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From Cali to D.C., Europe to Australia, people have caught onto the RS vibe...have you? Rhymz Suhreal is an eclectic live hip hop band that incorporates rock, blues, and folk music into its sound. Two voices. Two mics. One love


If aliens were to land on Earth and ask to see an example of a hip-hop group, you would not show them Rhymz Suhreal. Simply put, this hip-hop duo refuses to follow traditional stereotypes.

By infusing their sound with elements of rock, folk, & blues, RS has created a vibe that often resonates with audiences on many different levels.

This indie group recently found their eclectic sound achieving National CMJ Radio success as their latest cd reached the charts on many college stations from Washington D.C to San Francisco.

“Rhymz Suhreal music turns the rules of contemporary hip-hop on its head…their sound is one of a kind and the type that transcends genres. There is a real passion behind the music and it shows.” Julian Isidro, Live Music Wednesday @ Villanova University.

Whether concerts or cafes, RS brings an energy and intimacy that has proven to move audiences nationwide.

Recent Updates:
-Showcasing act at NACA Northern Plains Conference ’08
-International travel to support the RS‘Open-Mic Project’ (South Africa, Jamaica, and The Bahamas)

For more detailed info, please download Rhymz Suhreal’s One-Page Press Kit in the Photo Gallery section.


Because of You

Written By: Rhymz Suhreal

Verse 1 –
Life is like a highway/ the brakes, the gas/ the memories, the years/ as the time flies past/ down the open road/ with an open soul/ the wind, the sky, sometimes I’m lost just feelin’ like/ a white shadow/ but remember, no matter how alone you feel though/ I gotta Name you can call yo/ for when you’re on the ropes, and you feel like hope just jumped out the window/ (Into the night) this rhyme gonna shine on/ I bring the Word spoken/ and I believe that!/ I see the Invisible’s autograph all around/ (He got it signed on)….so do you see that?/ take a look, life is short/ the sands of time remind me to run/ so we like full-court/ pressed to the test, I hope to come through/ (you feelin’ me?) and if I do/ You know it’s all because I’m feelin’ You//


My life is passin’ me by/
My eyes they have no tears/
My heart is bleedin’ dry/
And my soul it has no fears…/ because of You//

Verse 2

(You know you got me)/ tossin’ and turnin’ and I can’t stop/ thoughts about you keep me up past 2 o’clock/ it’s non-stop/ when I wake up/ You’re there/ I take up/ to read Your love letters/ to let me know how much You care/ (and they keep comin’)/ (sweet like perfume)/ next time we meet/ you know it’s not too soon/ let the world know, we’re close like a back massage/ that’s You’re promise/ I know You ain’t goin’ anywhere/ take hold of my hand (cuz I need Yours)/ touch my face (so I can feel Yours)/ You make the work light/ and all the wrongs right/ You are my sunrise comin’ at the end of a long night/ trust this, Love blinds like justice, I see only me getting’ in between us/ thus/ I hope every lie that I ever told You comes true/ for You, before I die/ forgive me//

Verse 3

Soundman let it play/ so many times I played you (turn it up), but not today/ see I used to love to live, now I live to love, I wait for You, don’t want to pass you in the fast lane/ (see) with you around I never solo it/ punches come you gotta roll, (just gotta roll with it)/ so I write with my life just for You/ so I could tell plain what no song could ever contain// (amen)


Rhymz Suhreal - Free (Sept 4, 2007)
Rhymz Suhreal - Passin' Notes (May 24, 2005)
Rhymz Suhreal - Rhymz Suhreal (2002)

Radio Singles-
Because of You (2007)
Can't Stop (2007)
Let Love Loose (2007)
Mad City (2005)
All I Have (2004)
You Don't Know (2004)
Amazing Grace (Hip Hop Hymn) (2003)

Set List

mainly originals, occasional covers

set length: 30 min. to 2 hrs.