Rhyne McCormick

Rhyne McCormick

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Edgy and yet refined, performing songwriter Rhyne McCormick dances along the fine line between sinner and saint. In a world of copycats, he stands out as defining life on his own terms, exploring the peaks and valleys of a world on fire through his refined songwriting and performances.


Rhyne McCormick was born and raised in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, and at an early age began singing, playing the guitar and creating an impressive collection of vinyl. Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres such as country, rock, blues, folk and soul, McCormick melts all these genres together when making his own music, for a result that can be classified as truly “American”.

Friends and fellow musicians have described his music as “heartfelt” and having “soul;” a true slice of McCormick goes into each of his songs. He had more than 150 inspired performances this past year, and his passion is evident as he puts his heart and soul into each performance as though it were the first and the last.

McCormick demonstrates this ability on his most recent album, Live at the Capitol Theatre, produced by McCormick and Dave San Soucie, fellow musician and friend. This 5-song EP was recorded in April of 2009 at The Strand Capitol in York, Pennsylvania. The album includes songs that have his traditional, rock and soul sound such as Deeper and 5104 while he taps into a deeper and more moving sound in songs like Through These Eyes, The Train Song and Storm Runner, each song touching the listener in a way that McCormick is able to achieve through his thoughtful and inspirational lyrics.

But it’s not just others’ lives that have been touched. McCormick’s life was also touched by a dear friend and brother who had been a part of his life for more than 10 years, passing away in 2000. When McCormick met with his dying friend, he knew that it may be the last conversation they ever had and listened as his friend told him that he felt that no matter what he did, the storm—death—just kept chasing him. That conversation later became the song, Storm Runner, undeniably his most moving track on Live at the Capitol Theatre, if not to date.

He will be back in the studio in spring of 2011, and he is aching to be there. McCormick is diligently working on new songs and is ready to put out a studio-recorded, full-length album that will remind his fans and new listeners alike of why we listen to music—his music. We listen to it because we all need our own, daily dose of that feel-good, deep down in your soul passion—the kind that moves you and drives you to do something, be something, believe in something. And if McCormick is known for anything among other musicians and fans alike, it is his passion for his music, his drive to do more and his belief in the human spirit.


Trough The Eyes

Written By: Rhyne McCormick

Now I see the days are passing by
I never looked into another eye
just the mirror there, hanging on the wall
I never even made a telephone call

even though I’m getting older now
I finally realized my dreams are just dreams
to make them true you have to live them everyday

Cause I’ve seen everything thru these eyes
I can’t even find a good disguise
there’s no disguising me

I love my world, you know I can’t complain
and all my critics, I’ll put them all to shame
theres just one thing I think that you should know
I’m gonna make the most of every single day

I’ll just keep playing until that last song rolls around
and even if I never make it uptown
I’ll never let no one put my music down

Cause I’ve seen everything thru these eyes
I can’t even find a good disguise
there’s no disguising me

Soul Dust

Written By: Rhyne McCormick

Soul Dust

Standing at the crossroads with that guitar in my hand
old satan he was smiling, as I came to understand
if I don’t do what I want, I won’t be who I am

(Chorus) - This road I’m traveling on now, is where I learned to live. This road was built with soul dust and that’s all I have to give.

Now others have complained about this road we’ve choice what causes my disdain, is that they don’t seem to know
we built this road with our souls and its all we have to show


(Break) I know there’s things I miss, doing what I do, but I just can’t resist. Chasing down these dreams and being here with You, with you, with you

I’m shaking the dust off my soul tonight and it’s never felt so good. I’m singing to you from my heart tonight I hope that’s understoond. You may not know who I am, but just listen to where I’ve been

Chorus (2x’s)

Storm Runner

Written By: Rhyne McCormick

Storm Runner

There’s a sadness ‘round here I can’t seem to let go
it’s like a bitters sweet song from my traveling show
‘Cause my life long friend He has something going wrong
so I’ll stay ‘til the end Just Singing that same sad song

(pre) Oh brother don’t run from the storm Just dance in the rain

Storm Runner don’t let the clouds chase you away
There’ll be No more runnin’ Cause you’ll never find a better day

I need a trip to the healer Just To ease my mind
‘cause I can’t shake the feeling The boy is running out of time
if no good news at all Is the only news I find
I’ll just wait it out And be there by his side

Pre and Chorus

(Break) let The heavens open up and all you will see

is the rain falling down Let the rain fall down and be free

(Outro Chorus)
Storm Runner don’t let the clouds chase you away
There’ll be no more runnin Cause you’ll never find a better day

Just let the rain fall Down and be free


Acoustic Ceiling - 1999
Spin the Bottle - 2001
Burning Bridges - 2003
Soul Dust - 2005
Live at the Capitol Theatre - 2009

Set List

How Long
Molly’s Kitchen
Train Song
Girl Turned
Say You Loved Me
Open Wound
Don’t Think
She Still Prays
Songwriter's Lullabye
Storm Runner
Soul Dust
Out of Love
The Secret
She’s Gone
Cody Ann
Sacred and Sin

30-60 minute set length as needed
All songs written by Rhyne McCormick