombus @ Epplehaus

Tübingen, None, Germany

Tübingen, None, Germany



RHOMBUS make me feel nostalgic, but in a good way. In the kind of way that reminds you that there are still good quality Gothic Rock bands that haven’t been totally drowned out by the Industrial / EBM revolution of the late 90’s and early 00’s. There are so many “Gothic Rock” bands around that downplay the “Rock” part in favour of a drowning in synthesizers sound. Even though that was kind of crucial in bridging the gap in scene, it has done little to encourage the return of good guitar based Gothic Rock. But bands like RHOMBUS along with Solemn Novena, Lupine and others in the UK, as well as those further a field are bringing that guitar sound back kicking and screaming.

RHOMBUS is not just about nostalgia, though it’s true that they are first and foremost a traditional Gothic Rock band (don’t you dare say “Trad Goth”!), they are an entity in their own right. The band’s sixth album is identifiably a RHOMBUS album - while the band’s influences are blatantly obvious as being the 80’s and 90’s Gothic elite, they have nevertheless crafted their own unique identity out of the remnants of that scene.

The first track ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ is a classic slice of Gothic sweeping guitars, throbbing bass and ethereal vocals the pours out of the speakers like honey that can’t fail to get hooks into you. ‘4472’ is a faster, early Sisters of Mercy-a-like track that ups the tempo and throws in a catchy sing-a-long chorus in for good measure. The title track ‘Open the Sky’ is a bombastic rocking track befitting the Fields of the Nephilim that could shake you out of an EBM induced coma. ‘Addiction FFS’ is a darkly groovy rock track that sees the guitars get a little dirtier, the bass a little heavier, and the chorus a little bigger for good measure. ‘Almost Everything’ is a fast swirling danceable track that The Mission used to write in their heyday - the drum machine and the vocal harmonies of Mya and Mr Grassby being what separates them from “The Mish”.

‘Denied’ is a sumptuous Celtic infused ballad that shifts the pace of the album nicely, providing a moment to stake of the tracks thus far. ‘One More Day’ has that early Sisters of Mercy vibe with a riff that sounds reminiscent of ‘The Temple of Love’, but it quickly reveals itself to be a unique creature with its own driving bass line and big sing-a-long vocals. ‘Leave You To Burn’ carries on the up-tempo danceable rock that has featured on most of the tracks with some more Mission-like guitar embellishments for a little ethnic twist to their standard guitar sound. The penultimate track ‘Anywhere’ has more of an early The Cult sound but with a sleeker more modern take on their particular guitar style. The final track ‘Into The Rain’ is a slower semi-acoustic ethereal Gothic Power Ballad that closes the album in a truly entertaining and uplifting way.

RHOMBUS has become a rather finely tuned band in its own right. This album in particular representing a big stride in studio performance and song writing for the band. The only criticisms I have (and this is me really nit-picking) is that in some of the songs the different elements all vying for attention can at times drown out the song itself. Other than that it is a superb effort.

- Reflections of Darkness

Rhombus is a British Goth Rock formation. They have recently released their new EP “The Anywhere”.

Only four tracks on this EP, but DAMN how enthusiastic we’ll get about it. The band has a typical 80’s approach. Overall it is a sexy, catchiness that captures your attention, the drive to start dancing to it is there because the melody leads you into a dark romantic atmosphere. “Anywhere” the first and title-track on this EP showcases this perfectly.

The female vocals of Mya match very well with the vocals of Edward Grassby. Sounds like they have a good connection with each other. “Timeless and Elegant” blends with this as well, as a song it stands a bit further away in tension. They built it up to a climax that comes almost at the end. It leaves it up to your imagination to how the band will bring this song live, in the end there some notes that Mya could really bring extremely powerful, but in the recorded version they are kept quite modest.

“Nowhere” is a song that pretty much fills up the space, perfectly in line with their style, but not a song that makes you fall in love with the band if it would be the first song you hear from them. As a closer there is a remix included of “Anywhere”.

So far the band seemed to have played only on British soil, but this act would probably do great on some of the German summer festivals like Amphi festival. This release shows they are ready for it.

- Tempelores

“Open the Sky" is the name of the second album of the band Rhombus from Northern England. With this album the English once again prove to us that Gothrock has a home. The album puts great, impulsive and sentimental Goth rock on a very high level!

The cover of the album shows an upcoming storm and you can suspect what they mean with that! For me it's a great realization of the album title in picture!

The sound on the cd gets directly under your skin, and I can really relate to this great combination of both, female and male, vocals.

"Lightning Strikes Twice" is the first song of the album. It starts with rolling of thunder and right after that drums and guitar kick in with a rhythm that makes me move.When the vocals begin, it appears like if the sky opens up and a huge lightning finds its way to earth.
A great vocal combination between Mya and Edward, escorted by a guitar sound that reminds me of 80's Goth rock.

Followed by "4472" a song that forcefully heats us up with a whirling guitar, the strongly drifting bass and with drums that have such intensity that you will think it will knock you down.The vocals fit in this song just unique and you feel that this band presents a sound that offers unequalled opportunities.

Then the songs "Open the Sky" ," Addiction FFS "and "Almost Everything” followes. A song who carries on what we heard as an introduction of the album.The powerfully feature of the songs inspires me in total and the guitar sound is just gigantic.

The title "Denied" is one of the more quiet songs of this album.Mya’s vocals are accompanied by an acoustic guitar , a keyboard and a piano, which in the middle of the song is impulsively supported by the drums, the e-guitar and Edwards vocals until a powerfully, smooth ending.

"One Day More" and " Anywhere" is a more faster song again, harder and more powerfully by shrill guitars, the booming drums and the driving bass, a brilliant mix of the instruments.Female and male vocals alternate and makes the sound round.

In my conclusion it is a brilliant album that enthuses us with songs that are presented so ingenious that you just have to hear it from the first until the very last song!
- Static Magazin - Germany


Anywhere - CD
Catalogue No: MOR000008CD
Release Date: 04/12/2010

Anywhere - Digital Download
Catalogue No: MOR000008DD
Release Date: 11/01/2011

Open The Sky - CD
Catalogue No: MOR000007CD
Release Date: 04/01/2010

Open The Sky - Digital Download
Catalogue No: MOR000007DD
Release Date: 04/01/2010

Remembrance Day - CD
Catalogue No: MOR-CD/000006

The Closing Time EP - CD
Catalogue No: MOR-CD/000005

Attention Seeker - CD
Catalogue No: MOR-CD/000004

Rat City - CD
Catalogue No: MOR-CD/000003

The Soul The Spirit & The Wish - CD
Catalogue No: MOR-CD/000002

The Rough Demo - MC
Catalogue No: MOR-MC/000001



The Staic Magazin Artist of the year 2010 Rhombus, are regarded as one of the finest Goth Rock bands to emerge from England in many years.

Since the release of the immaculately crafted "Open The Sky", in 2010, Rhombus have shot to the top of Gothic line-ups all over the UK and now mainland Europe; partly due to their fearsome strength as a live band and partly because they write genuine, all-guns-blazing Gothic rock that never forgets to be completely enjoyable.

Mixing male and female vocals with swirling guitars and driving bass, they combine some of the best elements of traditional 80s/90s UK Goth, with their own more modern distinctive approach.

Now established as one of the best live acts on the UK alternative circuit, Rhombus’s exciting brand of Goth Rock draws admirers from as far afield as Germany, Greece, Italy, Australia, Russia, Brazil and USA