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Rhythm and the Method

San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
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"Activist San Diego Newsletter"

Orquesta Binacional de Mambo, the 20-piece cross-border musical melting pot led by SOCC member Bill Caballero, performed a dazzling set at this year's San Diego Pride festival. Not to be outdone, the dynamite Rhythm and the Method, whose sound is a cross between Patti Smith and Janis Joplin, played three sets at the festival. Led by talented singer-songwriter Rhythm Turner, this amazing outfit, which also features Rhythm's father and brother, is winning over fans with their passionately political mix of powerful lyrics and fiercely funky rock and roll. For more information on these bands or to listen to music samples, visit http://www.myspace.com/rhythmandthemethod. - Activist San Diego

"Step It Up 2007: It's Hot To Care About Global Warming!"

A group of very passionate students gathered to hear Dr. Nigella Hillgarth (a scientist from Scripps Institute of Oceanology) give a talk about climate change. Everybody learned a lot! We then relaxed to the sounds of Rhythm and the Method, a local San Diego band. Rhythm and the Method played some amazing socially conscious tunes to get us inspired. http://events.stepitup2007.org/reports/174
- stepitup2007.org

"North County Pride Oct 14 2007"

The two biggest highlights were the performance of Rhythm and the Method, one of the BEST blues rock bands I have EVER seen! The other big highlight was the tug-o-war between Oceanside/Vista -vs- San Marcos/Escondido, with the shorter of the 2 lines receiving the remaining visitors and vendors. Then was officiated by the minister from All Saints Church that was there! It could NOT have been more fun and hysterical, and enjoyed by all. This again showed the intent of the event to be fun and a blast for all. - North County Pride

"GLT - Out and About"

Wednesday, Oct. 17
Rhythm and the Method: Rhythm and the Method is a San Diego-based band that is in a genre of its own. Mixing sounds of blues, rock, folk rock, funk and soul, this five-piece band has something for everyone. Fronted by singer/songwriter/musician Rhythm Turner, the band features an array of talented musicians, who will take the stage at the Brass Rail for it’s weekly “Wind It Up” live music series. The event, hosted by Ashley Matte, features the best in female-fronted, musical entertainment, with acts rotating weekly. The show begins at 9 p.m. and there is no cover. The Brass Rail is located at 3796 Fifth Ave. in Hillcrest. www.myspace.com/rhythmandthemethod
- Gay & Lesbian Times - issue 11-Oct-07

"Rhythm and the Method"


Andrew Sale, Staff Writer
Published: Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blues is a particularly one-of-a-kind brand of music. Although many other genres may claim the same, the blues seem to capture the soul of the artist and translate it through a musical medium that is appealing to the senses, while at the same time conveys a harsh reality.

That being said, to play the blues to its full potential is a daunting task, yet this hasn't stopped local band Rhythm and the Method.

Truly an up-and-coming band, it's hard to go anywhere without seeing an advertisement for an upcoming Rhythm and the Method show, as those who are into the scene will most likely tell you. It's no surprise that the group is becoming popular in San Diego as its talent in both musical prowess and songwriting is on display in each of its distinctive songs.
But to call the band simply a blues band however, isn't fair.

The band incorporates classic blues sounds of this musical genre such as the blues harp, but the resulting music isn't a pure blues sound. Probably the best description is the one they give themselves, as “a fusion of blues, rock and indie,” and it fits well as the jazz and R&B chord progression riffs are common on many songs such as “I’m Gonna Getcha” and “Indigo Children.” However, these usual progressions are touched up with fast-paced guitar soloing in a number of songs, and the old-fashioned, rock feel is ever-present.

Perhaps the strongest element of the band is the diversity it incorporates in its music, as well as its stage presence in a live show. Always a refreshing characteristic, Rhythm and the Method’s songs are all fairly different from one another, some utilizing different instruments more than others, while changing up the pace between songs, leaving the listener not feeling trapped in a seemingly endless song, which sad to say is a large problem with many bands, big and small.

Its stage presence as well is always entertaining. Lead singer, Rhythm Turner’s voice is strong and unmistakable, the lead guitarist, Evan B. Turner’s riffs are something that can best be appreciated live, while the blues/rhythm guitarist, Papa Shawn, is never dull. Rhythm and the Method is a force to reckon with, as well as to be listened to. Head out and see them live, for tour dates visit www.rhythmandthemethod.com. - The Daily Aztec - SDSU

"Rhythm and the Method — a family affair"

link to article:

Rhythm and the Method — a family affair

Music made by family members — together — can be something truly special. From the soaring 1950s-era harmonies of The Everly Brothers to the Brit-pop of Oasis, family dynamics add a tightness to a band that can’t be achieved by two musicians simply joining forces. Such is the case with Rhythm and the Method, who perform at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge today, Nov. 12.

Part jam band, part rock group with touches of psychedelia, blues and pop, the band is fronted by singer-songwriter Rhythm Turner, alongside her father, guitarist “Papa” Shawn Turner and brother, lead guitarist, Evan Turner. The Method is rounded out with drummer Lisa Viegas, bassist Laura Payne and harmonica player Nick Walsh. Though the band plays primarily originals written by Rhythm Turner and arranged by the band, they do occasionally include choice covers ranging from the Beatles’ “Get Back” to Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows.”

“I was raised around music my whole life,” Rhythm Turner said.

She credits her parents for the desire to be a musician.

“They played a lot of music for my brother and me, everything from The Beatles to Frank Zappa, and encouraged me to play in bands from age 12,” Rhythm Turner said. “I was in different marching bands and concert bands.”

Though she is now known as a guitarist and front person, Rhythm started out as a drummer.

“My dad taught me a few chords, but I ended up playing guitar by default,” she said.

It was that switch of instruments that led directly to the formation of Rhythm and the Method.

Turner was playing drums in a Southern rock band. But when that fell apart, she opted to keep a few of the already booked dates.

“I wanted to keep playing,” Rhythm said. “I was a poet, so I threw the few chords that I knew together and set them to some poems and started writing songs that way.”

The band quickly began to take shape, with her father joining the band next and her brother following soon after. The current version of the band came together in late 2006.

While Rhythm and the Method have made a few demo and live recordings, the band is currently working on its yet-untitled debut album for a spring 2010 release, with plans for a West Coast tour to follow. Although a title hasn’t been chosen yet, the album is set to include 11 original songs and their incendiary take on the Burt Bacharach classic “Little Red Book.”

According to Payne, the best thing about being a part of The Method is the family vibe.

“I’ve played music for a good 28 years,” she said. “The sense of family here is what makes for a very special situation. This band feels like a once in a lifetime moment or opportunity.”

Evan Turner said he savors the familial bond but is quick to point out the band’s other strengths.

“Even though we’re very close, we are very diverse as far as creatively speaking,” Evan said. “We have a real blank slate with our music and don’t have to stay in any kind of box, style or trend. There aren’t a lot of limitations as to what we can do.”

Rhythm Turner said she is thrilled with her life of making music and the progress the band has made in a relatively short time together.

“I know there is a lot of hard work ahead with an album release coming up and a lot of touring,” she said. “But it makes me feel good when I can touch someone — even if it’s just one person — with my music.”

Rhythm and the Method perform at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge, 2241 Shelter Island Drive at 8 p.m. tonight, Nov. 12. The show is for those 21 and up.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/rhythmandthemethod.
- SDNEWS.COM Nov 12 2009


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RHYTHM AND THE METHOD is a southern California-based band specializing in original music that is in a genre all its own. Rhythm Turner, an exceptional vocalist and songwriter, is joined by five talented and accomplished musicians who all share the same passion as she does: making music that moves people. Together, RHYTHM AND THE METHOD skillfully blend sounds of rock, blues and funk to create a unique, revolutionary sound. Their desire to spread positive messages and evoke emotion is exemplified in their powerful lyrics, well-developed musicianship, and captivating stage presence.
See http://www.myspace.com/rhythmandthemethod for sample music, videos and show listings!