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"A Talent To Be Recognized"

Rhymz Suhreal could be summarized as two poets with a message. This group of two is a unique blend of talents, sounds, influences and messages. Their web page located at: www.rhymzsuhreal.com posts their byline as "Rhymz Suhreal a surreal
experience in a so real existence." Unusual for a musical group, they also have a mission statement: "Rhymz Suhreal is committed to bringing the message of hope, love, and peace found in the blood of God risen Son, Jesus Christ to people of all walks of life. By using a unique blend of Hip-Hop traditions, Old School and New, R&B, as well as other musical influences, Rhymz Suhreal has set itself apart with a vibe that is both progressive and positive. These elements of music
have united under the leadership for this Great Musician to form Rhymz Suhreal."

Based on a Christian influence, this group brings a message more to opening doors and breaking through into a new, hopeful level of thinking. Christian music tends to focus on the glory, hope and love of God. Rhymz Suhreal carries a heavy, sometimes painful undertone. It seeks to identify with individuals looking for a way out of their pain. They don't quote scriptures or ask you to believe, but to realize that there is a way out, and you can break through. They are an all-including, all-loving band that tells you to "look up." To me, this can mean two things that inevitably go hand in hand. Looking up can mean you need to find and take hold of your faith by looking at the heavens above you, while it could also mean just being optimistic about life and your journey thus far. Their lyrics ask you to know your heart, to understand your condition, to break through the darkness and see the Son.

The music of Rhymz Suhreal is hard to label. They bring a mix of sounds, beats and even intonations into their music. This group blends a message of seeking peace and warmth in the shelter of the Lord. Even the subtlety of the inflections in their voices brings you on a journey of questioning, searching and uplifting.
For example, they have done their own rendition of Amazing Grace. They have added an upbeat spin along with a touch of their own hip-hop beat. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well in their song "All I Have," they incorporate steel drums next to the sweet, harmonious voice of the lead singer. If that's not enough, they also use trumpets and harmonicas to produce their unique style that they are known for. In the song "Breakthrough," they start off with solo drums, then the guitar comes in and adds some more backbone. It paves the way for the
inspirational lyrics that are so willingly put forth. The amazingly smooth female vocals remind me so much of the Canadian singer Skye Sweetnam, while the hip hop part is reminiscent of the well known rap artist 50 Cent.

Rhymz Suhreal is from Wausau, WI and have played many shows in and around the state. Their performances have increased each year, and they continue to please people's ears and hearts everywhere they go.

This group was nominated by Just Plain Folks Music Organization for the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. They were nominated in the category of Contemporary Christian Albums. The Music Awards Show was held on November 7, 2004 in Santa Ana, California at the Galaxy Concert Theatre. They are definitely a talent to be recognized!
- Amplified - UWSP Newsletter

"Keep Listening"

Utilizing a unique blend of hip-hop traditions, R&B, and other musical influences, Rhymz Suhreal has perfected their vibey, progressive grooves on a powerful self-titled project that sets them way apart. Powerful alternating male/female rap vocals demonstrate a breakthrough sound and foot-stomping soulfulness that has already found it’s way to radio. Keep listening.
- Grassroots Music

"Rhymz Review"

This is a perfect example of a group that will be hot with its target audience...Rhymz Suhreal is husband and wife rap team Becky and Zak Alwin. They trade vocals throughout the CD, merging old school rap with R&B and samples of classic rock interspersed here and there (“You Don’t Know” is built around the 70’s staple “Magic Carpet Ride”). - Phantom Tollbooth

"A Must Buy!"

If you're looking for a great Positive Hip-Hop CD, the newest release from Humble Pie Productions, Rhymz Suhreal is what you need to get and currently, it is available through Grassroots Music.

"Family Reunion" brings you back to those family reunions we all love (or don't) with a great duo-rap. Both Becky and Zak hit the lyrics and rhyme just right and this is a great example that a song doesn't have to be offensive to be great.

This is definetely one of those albums that will make you wonder why you haven't heard them earlier. The Alwins have a great hit with Rhymz Surheal and it is ….
........ a must buy for the Christian Hip Hop fan!!
- ChristianBeats.Org

"Performance Review"

On Saturday, March 5, 2005, I had the honor and privilege of working with faith-based hip-hop acts Rhymz Suhreal and Kato as part of one of my scheduled events at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point's on-campus venue, The Encore. As the acting Alternative Sounds coordinator at Centertainment Productions, I personally handpicked both of these acts to take part in the program, and I was not disappointed.

To put it simply, the Alwins put on an amazing show. Right from the get-go, they were the most polite and cooperative of any act I have ever worked with. They do not make ridiculous demands, and they are excellent role models for adults and children alike.

The talent this duo possesses is immeasurable. Zak is capable not only of rapping and playing guitar, but of doing them both at once, a feat I have only seen one other person accomplish in my lifetime. And not only does Zak rap, but he could easily hold his own against anyone in the rap industry, mainstream or underground. His lyrics are thought provoking and sincere, and it comes out when he performs. Onstage, he is at once powerful and introspective, and constantly strove to keep the audience involved in the show. Everyone in attendance had an awesome time, and after the show they spent quite a bit of time with the fans. They are wonderful to work with.

Rebecca is an amazing vocalist, capable of carrying a rap hook or a 4-minute solo track by her lonesome. Working in tandem with Zak, this duo is a force to be reckoned with, blending hip-hop, acoustic folk, and rock together flawlessly, at once creating a set that truly has something for everyone.

There is no way to really describe how amazing a live Rhymz Suhreal show is. It has to be seen to be believed. Seven seconds in and everyone in attendance was hooked. Every aspect of their live routine is impressive. Zak and Becky's talent seems to be limitless, and their music blurs the lines between genres without becoming inaccessible. Their new material in particular was stunning, to say the least, and the audience was feeling the show the entire night, clapping their hands and singing along even when they weren't prompted. Rhymz Suhreal put on one of the best shows I have ever seen.

The Encore could have had five or 500 people in it, and it wouldn't have mattered. Rhymz Suhreal are performers, without a doubt, and they gave it their all. They are a solid songwriting machine, and even as an opening act, they looked like the headliners.

This duo brings talent, professionalism and soul to the table simultaneously, and I am proud not only to have booked them, but also to have been able to produce and witness the event live. I am not a Christian, but there is something here for everyone, religious or not, and no matter what faith you belong to, you'll be glad you came to their show, and you'll leave it with a smile.

Craig M. Groshek
Alternative Sounds Coordinator, Centertainment Productions
- Centertainment Productions - University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

"National CMJ Radio Charts!"

Rhymz Suhreal's latest release 'Free' has found it's way onto numerous CMJ Top 30 Charts nationwide. Stations from D.C. to Cali, Europe to Australia have discovered the RS vibe. For a more detailed view of the recent national CMJ charting success, visit www.rhymzsuhreal.com, click on 'support' - Humble Pie Records

"Smashing The Stereotypes"

“The jarring juxtaposition between the Alwins -- who perform as Rhymz Suhreal -- and the stereotype of hip-hop music becomes meaningless after you pop one of their compact discs in a player.
As the layers of beats, guitar riffs and their distinct and different voices wash over you, preconceptions float away. You realize one thing. It's good music.
The foundation of the Rhymz Suhreal sound is the melding of Zak's and Becky's musical styles: Zak's staccato rapping is softened by Becky's smooth pop voice.
It's all punctuated with guitars, keyboards, orchestras, a harmonica or whatever strikes Zak and Becky as sounding right.” Wausau Daily Herald Newspaper (2.22.07)
- Wausau Daily Herald

"Performance Review"

“Their energy and love of music is apparent in their performance. Zak and Becky have excellent stage presence and did a great job connecting with the audience. Rhymz Suhreal’s music crosses all genres – a great mix of rock, pop, reggae and rap. You’ll find a little bit of everything at their concerts. Their message runs counter-cultural - it is positive, upbeat and a refreshing change from most of the pop music recorded today."
- Amy Plier (Entertainment Promoter)


Rhymz Suhreal - Free (Sept 4, 2007)
Rhymz Suhreal - Passin' Notes (May 24, 2005)
Rhymz Suhreal - Rhymz Suhreal (2002)

Radio Singles-
Because of You (2007)
Can't Stop (2007)
Let Love Loose (2007)
Mad City (2005)
All I Have (2004)
You Don't Know (2004)
Amazing Grace (Hip Hop Hymn) (2003)



If aliens were to land on Earth and ask to see an example of a hip-hop group, you would not show them Rhymz Suhreal. Simply put, this hip-hop duo refuses to follow traditional stereotypes.

By infusing their sound with elements of rock, folk, & blues, RS has created a vibe that often resonates with audiences on many different levels.

This indie group recently found their eclectic sound achieving National CMJ Radio success as their latest cd reached the charts on many college stations from Washington D.C to San Francisco.

“Rhymz Suhreal music turns the rules of contemporary hip-hop on its head…their sound is one of a kind and the type that transcends genres. There is a real passion behind the music and it shows.” Julian Isidro, Live Music Wednesday @ Villanova University.

Whether concerts or cafes, RS brings an energy and intimacy that has proven to move audiences nationwide.

Recent Updates:
-Showcasing act at NACA Northern Plains Conference ’08
-International travel to support the RS‘Open-Mic Project’ (South Africa, Jamaica, and The Bahamas)

For more detailed info, please download Rhymz Suhreal’s One-Page Press Kit in the Photo Gallery section.