Rhythm Funk Masters

Rhythm Funk Masters


Kings of Nordic Afro Beat : Strangely enough, an afro-beat band from Finland!! Why not? Rhythm Funk Masters combine elements from different music styles like jazz, funk and rock with what we traditionally think as afro-beat. The mixture is breathtaking, buttmoving and illuminating.


Rhythm Funk Masters (f. 2003) is a tight 8-piece combo quaranteed to make you and your audience move, groove and dance till they sweat. The debut album "Afro-American-Arctic" (Daimondi) was released in 2007. As the title promises, the music is combination of afrobeat, funk and Nordic influences. All compositions are by keyboardist Jukka Heikkinen. Without any exxagerating, the material is so good that you would first think this band must be playing covers! Both compositions and musicianship are world-class.

The top notch musicians of Rhythm Funk Masters have come together from various backgrounds, so musical paths sometimes take the band somewhere where they never thought they would end-up in. Jamming and improvising is self-evident every time they perform. The only requirement is to not compromise the precense of hot afrofunk.


Afro-American-Arctic (Daimondi, 2007)

Set List

Gigs are always based on jamming and improvisation, so to give a definite set list would be impossible. One song can last anything from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. Anyhow, this is the song list of "Afro-American-Arctic":

Enormous Introduction
Non Compos Mentis
Radio Bembe
Latin Bantu Lounge
Frantic Activity
Arctic Rainforest