Rhythm Nomad

Rhythm Nomad


Organic Folk and Reggae, fused with varying degrees of Latin and Middle Eastern melodies and percussion


Rhythm Nomad's Journey Into Sound started with a 6 month journey through Spain and Morocco. As a solo artist Jeff McPherson was playing some straight forward Acoustic Folk music but after being submersed in the sounds of Andalucian Flamenco, North African Rai and Gnawa, as well as some European Fusion acts such as Gnawa Diffusion and Manu Chao, his songwriting took on a new life. These new sounds started to work their way into his already melodic and harmonious folk music, and suddenly the new songs were no longer suitable in a solo format. Jeff was in no rush to form a band and instead began working at home crafting and perfecting these new ideas into fully realised songs. Work was begun on demos and quickly Jeff recieved strong positive reviews of the First demo, Timeless Days, Sleepless Nights. Soon thereafter He began work on the first Rhythm Nomad ep, entitled "the Plastic & Pavement ep" which is set for an independent release in January. Most recently Jeff has been working with frequent co-conspirators Tim McIntosh and Jon Bowden to bring these new songs into a viable live format, and the results have been stunning. Having played together for fun for years, as well as working together on Tim's "Project McIntosh" the chemistry of these three musicians is outstanding. The music of Rhythm Nomad has become strong, yet delicately textured, the latin leads and percussion sizzle, and the vocal harmonies soar. Follow Rhythm Nomad, he will lead you on a Journey into Sound that you won't soon forget.


Timeless Days, Sleepless Nights single 2007
the Plastic & Pavement ep 2008

Set List

Sets are usually comprised of all original material, but Jeff has also been known to put his own twists on the odd Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd or Neil Young songs.