Rhythm de Pasión

Rhythm de Pasión


Formed in mid 2007, the beginnings of Rhythm.De.Pasión, a revolution of non-stop smashing adrenaline up the sleeves from red head evolution to a chill out toast of music. Reviving to ease the essence of a scrumptious musicality minds to the deceiving soul and chaotic boundaries of percussive madness was the creation of the cherry-red symbol. Great crowd and humorous shouting are always appealing to the masses on stage and so we are as transcript.

Check us out and be a part of the pandemonium!


A percussive band, formed and molded in 2007. Born in the city of Singapore. Mix of drums from diverse cultures mainly the Brazilian percussion mashed with the African djembes, the local ethnic and traditional Asian drums and urban sounds of the didgeridoo, powered with the guitar and bass. A whole sound you would have never heard before.

The band has performed all over the city of Singapore,featured in mixed media,local papers and magazine,radio and television.

Rhythm de Pasión participated in the 2011 World Performance Arts Festival in Geumsan, South Korea with the likes of Grammy award winning band, Tambuco from Mexico and Natig Rhythm Group from Azerbaijan. The band performed at the Kretakencana Contemporary Ethnic Music Festival 2012 in Solo, Indonesia where we collaborated with well-known Asian artistes such as Balawan from Bali and Dr Avijit Ghosh from India. Recently, Rhythm de Pasión travelled to Gold Coast Australia, playing alongside Zambabem, Afrobeat Australia and the Samba Blisstas for the Surfers Paradise Music Festival.


"00:00,The Rhythmic Chapter" EP released Jan 2009
"In The Pocket" EP released April 2013

Set List

1. Robot Monsters
2. What You Did
3. Feel it
4. Message
5. Pulse
6. Ijexa
7. Time Begins
8. Lights
9. Choices
10. Crump
11. Swing Your Love
12. Dreams