rhymes with orange

rhymes with orange


Complementing emo-acoustic guitar patterns with pop hooks, 'rhymes' backs thoughtful lyrics with raw emotion.


Personal experience seems to be the best writing influence. At least thats what Brent Mathews, a.k.a. 'rhymes with orange', draws from when he sits down to write a song. "Genuiness can't be faked. If I sit there and try to write about something that I've never touched or experienced, its obvious. Music is my voice, a window into my world, and my outlet". Recently selected as one of the nations best unsigned college acts, 'rhymes with orange' finished as a top 5 finalist for mtvU and Universal Records "2005 Best Music on Campus Contest".

"It all started as kind of a joke", says Mathews. Now the joke has turned into a full-fledged dream come true. Building a solid fan following in the Boston area, Mathews now lives in Charlotte, NC where he is currently working on the first full length album.

Many have compared the music to Guster meets Gin Blossoms, with Dashboard Confessional in between. Irregardless, 'rhymes with orange' is here to stay.



--"On the Inside" (2003) *mtvU/ Universal Records Best Music on Campus Finalist*
--"While Walkin'" (2005) *Featured on 'Uptown Sound Vol. 1'*
--"In Moderation"
--"Ten Again"
--"From Her Point of View"

Set List

Typical set ranges anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours. Mostly original tunes, but a few covers like Coldplay's 'Yellow' and the Gin Blossoms' 'Found Out About You'.