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"Current Magazine"

Since opening for Ol' Dirty Bastard in 2004, Rhythm Ruckus has caused quite a stir.

The hip-hop duo, made up of Doctor Caucasian and Scribe1, met before college but teamed up as undergrads-one attends Tufts and the other Marymount-and have performed their gritty, experimental music at venues throughout New England. Their style represents a re-emergence of raw, socially conscious hip-hop and a focus on urban America as seen through the eyes of youth.

Rhythm Ruckus waxes poetic about remaining positive in the face of adversity while working to break stereotypes about their own decidedly non-urban origins-their Facebook profile declares that "VERMONT HOMEGROWN IS BACK." Watch out for their next album, "We Blow Minds for a Living," to be released this fall. - Current Magazine


Doctor Caucasian and Scribe 1 comprise the Vermont native hip hop duo Rhythym Ruckus. Now located in New York City and Boston respectively, the two members hope to a reach a wider audience for their work, which has not gone unnoticed by a number of popular and important rappers. Rhythym Rukus has opened for Immortal Technique, Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious), Jedi Mind Tricks, Q-Unique, and the legendary man with arguably the greatest delivery in the history of rap, Ol' Dirty Bastard (RIP).

The music ranges from playful to extremely dark pseudo-gangster rap, with lyrics that seem to come together serendipitously, but brilliantly. There is an apparent depth to the exposition of the lyrics and a synchronicity between the words and the instrumentals with distinctively original production qualities. The influences of the group are an eclectic mix of gangster rap, punk and indie rock, and although the music is definitely hip hop, there is an undercurrent of punk attitude. What other rappers wear a Dinosaur Jr. t-shirt in a video set amongst nature? - Selfportrait.net

"The Valley Advocate"

Let this sink in for a minute without laughing: Vermont hip-hop. The land of maple, cheddar and spliffs has indeed spawned a hip-hop duo. Doctor Caucasian and Scribe1 are Rhythm Ruckus.

It's hard not to chuckle when you pop the CD in. But when you do, something unexpected is quickly clear: Rhythm Ruckus is very good. Rather than try to pose as gangstas, the doctor and the scribe do what the creative writing instructors always say -- they write what they know. If you look past the fairly pointless addition of lots of "muhfuckas," these guys lay down some rhymes worthy of the Beastie Boys: "Caligula" with "disfigure you," "expected it" with "Connecticut," "fat bag" with "mad jet lag." These deft rhymes adorn lots of bragging about drug collections, and ride solid grooves, again reminiscent of the Beastie Boys, borrowing pieces of '70s soul with plentiful bass lines that do a lot more than rattle the windows.

On the other hand, singing Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" as "I love hip-hop, so put another dollar in the muthafuckin' jukebox" is pushing it. I guess in rural Vermont, you have to capitalize on whatever bits of the illicit you get, yo.

But rural VT's finest are doing OK, getting the nod to open for Ol' Dirty Bastard at Pearl Street this week. You won't be sorry you lent an ear. - The Valley Advocate

"Miscellaneous Quotes"

"[Rhythm Ruckus] is the closest thing to Slayer that Vermont hip-hop will ever see."
-- Dub Physics

"This shit is sick."
--- HipHopRuckus

"They have a Tenacious D meets Run DMC sort of vibe."
--- Metroland

“Black Metal bands like Darkthrone and Gorgoroth take on a staunchly isolationist approach to their music. This pair of rappers seem to have created Hip-Hop's answer to this lifestyle.”
--- The Vega B Goode Band Guide

“Sure, you can use that sample.”
--- Henry Rollins

Top 15 Finalist, MTVU / Epic Records "Best Music On Campus" (April, 2007)

Blappers.com "Who I Like In Indie Hip-Hop This Week" (January 3, 2007)

MTVU Artist of the Week (January 1, 2007)

Recommended by Brooklyn Vegan (October 26, 2006) - Various


Backyard Farmacology (2008)
Futurecrimes (2007)
Fucking Try Me (2005)
Plan B (2005)
Narcotico Spectre III: Learning How To Die (2004)
Narcotico Spectre II: Tales From Gimli Hospital (2004)
Narcotico Spectre (2004)



Rhythm Ruckus has been called "the closest thing to Slayer that Vermont hip-hop will ever see." From an inauspicious complex nestled in the abdomen of Vermont's lush green mountains, Dr. Caucasian and Scribe1 dispense serrated infotainment from the barren, shrieking maw of Generation Dead. MSNBC's "Current Magazine" says "their gritty, experimental music represents a re-emergence of raw, socially conscious hip-hop." Their new LP, due in early 2008, is a sprawling meditation on rural existence, confusion, rebellion, depravity, joy, and ruin. It includes guest appearances from Kool G Rap, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Sticman of Dead Prez, Cottonmouth TX and Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America. Their last gig was a sold-out hometown show.