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Rhymesight is a independent hip hop/rap recording artist. Mix a mid 90's hip hop east coast flow with beat selection to be mid-west early 00's like and you got the unique, raw sound of Rhymesight. Has been compared to Talib Kweli, Joey Bada$$ , Nipsey Hussle and the Dizzy Wright.


Rhymesight is a 14 year old MC and Producer from Denver, CO. Rhymesight begun writing music at the early age of nine. He first thought of rap as simply a hobby. However, when he turned 11 he begun relentlessly pursuing his passion. Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Big L, Buckshot, & Rakim are a few of his major influences. At the young age of 13, he recorded his first song for a middle school science project. It received overwhelming responses from students and faculty. Rhymesight plans on releasing a new project entitled “Ill Tactics Vol.1” in March 2013. He has released 3 independent projects: Season of The Sickest, Behind Tha Muzik, & Underground Still Rules. As a freshman in high school he has excelled at creating impressive and thought provoking lyrics.


EMAIL: MusicRhymesight@Gmail.com

Phone: 720-245-8692


•Season of The Sickest (EP)
•Behind Tha Muzik (Mixtape)
•Ill Tactics (EP)

•Underground Still Rules (Mixtape W/ Ricky)