Rhyme Junkies

Rhyme Junkies

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Take a dab of aggression, a shot of playfulness, a dose of theatrics, then mix it in a blender with some kick ass music, and you have one of the hottest new groups of the decade.


Rhyme Junkies is an alternative rap/rock band formed by two LA area MCs. Their mission is to make original heavy and catchy music that has mainstream potential. The music is being likened to old-school 311, Chili Peppers, and Beastie Boys but has a new flavor all its own, as evidenced by the great crowd response they received at their recent shows at the Whisky, Key Club, and Roxy in Hollywood. Rhyme Junkies has six members- two rapper/singers, guitarist, bass player, drummer, and turntablist. Go to www.rhymejunkiesband.com for music, pictures, and show information. Rhyme Junkies Hotline (714) 953-9633.


Burn The Ships (2000) Hello Media
Rhyme Junkies Band (2002) Frozen Bubble

Set List

Rhyme Junkies Band
Born in the Back of a Bar
Too Far
Bad Addiction
Richard Corey
Paul Revere