Rhyme Asylum

Rhyme Asylum

BandHip Hop

The Greatest Rap Group Ever 2 Walk the Earth! (Rhyme Asylum "What Hip-Hop Is")


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We have 5 album that have been sold locally. Mixo Solo Album "The Real World", Negative Solo Double Album "I Got Issues" and Second Release "Natural Born Spitter's" Co-Starring Perfect Eclipse, Hench M.A.N. Solo Album "Hip-Hop 4 Dummies" one of or fastest sellers so far, & Skilz(Mad Skilz & ILL Skilz) Album "The Truth Is Out Thier". Now we are finish with our Crew Album but we want to release it national, I is kind of upseting our fans because word is out its finished but we are not selling it on the street. So right now we just save up the money and/or look for a good invester.

Set List

We have a 5 to 8min set for small events, a 30min set which is our main set, & a hour set for concert settings. Our 7 main songs are "Out Da' Box, Rhyme Asylum, It Ain't Safe, 4Sho, Pure Bizness, Absoultly Nothing, & My Crew". When ever we perform any two of those songs just get ready for the house to come tumbling down.