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Written By: Rhonda Harvey

1. You tell me that you love me
You make it sound real
You say it's just too overpowering
For one man to feel
Well I don't mean to put you down
Everytime you come around
But I don't think you really mean
All the things you say to me

2. Now I don't want
You to get me wrong
Cause the feelings I have for you
Are growing strong
But lately you've acted strangely
And very, very vaugely
Like you never hear a word I say
Like I don't matter anyway

Chorus: Joker! What kind of game you playing? Joker, are you playing me for a fool? Joker, two can play at the same game,and Joker, I don't play by no rules.

3. You call me on the phone at night
So very late
You say you want me so bad
You just can't wait
I don't mean to sound so vain
And I don't want to cause you pain
But I think you had better prove
There really is love between us two

Repeat Chorus

Does She Love You Like I Do?

Written By: Rhonda Harvey

1. Everytime, I think of you, the whole world turns gray
Cause I know, I'll never have you, not tomorrow, not today
Cause you've found (yes you've found), a new love babe, (a new love) and have gone so far away, (so far away)
But if we met, right here and now there's only one thing that I'd say,

Chorus: Does she love you like I do?
Does she please you like I could?
Does she need you like I do?
Does she want you like I would?
Could you answer me, honestly?
Does she love you like I do?

2. The answers are lost in vain cause I know I'll never hear
The truth to so many things after all these years
So I'll pretend (I'll pretend) it won't matter, but deep inside,(deep inside) I know it will (I know it will)
I'll just go on, from day to night knowing I love you still

Repeat chorus

Does she..love you..like me?

You Should Have Been Mine

Written By: Rhonda Harvey

1. I see you walk in the room
Your eyes meet mine
You've got that sad look on your face
Yes, I know the sign

2. We were once in love
Now it seems so long ago
But time will never change the fact
Of what we both know

Chorus: You should have been mine
You should have been with me
Love's so unkind
Why weren't we meant to be?

3. Now in she comes
Like a storybook queen
Acting like she's dangerous
As she stakes her claim

4. Oh how I'd love to tell
I know your love's not real
And when you hold her in your arms
It's me you feel

Repeat chorus

5. I remember out in the yard
Sitting by the tree
I wonder if you sit there now
And if you think of me?

6. Though the times have changed
And we've gone our separate ways
We still have our memories
In our hearts they'll stay

Repeat chorus