Music for the heart, mind, and spirit. Sometimes joyful and uplifting, sometimes personal and reflective, this is music that touches you and invites you to pause and listen and take something away with you. The beats are strong, the voice emotive, and the stylings creative and alive.


Rhythma is Sean Michael Imler, born in Hollywood, California.

Sean began playing piano when he was 8. This lasted for a few years until he discovered that he couldn’t play Black Sabbath on the piano. So he tried bass when he was 12. That didn’t go over well because it didn’t quite hit the melodic accompaniament necessary for someone who really wanted to sing and write songs. So, after years of resistance, he bought a beat up nylon string guitar for $40 at a pawnshop and so the love affair began.

Sean started writing odd things that could only be expressed with volume, lots of volume, so the next purchase was an Ibanez electric guitar that would be the correct artillery for joining the punk band, Skeletor when Sean was 18 and still living in Los Angeles.

But times change and so did Sean. The interest in punk transmuted into an interest into music of different cultures, especially Africa. Sean started playing percussion which finally led into a 5 year stint with a Marimba ensemble in Santa Cruz named, “Kuzanga”, playing traditional music from Zimbabwe.

While all of this was happening, technology was pushing forward with advancements that would allow Sean to be able to afford the equipment necessary to record his own music, at his own pace, in his own studio. The result is Rhythma, a culmination of music and experience drawing on compositions written back as far as 1996 and as recent as 2004, and spanning/combining genres that have impacted Sean’s musical interest. You will find electronic sounds, guitar, bass, keyboards, sax, and lots of percussive elements.

To try to say that any of Sean’s music sounds like someone else would be difficult. Its pop, its jazz, its folk, its rock, its electronica, its all of those. If you dig deep, you can hear other musical artists that may have lent their influence. Pink Floyd, U2, OMD, Led Zeppelin, Baaba Maal, Stella Chiweshe, Cocteau Twins, Jiao Gilberto, Brian Eno, all have made an impact on Sean’s passion for making music.

Sean is currently playing out with his acoustic guitar and working the electronic influences into his stage performance.


Tunnels of My Mind

Written By: Sean Michael

There's nowhere to be for fear of losing time
Travelling down to tunnels of my mind
Gotta 3 day ticket to history and a wound up spring inside of me

I'm flying... travelling down the tunnels of my mind

I heard Quasimoto's tolling of the bell
I wore the crown of thorns inside of Saint Chapelle
I heard the cries from Le Bastille, Papa's cooking my next meal

I'm flying... travelling down the tunnels of my mind

Lost in the Maraise, juxtaposition, Champs-Elysees. Enlightening the time, Voltaire shares the words of du Chatelet.

The melody of Debussy is swirling swaying, mocks decaying.
With God's hand Auguste Rodin, the light is captured, shape enraptured, seeps through thought and kiss and stone, Claude Monet abandons chrome. Rene Descartes doubts everything, I can still hear Edith Piaf sing.

I tasted Triomphe and I named the unknown dead
Marie Antoinette still walking with her head
I stood the lines into the Louvre the pyramid didn't fit that groove

I'm flying... travelling down the tunnels of my mind

I stopped a frenchman walking down the rue
He said to get away from Moulin Rouge
Quartier Latin c'est bonne, go to Parqe Des Butts Chaumont

I'm flying... travelling down the tunnels of my mind

The Weaver

Written By: Sean Michael

She holds the straw between her hand & her mind
She holds her craft down deep in her heart
There is a place she visits all of the time
She weaves the universe of which she’s a part

One fiber woven in & out of the side
Holding the shape & giving strength to the frame
The top is open with nothing to hide
Filled only with love this basket carries no shame

Fingers move with the grace of the wind
At any moment they may burst out & sing
Living her history she weaves it in
Embracing the future & what it will bring

Attaching the handle she uses much care
She can’t foretell what the basket might hold
Lining the bottom she knows it will tear
‘Cos when bound by time everything must grow old

Squaring Zero

Written By: Sean Michael

I went to the grocer
A kilometer away
I heard two men fighting
This is what I heard one say,

"They find a reason for a war
Tell me what they're fighting for
They call me un-American
For not taking sides with them"

I'm thinking to myself
Its no one's fault
We're squaring zero

There was a void
They weren't seeing eye to eye
Then the other man
Shot these words out in reply,

"They vote for taxes every time
Try to take away what's mine"
They call me selfish, hypocrite
But I want none to do with it

I'm thinking to myself
Its no one's fault
We're squaring zero


Rhythma is the first CD release, out May 16, 2005. It is currently being played on the internet by a few stations.

Rhythma is proud to announce the release of "Between the Lines", Rhythma's second studio release, March, 2009.

Set List

Sean Michael plays around the bay area in Northern California. A typical set will be from and hour to two hours of acoustic guitar and voice, 90% originals. Occasionally, a cover by Dylan, U2, or Steve Earle will slip in. He likes to write and has a lot to say so listen up. The laptop is slowly finding its way into Sean’s live sets where he combines his guitar stylings with pre-recorded material, usually beats. The style spans from mellow and evocative to upbeat and strong.