Rhumbuzzz is an eclectic mix of reggae, carribean, and latin music with a Chicago r&b influence with horns adding a big city punch!


Rhumbuzzz was formed by Bonny Brown who became the first female bugler in the USA to perform at professional racetracks. Rhumbuzzz backs her and her ambition to write reggae music, and it's members offer the authenticy of the islands. Members hail from Jamaica, Dominica, Trinidad and of course Chicago! Main influences include Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Shakira, T.O.P, Earth Wind and Fire.
When rhumbuzzz performs, they take you to the islands!


Papa Pill

Written By: Bonny Brown

Swallow them down
Problems disappear
Euphoric effect
Papa Pill is here
Vitamin supplements
An energy boost
Drink em down
Go ahead and be loose!

Hey Hey now!
Want some candy
Hey Hey down!
Need some candy
Hey Hey now!
Comes in handy
You've had a bad day, nothin's gone your way
No need to run away
Papa Pill, to the rescue!

Prescriptions filled
One more for the road
Cock of the walk
In a new mode
What a great idea!
I feel so high!
Be happy now
No more cry!

Hey Hey now!
Want some candy
Hey Hey down!
Need some candy
Hey Hey now!
Comes in handy
It's your birthday today
Party the night away
You deserve it ok!
Papa Pill, to the rescue!

Alarm clocks ringing
look at the time
Slept through the job
Commited a crime
Mirror is honest
Dark circles to hide
Where's Papa Pill?
I need another ride!

Hey Hey now!
Want some candy
Hey Hey down!
Need some candy
Hey Hey now!
Comes in handy
Every single day
Gotta have your way
Poppin your life away
Papa Pill, now owns you

Coco Buta

Written By: Boony Brown


Come ya sweet baby
Young brother so sexy
Want to rub my hands on you
Git da coco buta on my coco lover
And I chant dis song for you

Cool Ju now fallin
On da coco color of your skin so dark and true
Beaded sweet water git da coco buta
And I rub it all over you!

Can you Feel it? (nice and tight me gotta git it!)
Can you Feel it?(cu ya, yeah me gonna git it)
Can you Feel it?(awe yeah your body good)
Can you Feel it?(nice and tight me gonna git it!)

Can you Feel it?

Samfai Man

Written By: Bonny Brown

Crafts his words
Cheap Talk and fast phrases
Pause to learn
Prey is weak an easy target
Comes in for the kill
A hard sale, money market
A Samfai man
In love with money not you honey!

He'll do what it takes to get to the top
Don't stand in his way you're sure to be stomped
Go about your business dontcha fall in love
With the Samfai Man
He's gotta black heart

Samfai Man, Samfai Man
Samfai Man, Samfai Man
Look out!

Walks the walk
Pickin people and perfect places
His head is cocked
Tries so hard to look so evasive
He can con a con
Manipulation was his creation
The Samfai Man
Sex a passtime, Power's his passion


2005 Just Play (EP)
2006 Radio Play:
Local Band Chicago/Indiana

Set List

Typical set list is a Jimmy Buffett-like tour of the islands starting in Mexico and going south featuring songs from each area of the tropics...latin, samba, reggae, soca, etc.
Usually we perform 90 minute sets for larger venues or split two sets of 50 minutes each