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Mind The Gap

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Testing 123 Somebody time me
Mind the Gap
Now How Long was that?
Takes next to no time
But lasts for a lifetime and sometimes a little time more

A word and then 2
By the third we all knew we was done
And I was the one
Given the words I'd give all I was worth
But I'd poor out my heart for free

That's my voice but it's not my heart
It's not the whole story it's just a part
But I made it sound easy and that's how they knew me
But that wasn't how you knew me

Now I am the 'Mind the Gap Man'
Saying the only three words that I can
But it's not what i'd choose to say over to you
No I would have found sometimes much better to say
If I knew you'd be listening today

Sometimes the joy's in the journey
Much better to travel than it is to arrive
I was sorry to leave you behind
If you want me you'll know where to find me
You know where I am
You know you're the love behind the 'Mind The Gap' Man

Train loads of comings and goings
And stories we've now way of knowing
And they don't know ours
But life whistles by
We all live, love and die
And we try
To leave something behind if we can
So listen to me
Though an echo of love brought you riding this train
I'd tell you I love again and again, but won't you
Mind the gap just the same


5 foot 4 by Christmas

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This is my old house, in my old street, in my old town
My old feet still seem to know their way around
As I'm walking through my history
The ghosts of who I used to be
ARre there on every corner of every trail I used to know
Well, Anyway to any old place to go

This was my old school it's now the bones they left behind
Now it's coffee, tea and memories
And wondering where the time wnet
And I finish up my coffee cup
And drink in my surrounds
Wrap my memories up to take away
The lesson for today
Is that it's hard to make things last forever

And I feel the way I felt when I was growing
And I was five foot one
What to do but dream of five foot two and all I'd be
Oh maybe five foot three, maybe more
Maybe five foot four by Christmas

And I recognise the feeling
I didn't know it was a feeling at the time
Just life the way we knew it
Just like breathing
just like riding 'round to Frankie's with the wind behind
And playing 'til we lost track of the time
And it's easy to lose track of time

This is where I lost my heart for the first time
I wonder if she's here from time to time
With a sentimental song like mine
I think of all the love I had
And the love I couldn't find
It's just a journey
I know I'm on a journey
But there's things that I can't leave behind