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"Indie Music Review"


Rhythm Vision: The Future Of Things Silent - Indie Music Review

By Darkside, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: July 26, 2007

Rhythm Visions' debut album, The Future of Things Silent, is a solid listen. The entire tone of the album categorizes them squarely in the 'local hip-hop artist' category; this is a high compliment in today's rap atmosphere, where vapidity ("Lip Gloss"), ignorance (anything by 50 Cent), and self-degredation are not only the norm, but lauded.

In keeping with their well-earned 'local hip-hop' artist status, Denver-based Rhythm Visions has intelligent lyrics that show moments of true artistic brilliance, that need no introduction or context:

Oh well/ recline into my mid-class irony/ I'd love to change the world/ but I'd rather feed my family "Sight Unseen"

Thus we trust/ and thus we must/ readjust the justice system/ which is flawed "Sight Unseen"

Your mind is my captive/ holding it ransom/ under your skin/ like the towers on Samson "Let It Go"

Furthermore, the consistently head-nodding music is impressive. They might be describled as alternative hip-hop, as their music throughout is occasionally reminiscent of the best of Incubus, Nirvana, and briefly System of a Down. On the other hand, they also occasionally channel Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, and briefly Outkast. In the artistically amazing "On and On", they somehow manage to sucessfully fuse Bob Marley and Bob Dylan.

Even more impressive than their ability to smoothly integrate the various sounds of several amazing artists, and make it their own, all at the same time, is Rhythm Vision's abaility to build stamina throughout the album. After firmly proving that they've got musical and verbal talent, they slow down the beats five songs into the album, having fun, relaxing; the show's not over, though, as they turn astutely political in the penultimate track, then finish off with an eerie world/metal song (and a counteracting hidden track).
- Hot Indie News .com

"The Future of Things Silent"

Rhythm Vision

The Future of Things Silent

by Sista D

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine - Sept. 2006

As soon as I put the new Rhythm Vision album in my stereo, I had to take a second look at the cover. Not that I was expecting it to look any different, but I was simply so blown away by the production and vocals that I had to make sure that I had put in the right disc. 'The Future of Things Silent' is a refreshing blend of different sounds, from R & B to Rock, yet Rhythm Vision manages to hold on to that hip-hop edge complimenting lyrics that keep you entangled.

The feel-good track "Walk Down" offers to-the-point verses and hooks that draw you in from the moment you press play, while the laid back "On and On" slips in realistic humor to keep you glued and wanting to hear more. I really enjoyed "Great American Debt", a track that brings back that home town feeling and makes you want to grab a bottle of Jack Daniels, kick off your shoes and veg out! This song has a rock feel to it - I'm not sure how the group pulled that off, but they did, and I'm liking it.

Rhythm Vision entices you song after song, making sure to keep each track on 'The Future of Things Silent' different and interesting - a definate plus, and their latest album gets a definite thumbs-up from me !

- Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

"Colorado's homegrown"

This new release from a 3-year-old Denver collective could sway folks who have doubted the viability of Colorado's homegrown hip-hop scene.

Rhythm Vision already has drummed up street cred for its high-energy, sonically assorted club gigs. This 14-track offering is equally sophisticated.

The album is a dub-heavy fusion project that dabbles in rock 'n' roll, plays with jazz and wraps up the entire sound in the group's social consciousness.

Loose-lipped MC dead res spits soulful prose over live bass and an eerie, harmonic drone during "Azzo Motto."

"Little Johnny" dives deep into street life; it begins with a spacy mix that's indicative of the group's skilled use of sound effects.

Although "Light Wing," a down-tempo prisoners'-rights commentary, is appealing in its earnestness, the song also highlights one weakness: vocals. With the exception of guest singer Liz Clark on "Cool Rebellion," the music, writing, rhymes and arrangements on "Momentum" are stronger than singing segments.

For locals, "Wonder Why?" is the reason to pick up the album. It's a shiny, happy reggae-rock song about life in the Mile High City that might remind some listeners of The Samples or UB40.

Check out Rhythm Vision on Friday at 'Round Midnight, 1005 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-442-2176.
- Denver Post


"Momentum" (2003) - Ill Recipe Records,
"The Future of Tings Silent" (2006) - Rebel Music Group,
"Pray for Snow" (2007) - Mix tape produced by SoBe, featuring Rhythm Vision, Sublime, Fishbone and more. . .
“Stand Up and Erupt!” (2008) - Self Released



Rhythm Vision was formed in 2001. Their music can be described as socialist, sexual and textural. Rhythm Vision makes honest music. From inception their emphasis has been to make music beautiful, artful, expressive, raw... elemental. Despite trends, Rhythm Vision hears no reason to pocket themselves into any particular corner. Thusly they define the post-genre sound. Rhythm Vision includes no disclaimers and makes no apologies: their compositions will stretch your ideas of what today’s music is.