Riaan Pretorius

Riaan Pretorius


Songwriter who sometime sings!


Looking over the landscape of the music industry as it is today, with it's Autotune-tinged, hit driven songs that are dominating the airwaves; it's certainly becoming harder to sift out truth from fiction. Musical art has never before seemed so difficult to define. Artists are more and more looking to separate themselves from their competitors as sales and marketing becomes ever more important to new musicians and singers. Enter a new breed of singer/songwriters such as Riaan Pretorius. This artist has decided to follow in the footsteps of a new generation of innovators such as Brooke Fraser, Jason Mraz, Kari Jobe, Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat; who are intent on bringing lyrics and music back together. The SONG is back in fashion, and more and more artists are starting to realize that music is a vehicle for heartwarming, positive and poignant messages. Riaan Pretorius grew up in a pre-democratic South Africa, in the East Coast city of Durban. The socio-political climate crafted a yearning for escape which led him to start writing songs at the age of 12. Attending his local church band rehearsals, he started applying his Classical Piano training to Contemporary Gospel Worship music that the churches were singing at the time. Having taken classical piano lessons from the age of 8, Riaan found it liberating to be able to express himself through the freedom that gospel music provided. Freedom to engage the Creator.... A desire to write songs soon followed. He decided it was time to take his message to the world. A message that is as relevant as it is eternal. A message of Hope inspired by his relationship with Jesus Christ.


win my heart

Written By: riaan pretorius

My heart it beats for you
With every breath I take
My soul it longs for you
When you go away

All that I hope is that you love me just the same
And we will be together through
Storm and through the rain

It’s you, you still win my heart
No-one compares to you
Your smile and the way you laugh
It’s the best part of my day
I know you will believe me when I say
It’s you, you have won my heart

You know my heart is yours
So unconditionally
Wish I could give you the world
And every star that you see

All that you ask is that I love you with all my heart
And it’s so easy ‘cause you’re the biggest part of me


Win My Heart - Single (Digital Release)
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