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Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Denver, Colorado, United States
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Fresh Colorado Hip-Hop"

Rhyme Progression - "Slum Lord"
Boasting chopped piano and vocals samples from Carly Simon's "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be," Rhyme Progression's "Slum Lord" could be allegorical, but it feels like a very real indictment of a certain greedy landlord who refuses to fix the heater. "I'll have a frozen response until my fucking heat comes on," says Rhyme Progression. Here's hoping his landlord is a That's a Rap reader. - Denver Westword

"Rhyme Progression - Slum Lord"

Rhyme Progression is an artist based out of Denver, Colorado; the same city where I reside. We get a lot of acts into the mile high city, but there really isn't much of a hip hop culture being nurtured. If there is, I have yet to find it. On a cold and windy day like today, it's nice to have something strong in your headphones to keep your feet moving. The beat has a great pace to it, and the artist an awesome flow. He'll be releasing Half Awake Volume Two on February 15th, so keep an eye out for a follow up. - College-of-Music.com

"Rhyme Progression - Awoken EP"

"Fuck your money/Fuck your paycheck/I made negative dollars and still managed to stay fresh," spits Rhyme Progression over a dusty-soul loop that pulses beneath this EP's second tune, "Gat Damn Right." While the MC brags at times, the album is far from a litany of machismo. More often, Rhyme Pro's eschewing fame or being self-deprecating, but he's at his best when the emotional honesty comes through — on songs like "Safe Inside Me," in which he unravels a personal tale of redemption through music — or when ripping incisively, as he does on "Just Another Day." Influenced by Slug's vocal inflections and content choices, as well as a dash of Big Daddy Kane by way of Aesop Rock, Rhyme Pro has a flow that's tempered by the output of underground-label mainstays like Rhymesayers and Def Jux, with a nod to Golden Era traditions. Equally impressive, he handles beat duty on several tracks, alongside great production from locals like Maulskull and Blacksheep. - Westword

"The Rhyme Pro - Greeley Native Rhyme Progression Promotes Debut Full Length Album"

The Rhyme Pro
Greeley Native Rhyme Progression Promotes Debut Full Length Album

Dan Barton
Bandwagon Magazine

America’s favorite holiday, Black Friday, is winding to a close, and after a few days spent back home in Greeley, MC Rob Fischer is ready to head south, back to his current Denver stomping grounds. Fischer got his start growing up in Greeley, and recently moved to Denver to attend school and become a part of the scene. After a phone call picking his brain about hip-hop, independent music and the Northern Colorado arts scene, it’s easy to see why he’s anxious to get back to work.
Rob is the man on the microphone, but Rhyme Progression is completed by the presence og DJ/Producer Blacksheep(Anthony Kunovic) at all live shows, and the full length debut “All I Have is Music” was released in August. With a handful of music marketing classes under his belt, Fischer has taken his business savvy to the streets, evangelizing his conscious underground hip-hop to the ever-growing Denver music scene. Rhyme Progression has played some 20 shows to date in the last several months, including trips to South Dakota, Montana, and a feature performance at UNC’s Open Mic Monday. Feeling they saturated the local market for the time being, Fischer has taken a step back a much needed breath as he plots his next steps.
Even despite the music marketing tactics he’s gleaned in academia, Fischer’s emphasis comes down to making a personal connection with his audience, and he thrives on meeting the people who come out to support local hip-hop. This personal touch comes across in his post-performance fan interactions, the loads of free merchandise he gives away, and the nearly 1,300 fans Rhyme Progression has garnered on Facebook. Currently a student at CU Denver, Fischer rounds out his commuter college experience living near the DU campus, trying to soak up the university energy, and he couldn’t be more adamant about his local scene. “Definitely not,” Fischer immediately responds to my wondering if he feels an pressure to pack up and head to a major market such as New York or Austin. He begins listing stats of how Denver ranks among other national music cities, and believes that it has the best possible potential for emerging artists.
One roadblock has been that some venues remain hesitant to book hih-hop acts. “They don’t always realize the conscious message that’s behing my music.” Fortunately, live music culture seems to be continuously opening its doors more and more to hip-hop, thanks to acts like Rhyme Progression and the underground kings he’s inspired by. Fischer notes particular influence of the late Minnesota MC Eyedea, as well as fellow members of the Rhymesayers label.
While taking some time off the stage, Rhyme Progression has several projects up in the pike. Fischer produced the majority of the tracks on “All I Have is Music”, and has been spending serious time upping his chops, picking through classic jazz records such as Billie Holiday, becoming more and more comfortable at the producer’s station. He finds the independence of a one man show appealing artistically, logistically and monetarily. A rapper who makes the beats he rhymes over is in total artistic control. On the other hand, he’s quick to admit that could lead to stagnation, as hip-hop at its heart is a collaborative art. As such, he’s been working on several features with other rappers, and is crafting a handful of tracks to be released in a series of EP’s entitled “Death by Three’s” through the group Black Mask. Also in the works are a Colorado/Midwest tour.
Rhyme Progression hits the stage next on December 9th at the Hi-Dive with Peace Officer, Kid 77 and Ghost in the Machine. An upcoming Greeley date is in the works, but he hesitates to go public with any information just yet. He promises to hype all upcoming shows and EP releases via his Facebook page (current home of www.rhymeprogression.com), and in the meantime, “All I Have is Music” can be downloaded in its entirely through the ‘Free Music’ tab on Facebook. By the new year, Rhyme Progression will also be part of the Pandora universe. Whatever way you find it, be sure to seek out more of Greeley’s own Rhyme Progression as he navigates the scene, and support local hip-hop at a venue near you.
- Bandwagon Magazine

"From 12th Street Manhattan, The Pulse brings you 4 Shadow Productions feat. Rhyme Progression"

From 12 St. Manhattan, The Pulse brings you 4 Shadow Productions feat. Rhyme Progression
So after vacationing for the longest time, The Pulse is back and we’re changing it up a bit. Out with the rock/pop/electronica/indie and in with some good old underground hip hop and rap. Fans of hip-hop artists such as Asher Roth, Fort Minor, Lupe Fiasco, and Wu Tang Clan must add this to their collection.

The Pulse presents 4Shadow Productions

Life Is a struggle when you have less than two weeks to record a 5 track hip-hop EP in just a college dorm room and a little one-room studio, but for the men of 4Shadow Productions they made do with just that. Rising from the Steinhardt Studios and 12 St. Manhattan, artist Rhyme Progression released his 12 St. EP July 18th in collaboration with JHY ENT 6one5 Productions, and Brendan AKA Crates.=

The first track off the EP “Blind World” actually features a sample from a 10 cent 45 rpm found in the thrift store across the street from their dorm. Initially the group threw it aside, but “when Andrew Seltzer (a friend and bass/vocalist for the band Sleeping Lessons) walked in the room, pushed us aside and dropped the needle in the perfect place, adjusted the tone and pitch just right, and it was pure gold” says Crates. The first single released from the EP is “Life’s A Struggle”. It features the vocal talents of both Crates and Progression, and is a unique mix of harmonious vocals, piano, strings, and traditional hip hop beats into a sure to be hit.

Though the group is spread across the country, they plan to collaborate again to release more of their music together. In the mean time though, you can visit each of their individual Myspaces to check out their individual projects. Now for what everyone likes, freebies. 4 Shadow Productions has made the 12 St. EP available free for download, exclusively to The Pulse readers. The catch is the album free for a limited time, so get your copy before it’s too late. You can get the album here: http://www.soundclick.com/rhymeprogression
but the link will be removed in about a week so get your copy now for free!

Keep it cool, keep it rocking,
The Pulse - The Pulse


Half-Awake Tapes Volume 2 (2013)
     1. Slum Lord
     2. Recipe
     3. Perpetual Rhyming
     4. Don't Need You(Acoustic Remix)

Half-Awake Tapes Volume 1 (2013)
     1. Hard To Be a Man
     2. Another Night Alone
     3. Asking You
     4. Theory (Bonus Beat)

Awoken EP (2012)
     1. Backyard Cypher
     2. Gat Damn Right
     3. Broken Down(ft. Mac Lethal)
     4. Safe Inside Me
     5. One Two Three Four
     6. Just Another Day(Ft. Philo, Prod. by Crates)
     7. Don't Need You(Prod. by Blacksheep)

Death by Thr33's Volume 3 
     1. I've Been Told(Prod. by Maulskull)
     2. Shallow Graves... (Prod. by Maulskull)
     3. Wreck-Collections (Prod. by Maulskull)

All I Have is Music
     1. Big Break
     2. For the Producers
     3. No Place to Go(ft. Sapient)
     4. Climb to the Top
     5. It Could Be...
     6. Worth a Try
     7. I Had a Little Talk(Ft. Philo)
     8. Lazy Inspiration
     9. Scared Love
     10. End of the Road
     11. What is Music
     12. Find Your Escape



Student by day, musician by night Rhyme Progression is an up and coming underground hip-hop artist from Denver, CO. Rob Fischer(Rhyme Pro) first found his love for creating music as a saxophonist in middle school. To this day, jazz roots still shine though many of Rhyme Pros self-produced tracks. Atmosphere and Murs are artists that many compare Rhyme Pros conscious style to. With a mix of introspective thoughts, comedic story telling, and on occasion raw battle lyrics, any hip-hop head is sure to find a Rhyme Pro that speaks to them. In the past Rhyme Pro has collaborated with artists such as Sapient(of Sandpeople) and Mac Lethal. As an independent artist, Rhyme Pros released two CDs and a series of EPs which were featured in dozens of local and national blogs ranging from the Denver Westword to Kevin Nottingham and even College-of-Music. In 2012 Rhyme Pro embarked on his first national tour in support of the Awoken EP and toured again throughout the Western United States in October 2013. Currently Rhyme Pro is in the studio working on a new album, the title has yet to be determined. Keep your eyes and ears out for this young artist as he continues to find himself in the music he creates.

Primary Contact: 

Rob Fischer - rob@rhymeprogression.com


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