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2005 - Irregular Remedy
2005 - Verses Project
2002 - Lyrical Resurrection (Full Length CD)
Singles from Lyrical Resurrection:
Who is He?
Lyrical Resurrection
Re-Redeemed (Nia and Sheena Mix)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rhymes Elect
Nashville/Johnson City, TN

Rhymes Elect is a hip-hop group represented by two emcees, Signet-ring and Verses, and DJ Selah. Their goal is to spread the love of God through hip hop with music that, while current, is contrary to the message promulgated by today’s popular culture.

Rhymes Elect began as a rap group in Ames, Iowa in 1996. Members saw the need to interpret the gospel through the means of hip hop (yes even in the middle of Iowa) in order to reach a generation whose "spot, is not the spot of His children". Their first opportunity came on an inner city missions trip (Inner-City University Motivated Missions) to Chicago. Eventually the message was brought back to Iowa and the ministry began to grow. Since then, the ministry has been able to spread the message in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Washington DC, and Tennessee.

Many lives have been changed by the introduction of Christ and Biblical concepts through the outlet of hip hop. RE has been blessed with the opportunity to present this message by producing a CD, Lyrical Resurrection, in 2002 with the help of 4-TRESS Studios in Tennessee. As the group continues to mature, they have realized the need to reach what some have called the “unreachable” with a tactful but potent message through the new CD Irregular Remedy. With this CD, Rhymes Elect continues to provide the everlasting message of love and healing which is vital to the hip hop culture.

The Music Scene
The heavy influence of the hip hop culture on today's society brings a lot of baggage. Many in the hip hop community are proud to see the surge of the culture, from such humble beginnings over 25 years ago. But there aren't many people addressing the excess baggage. This is the part of hip hop that we tend to let slide and have become numb to. Immorality and violent themes are as prevalent in hip hop today as they were in the late 80's when there was an "attack on rap music." It's just that today these themes are masked in a world of materialism and C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me...). And now, instead of dissecting the music that plays over the radio stations and video channels, society has become content with saying, "Oh it's okay, they're just expressing what is on their mind(s)."

Rhymes Elect has taken a stance by putting out music in hopes that it will teach a generation to be INFLUENCERS instead of being influenced by the culture. We believe that there is still room and the need for a moral message in hip hop, one that seems to be neglected by the masses. As RE, and like-minded groups, continue with this mission we will once again hear good music that the youth don't have to turn down when adults come around.