Rhythm Ghost

Rhythm Ghost


If you’ve been to any Chicago nightclub that features live music, you’ve probably seen him at work. The multi talented artist is a major part of the band Phlock of Phoenix. The Rhythm Ghost instantly creates an atmosphere, so entertaining people wait for hour to see him.


James B. Ferrell better known for is stage name
Rhythm Ghost. The American hip hop artist born September 1977. Nicknamed ( J. Boogie) The rapper, singer,percussionist and producer is a well rounded artist. The product of the duo Phlock of Phoenix which released their first album (P.T. I.) Pardon the Interruption 2007. I. Write and J. Boogie founded Pop Music Inc. 2006. Also known as Crazy Hands The Rhythm Ghost started his career playing percussion for various artists and bands Taniq, Tye Dye Skye, Nina Rae in Time, Konstant Groove Ent and Ascendant. Now he has stepped out front with his eclectic sound. His flow is hardcore and smooth reminiscent of the young LL Cool J, Will Smith and Pharrell. Which are his influences. Yo Dj his single is a piece geared toward the underground artist and there struggle to get nationwide radio play. Its a story that pretty much every indie artist has gone through or is going through. The simple question am I good enough ? Every artist has ask him or herself thats trying desperately to do pretty much anything to become a star. The song starts off as a plea to the Dj's across the country " Yo dj won't you spin my record" then on to the thoughts of triumph, sacrifices and confidence building by realizing that you payed your dues. " Payed the cost to be the boss." Yo Dj is complete high energy and and the Rhythm Ghost delivers that energy to the audience.


"Yo DJ" Single - 2009 POP Music Group/ Popular Music Inc./ Catapult Distribution LLC

Pardon The Interruption - 2007 POP Music Group/ Popular Music Inc./ Catapult Distribution LLC

Set List

Intro - "On Hold" 3:30
"Yo DJ" 4:00
"What it do" 3:30