Rhythm & Groove

Rhythm & Groove


We are a 6 piece band and one of Berks/Montco. and Chester counties premier dance and party bands. Our music repertoire comes from several music styles including R&B, funk, dance, country, and the good old classics with some new twists, all designed to keep a motivated and feel good atmosphere!


RHYTHM & GROOVE is made up of 6 very seasoned musicians from the the local music scenes. Each band member has played in many working bands over the years before their individual paths crossed.

All the musicians in RHYTHM & GROOVE are dedicated to the craft of creating great music and the chemistry of the band is extremely strong. R & G is a good time dance party cover band. The talent, energy, and heart of this band is obvious to all who have seen them live and the guys give nothing less than 110% every time they hit the stage.

In addition, good times and a party atmosphere is what R & G strives to bring to their fans and friends every time they perform.