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Rhyme Mind Theory

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Flavor that comes from 7 different directions, with unlimited influences.


Starting in October of 2004, Rhyme Mind Theory has quickly become San Antonio's premiere Hip-Hop ensemble captivating all walks of life. Beginning with core members Lennox Gonzalez, Aaron Jarvis, Robert Sierra and Chris Maddin. The RMT played relentlessly week after week developing a consistent fan-base. First appearing at the Revolution Room in San Antonio TX. and eventually becoming the weekly event known as Tuesday Night Therapy, (which now takes place at Oasis Lounge off of West and Bitters) They had broadened their psychodelic horizon to other local venues such as Rebar, The Limelight, Broadway 50-50, Jack's Patio Bar, The Bitter End, Reptilez, The Place and Sam's Burger Joint. All the while others were joining the band such Jason Mckee on Percussion and an accomplished trumpet player known as Juan Guerra which allowed the Theory to evolve it's sound once more adding a jazz fusion style. After a change of bass players, Dave took over and filled in, soon becoming a permanent member. But it didn't end there. Jarvis the guitarist soon left the band for personal reasons thus handing Dave Wade the strings (where he was born to be) which was his first instrument as well as his first love. Chris Maddin also had to depart due to the demands of his other band, the multi talented 'Blowing Trees'. Bassless and keyless RMT came to an unfortunate but brief stand still. To the rescue came Dave's younger and very talented brother on the Bass Adam 'Woody' Wade to propel them forward steps they had previously lost. Though keyless the infamous Chris Maddin can still be seen getting live with the Theory from time to time on stage even with his hectic schedule (His heart never left). Since then, Rhyme Mind theory has branched out to out of town spots such as Graham Central Station and Fuse both in Laredo, TX. Also Austin TX. venues Troubadour Saloon and The Parish on 6th. Other merits include opening for a few national touring bands such as Spoonfed Tribe and Lonestar Pornstar plus appearing on the soundtrack of a short film known as 'Grey Ardent' (coming out fall 2007). As if that wasn't enough RMT recently participated in The Emergenza World Wide Battle of the Bands placing 1st out of 60+ bands for the San Antonio City Finals. which led to the Regional Finals in Austin TX. where the Theory placed a respectable 3rd out of another 100+ bands. With influences from bands such as The Roots, Hieroglyphics, Diggable Planets, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, The Beastie Boys, Blackstarr, The Doors, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Ozomatli, Wilco, Gym Class Heroes and countless others Rhyme Mind Theory spans all genres of music essentially Hip-Hop, Jazz, and experimental rock, which gives these artists a unique and frightining original sound. Make No Mistake, maintain your Forever Excellence and come see what time it really is!


Rhyme Mind Theory - RMT Live @ Revolution Room (2004)

Set List

Designs, Jive, Forever Excellent, Artist Unwind, Jazz, 2 Many MC's, Remixed Cup, Elements, Topics, Make No Mistake, Methods Correct, Mastermind (cover), The Next Movement (cover), Speed, Day in the life, Trip, Shogun Symphony. sets span from 45 minutes to 2 hours.