Rhum for Pauline

Rhum for Pauline


The four French guys play a highly powerful rock, tinged with soul and garage accents, relying on pure tunes in the same vein as the Doors or Jon Spencer blues explosion.


The band was created in Nantes (France) in 2006, as a duo composed of one singer, Romain, and Pol, playing guitar.
After two years, the band enlarged and got reinforced by the arrival of Thibaud on bass and Emile on drums.

With its current composition of four members the band started shaping its musical style as a mix of soul and black music influences, but also jazz or garage, with a strong pop background.

Their live performances rely on strong energic pop music tunes.

They released their first Mini album called 'Miami'(7 tracks) on a the Minitel rose French independant label, in September 2010 and gathered a total of 30 gigs in France in the same year.

They are now working on a new EP to be released in Autumn 2011.


"Miami" album - Released September 2010

digital distribution: Believe
physcial distribution: La Baleine