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R.H.R. is the hottest Hip-Hop group on the streets at this time. R.H.R. has hot artists from Baltimore and New York. R.H.R. makes Hip-Hop music for people age 13-45. Some music is street oriented and some music is very positive.


R.H.R. is an Independent Record Company from Baltimore City. When I say Independent I mean Independent. R.H.R. consists of artists from East Baltimore,West Baltimore,South Baltimore,Brooklyn,N.Y., and Harlem,N.Y.. R.H.R. has been in business since May 2004. R.H.R. has performed multiple shows in Baltimore City. B-E-Z did his debut performance at the Baltimore Times Uplifting Minds Talent Showcase in August 2004, B-E-Z also did a lil mic battle called Mic Wars in Baltimore City at Club Sonar. Apocalypse did a performance at the jokes r us comedy club in laurel about 3 to 4 years ago, R.H.R. held an Independent Hip-Hop show at the Gentlemens Ten in Baltimore,MD on March 11,2005, Frank Glocks has done multiple performances at the Five Seasons in Baltimore,MD. R.H.R. has hot artists like B-E-Z, Frank Glocks, Lucah, Apocalypse, Damo, Grams, Big Jay, and Cannon. R.H.R. has hot producer Apocalypse making banger after banger after banger! R.H.R. has been killing mixtapes since 2004 with there debut mix cd “Mixtapez Presents B-Mores Finest” featuring B-E-Z, Big Jay, and Apocalypse. R.H.R. later released a single in November 2004 called “Goodbye” which went #2 in the worldwide record pool http://www.therecordpool.com/main/musicprev.asp?my=82005 (Acapella). R.H.R. then released Dogg Shitt Volume 1 which was a promotional CD featuring artists like 50 Cent, Game, 112, Bossman, and more. R.H.R. released a special Demo CD for the Maryland Hip-Hop Summit in 2005. Thanks to R.S.M.G. for accepting R.H.R. Demo CD. Dogg Shitt Volume 2 released in June 2005. Then R.H.R. released the R.H.R. Heart of Da City Compilation Preview which R.H.R. gave out about 300 copies in Baltimore City and Sold over 500 copies at the Millions More March Movement. But not finish moving units yet! On sale at http://www.urbanexclusives.com/show_book.php?isbn=751. At the same time the R.H.R. Heart of Da City Compilation Preview released the R.H.R. Documentary Part One was also released which is a DVD consisting of underground footage in the studio making hot music. Listen to some of the R.H.R. Heart of Da City Compilation Preview and other music from R.H.R. now at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=294272



Written By: B-E-Z/Apocalypse

“ Goodbye”
Verse 1 B-E-Z – Yo da hood or my life sort of like of game of dice sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but it your life so you chose don’t be fool lil dudes finish school cause dropping out aint cool da only other choice is da bloc and violence wont stop and violence wont stop until our guns stop popping my nigs is you listening from B-More to Cali I like chicks Halle to Berry Real Hip-Hop Records don’t be worried I got us if we need to be carried rest in peace to all my nigs des barried cause da game is ice don’t go to fast and get caught slipping cause des your ass u still on the bloc and I’m in a college class without rap I’m a get cash I had to stop living fast else on da block I was going be dead ass
Verse 2 Apocalypse – Let us pray for all our people even the ones who get high I don’t want to be da first to have to say goodbye I’m hood with emotions so u could belive the hood cry I grew up as a thug but I’m a pretty good guy we can all make it if we do try we can sit back and watch the blue skys on my way to the next level 24 and I grew wise I love my hood peers so just remember Apocalypse do care when water da dirt remember I grew there where I’m from people starve so if I got it I do spare as kids in da ghetto we play truth dare not knowing we really living it so why take away from our kids and we baly getting it I love my people from park heights to Harford road though we bely kittin it so I hope yall listeining cause over the years its been a lot of missing in I wrote dis for yall to solicitin A lord contonur throughout the ghetto love is love my people so until then
Verse 3 B-E-Z- All of sudden I left da hood work a 9-5 job and still eat good u still on da block protection as a glock ducking from da cops real hip hop bumping on da blocks all over the world its hard to say goodbye when u trying raise a baby girl if I could get rid of da blow I would do so but I cant da game ending it aint cause it’s a setup to try get us wet up soon we open da shop up my nigs why we always getting locked up cause our suppliers is getting us set up its time to make a come up respect and go put our gun up if u got something on your chest listen to dis handle it wit your fist one on one witout a gun and den see who real son no one.

Go Head Girl

Written By: B-E-Z

Hook – Go head girl wit your fine ass I see dat ass when u walk pass us 3x
Verse 1- Go head girl wit your fine ass go head girl in dem tight pants u moving too fast I like the way you dance hook up wit me your homegirl and my mans I know u heard R.H.R. got big plans so shorty let see u do dat handstand I’m dead serious lil mommy I aint playing so wus up is basically wut I’m sayin I want fuck I don’t want be your man shorty was right shorty was tight have B-E-Z wanted to put down the mic nines usually to dimes I like if u want her u can have her I aint going fight but EZ and your girl going out tonight.
Verse 2 – Go head girl naw come here girl let BEZ take you to a whole nother world ectasy every time u stand next to me I aint soft but sex me baby lik R. kels but I aint going piss on u I might kiss on u I even might record it des if u down for it.

Frank Means

Written By: Frank Glocks

Verse 1- Come get wit me u hot u spit wit me oh u think u 2 pac I’m a get fifty nonsense cause the shots in the clip you need a lot a toilet paper cause glocks the shit I give nine out the nine cause my rugers tougher I a make u say sorry like Ruben Studdard I kill you by a church then Baptist my shells been putting in work I’m baptisted from hell and the devil say he love me god said the same I let the devil have my soul and god have my brain and your chain look aight my mans harder den dat know what they call Frank Anarticonnect and my rocks like stop lights I holds it down I can throw em threw the sunroof to slow shit down and my name frank galocks I bring most of guns everybody scareface well I’m sosa son I can give a bitch smoke on any block or tele then have her cut your throat like ox in belly
Hook- Galocks means Frank Frank means fake ratten ass niggaz kill em wit the 8 I don’t hate I bust 8’s I punch niggaz in there motherfucking face
Verse 2- Since I’m hot now I’m my own best fan I married gun was my own best man I bury your slum wit a chrome Wesson so hurry and run cause I’m dome checking the t is black the jeans is fat same color of my money yo the beam is that and somebody tell son that he’s not the truth cause when I spit dis shit he a cop a duce I’m the heart of the city new Anthony Jones who go harder then nitty just al capone and the rest of yall want a be’s cause yall wanna be I’m a tell u like dis is only one of me no duplicate drop and the coupe wit 6 white iceberg seats wit the snoopy fit get off that hoopty shit I wet like coochie lips Frank a make you stank just like succi gets yall taking pookie hits I’m steady sucking grouped tits fuck getting a wife I’m staying grouped whipped.
Verse 3- The only that u saw was the ones in the sky I got something that a fly that’s one in your eye keep talking bout keys I’m a hawk your jar the keys dat u got is to start your car keep talk bout glocks I’m a air more techs the only blocs that u got is threw your lego set and I been doing dis a minute so its ryme a reason I’m blowing on the spinach keep a lama squeezing I drama needing and I’m a heaten I can wet your ass up and have your momma bleeding I ride wit weed and a dutch vanilla one shot from a glock a roc a fucking fella out shirt out his hat out his whole wardrobe I do it worst wit the mack I’m letting yall whores know that you don’t wanna get me all pissed and mad cause drink a fifth of remy go and twist your dad judge aint wanna see me just missed the feds catch me locked wit the state I’m forever a eight.


Mixtapez Presents B-Mores Finest
Goodbye- Single
Dogg S**t Volume 1+2
B-Eazy Freestyle Muzik Volume One
R.H.R. Heart of Da City Compilation Preview
R.H.R. Documentary Part One

Set List

Go Head Girl
20 minutes!