Rhythm Hz

Rhythm Hz

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Ever thought man I wish this band/producer had some more hits to come up with? Well my friend VAYNE the producer for Rhythm Hz is the savior you've been waiting for! His policy is all singles! VAYNE uses of virtually every instrument and genre and can definitely be heard through out his line up!


Be the first to utilize music newest and best up and coming songwriter/producer VAYNE and his Rhythm Hz productions! Rhythm Hz is the brainchild of VAYNE who from a young age has always liked all styles of music as long as it was a catchy tune. And all of the world music styles has definitely made a impact on VAYNE as you listen to the unbelievable catchy songs he creates. From hip-hop to asian inspired grooves, folk to alternative, VAYNE brings out the best of any genre he is working with. Once you listen to a Rhythm Hz song chances are it will stick in your head for days to come. Don't believe me just take a listen and decide for yourself. Then you'll understand why VAYNE is poised to take over the music industry!

Set List

Depending on genre set lists can vary from 30 min to an hour or more.