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This band has not uploaded any videos




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Ruby Radio Mai 2007:
"Live you will find disco queens between headbangers. So....everybody is ready to go Nuts?"
C. Guggemoos Booker Künstlerhaus K2 Marktoberdorf
“Franz Ferdinand makes music that animates people to dance. Rhytm Police makes dancemusic that lets the people rock!”
Skiz Fm4 Radio Soundpark:
"Oh, what is this for a hot shit? This is the hottest shit i ever heard."
Sandra Kienzelmann (Sony BMG Int.)
Highly individual. A fine mixture of different genres.
noel noak (Zündfunk Bavaria 2 Radio) 20/10/2007
Rhytm Police rocks the westdoorhall in Murnau for over one hour with drums and bassguitar and turned themself into a sweating funkmachine
monomaniaaah Radio FM4 Vienna
"This is really paranoid. This guy called dony dope? Wonder what kind of brainfucked fucker is this guy?"
Kreisbote 18.11.2007
"ACID PALI with his Laptop and the rhytm police on their hard bassguitar showed the crowd whats going on “rhytm police didn’t have to hide behind the world famous ACID PAULI."
Thes Uhlmann (Tomte) 7/10
5 styles within 4.5 minutes. A great band, a big hope for fans of this kind of music.
Rote Raupe Fanzine 7/2008
Absolutley entertaining. Their self – mockery just makes them more sympathetic.
Josef Winkler (Musikexpress) 7,5/10
Are you sure that’s not some gag of Ween. This is rocking, this is fun.
Achim Bogdan (Zündfunk) 8,5/10
The bass is reminiscent to the Clash. Ground – breaking and very individual. Winner of the Month demohearing Zündfunk Jan. 2008 - motor, zündfunk,


• Video "so flyyy"
• Jeans Team "das Zelt" (remix)
• Verginia Jetzt "bitte bleib
nicht" (Universal)
• Promotion CD "2007" (mongkong
• "so flyyy" at ON3 of Bavarian
Broadcasting Company
• so flyyy" at UTV Videocontest
Finale in Vienna
• "11 tausend" Deine Stadt
(Compilation) Label
• "turbo bells" Album
Release:12.12.2008 Biegen &
Brechen Rec Rough Trade
• KILLER and Remixes biegen&brechen /ROUGH TRADE 24.09.2009

·Radio Airplay with different groups
at Radio FM4 in Vienna since 2003
·Bayern 2 Radio Zündfunk Album of the Week 1/2009 (M)
·FM4 Radio Vienna invited them for a
live Broadcasting Studiosession.
·SWR Das Ding (S), FFB Fritz (B),
Byte.FM (HH)



RHYTM POLICE - False is Right?
Besides doing an astonishing amount of live performances during the last two years Rhytm Police recorded their first album "Turbo Bells". It is a record inspired by life and not a blueprint studio record. Most of it was recorded during wild and insane jam-sessions. Lengthy arrangements and occasional mistakes are part of the Rhytm Police sound experience. The album wasn't recorded in a sterile studio atmosphere. Instead the wild sessions were carefully remastered. Some songs where mixed by Taison (Lali Puna, Iso 68) Finally the album mastering was done by Michael Heilrath (Tied Trickled Trio, Morr).
The liberal - minded approach of Rhytm Police is expressed by a deliberate mistake in the spelling of the band's name. Rhytm. (without h) If you're strict it is wrong. Right is wrong at this place? The two musicians don't care. What happens when rules get broken? What happens when that is becoming a law on the level of music and on the level of society?
Do you hear the bells? Turbo bells.
Online ?

More Videos and Informationes as PdF on: http://www.rhytmpolice.net/info