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"Exclusive Ria dishes on her "El Headliner" win"

The "El Headliner" fans have spoken yet again and this time they've shown a massive outpouring of love for Colombian-American rocker Ria. Mixing a bold blend of pop, R&B, and dance grooves, her unique sound has captured the attention of some very influential people. But more importantly, she captured the attention of the OurStage listeners and took down the "El Headliner" crown for the month of August.

"Finding out about the win was very exciting!" She told us in an exclusive interview. "There's nothing like being reminded that people really like what I'm doing. They really like my music, my look, my vibe, and that's extremely assuring because I absolutely LOVE what I do!"

Ria happens to have some very high-profile fans too. Legendary rocker Melissa Etheridge was a big early supporter of her music, loudly proclaiming that she "rocked her world" after a performance in Boston.

And Ria has actually been rocking the mic for a very long time. As she told us, her first brush with music came while singing in church.

"I've always had an inherent desire to sing music," she said. "But the turning point that made it clear to me was when I became a cantor in church. From there on, I began my journey towards a life of music…private lessons, then talent shows, and beyond."

Interestingly, Ria showed so much talent that she was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music. A true haven for the sonically gifted, Berklee alumni include stars like Juan Luis Guerra, Quincy Jones, Paula Cole, and (not coincidentally) Ms. Etheridge.

"Berklee will be in my heart forever," she went on to say. "It provided a rich, international, competitive training ground for my career. It was in Berklee that I discovered my own sound. And it was in Berklee that I got to sing for one of my favs…Melissa Etheridge."

Obviously the sound that Ria developed proved to be quite enchanting. After spending more time honing her songwriting abilities, she crafted a very catchy debut album. Tracks like "Alright," "Queens,"and "Simply Happy" have already put her on the map in markets across the world.

Now a touring phenom as well, Ria has opened for acts like John Mayer and is currently overseas performing for the Euro crowd. So what could be next on her musical agenda?

"Next is new music and new places," she said. "I am currently checking out some offers, meeting new musicians, and treading new waters. I'm excited to see what's in store."

And so are we! - MTV3 - Blogamole

"Coming Up Next: Singer RIA"

lright friends I have a very special treat for you, with me today I have the very beautiful very talented Ria!!!

First off let me thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to be here with us.

Lets Get into this... You went to Berklee college of music what was your goal in going to that school? Being a trained musician. I also knew the value of respect I would have from other musician because I wasn't just a singer who performed and was uninformed. I wanted that knowledge =)

How long Have you been singing? If it were up to my grandma, she'd say since I was 3 months old! She still remembers me singing before I could talk.

Was singing always your career choice? Always. I had some pebbles in the road that made me doubt myself here and there..but that was then

How would you describe your sound to our readers? Fresh. Authentic. Passionate....Worldly.

Pretend im a first time listener, What can I expect when I listen to your album? you can expect a fusion of sounds that reflect who I am . These genres are my beginnings as a vocalist and songwriter - pop, soul, dance, world & latin rhythms...and I'm just getting started ; ).......

(visit page for more..)
- Nine5Four Magazine

"Exclusive Video Interview with the wonderful singer/songwriter Ria"

see video. - Harsh.TV

"Local Music Segment: Ria"

Tonight we are happy to have Ria as our local music guest, she had a breakout performance in front of Melissa Etheridge when she was a student at the Berklee School of Music and has been quickly gaining noteriiety for her unique sound and powerful voice, she will be calling in to discuss her music and career and we will be playing 3 tracks tonight. 2 tracks off her new album- one is the up-beat latin flavored single called "Queens' and the other her pop/soul hit "Alright". As a bonus we will be playing "The Real Thing" a wonderful pop/dance track off the album during the bonus segment of our podcast. Check our Ria at her link below....(it's going to be a great segment don't miss it!)
- Frank The Unicorn

"Ria rocks South Beach with the premier of her Debut Album at The Florida Room"

If you don’t know Ria yet, you’re bound to know her soon. This Colombian-born, Miami-raised songstress just released her highly anticipated debut album on Friday night. Her blues/soul/latin infused sound is a breath of fresh air in the pop world.

The premiere party went down in The Florida Room, “a modern-day piano lounge inspired by a classic period of South Floridian glamour.” Hidden in the basement of the Delano Hotel, the lounge (dreamed up by Lenny Kravitz’s design team) feels like a glamorous speakeasy.

Ria, like the venue that she chose for her premiere, has struck a successful balance between modern and classic. Behind the cosmopolitan, bilingual artist is a classically trained musician from the Berklee College of music in Boston. Perhaps the best quality about Ria, though, is that she’d never tell you that. You’d have to hear it from her proud sister or one of her devoted fans.

It came as no surprise to see a room full of adoring listeners at the performance on Friday night. With Ria, it happens precisely because the love and respect flow both ways. “I cannot explain in words the fulfillment that I feel right now,” she said, after she and her very talented band nearly blew the chandeliered roof off with the opening tune.

“Come on up here,” she said with a genuine smile, urging the crowd to move right up to the front of the stage. “I need my fans close to me.” By the end of the set you could barely see past the dancing bodies that surrounded her.

One of the more memorable moments from the performance was when the Questlove of lady drummers, Rachel, started to beat-box while Ria laid down an impressive flow overtop. It was unexpected and stirring, like when Rachel urged the fans (after an initial ovation) to “give the love back,” again, for Ria. Take it from a member of a few back up bands – there is no higher praise than the heartfelt admiration from those that are on stage with you helping you realize a dream.

Another touching moment came when Ria performed an impromptu version of “Mama’s Love,” dedicated to her mother, who was in attendence. A night that could have easily become all about the pop star was put in perspective, time and time again, by her own insistence on the importance of family and friends. It was a privilege to be among them.

Check out my favorite song from the album, “Alright,” and another catchy single, “The Real Thing,” here. Contact riamusiconline@gmail.com for a hard copy or download here. Best of all, know that you are supporting “The Real Thing” when it comes to both the artist and the authentic woman behind the beautiful voice.

As Ria would say, “stay with her” on twitter, facebook, myspace, and youtube
- Examiner.com

"Ria Calls Playing With John Mayer "An Incredible Opportunity""

Earlier this fall, Miami's Ria beat out thousands of competitors and opened for John Mayer on his Battle Studies Tour. So is the famed lady's man as insatiable as the press would have us believe?

“Surprisingly, I couldn't tell you since I did not get to meet him," Ria told Niteside. "But I was given an incredible opportunity and I'm thankful for it.”

That's about the only thing that hasn't worked out for the sultry singer lately. Ria celebrated the release of her debut album on Saturday at The Delano South Beach. And she's made herself quite at home in the Magic City.

“I could've chosen to stay in Boston or move to L.A. or New York," Ria said. "But Miami is a melting pot filled with loving, art-driven and flavorful people who work hard doing what they love. It has an increasingly larger respect for live music and the performing arts in general, which I love.”

And with booming bureaus like Wynwood and the Design District helping Miami's art scene along, Ria says things will only get better.

“We all have to help each other out to become a better place. Understanding the needs of our community, not just those of our own, will allow us to grow and prosper more than we can imagine.”

She added, “I look forward to being a part of that.”

And for any new artist looking to follow her musical journey, she warns that it’s not an easy path to take.

“It's dedication. It's perseverance. You don’t stop, you keep on truckin'. More than anything though, it's fulfilling. You are the sole creator of everything you do. Nothing can beat that.”
BY Stacey Russell // Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010 at 10:36 EST - NBC Miami

"Miami Singer Ria hosts her Debut Album Release Party at the Florida Room in Miami Beach"

This has been a really fun weekend in Miami! On Friday, November 12th, I attended RIA's Debut Album Release Party at The Florida Room (inside of The Delano Hotel on South Beach) and it was truly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! RIA (pictured on the left) is a Colombian born singer who is bringing her sazon to our magic city with the release of her self-titled independent solo album. During the celebration, RIA and her band rocked out to her favorite beats while guests sipped on complimentary cocktails by Hypnotic. The album resonates an eclectic mix of soulful R&B and Pop [all of the songs in the album were written by RIA]. Oh and let's not forget, the album has an edgy latin rhythm that kept fans on their feet all night! As a graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, RIA has performed for artists like Melissa Etheridge and she even opened a side stage for John Mayer during the last stop of his Battle Studies Summer Tour 2010. If you were unable to attend this HOT party, get a taste of RIA's music by visiting her Facebook Page where you can stay connected to RIA and purchase her songs as MP3 files. Albums are on sale on the website as well. As for RIA's next move, I heard she's planning an event in Broward and she's releasing her first music video in December too! Keep your eyes on this Latina beauty because she's taking the music world to a whole new level my friends!...
- Miami Beats & Sazon

"New Artist: Ria"

go to article. - Longe Magazine


How did you get started with all this?? I've been singing since the age of 3, but I really began singing in the church choir. They gave me the opportunity to do a solo and from there on out I knew I wanted to sing.

What's the message you transmit with your music?? Happiness. Empowerment. Self-love. Sexinesss. Confidence. Joy. Recovery etc etc

What's your method at the time of writing a song?? I dont know why, but I mainly write melody & lyrics simultaneously

Which is your main music influences?? As a singer: the old Mariah, Sade, Sarah McLachlan, Alicia Keys, Lara Fabian, Laura Pausini, Leanne Rhymes etc. ; as a writer: Diane Warren, Mariah Carey, John Lennon, Micheal Jackson, etc etc

What plans do you have for the future?? Well, this October drops my debut-album!! So many shows, events, and touring ahead. Further in the near future, I would like to tour Europe and Asia promoting my debut. At the same time I'd like to work on my spanish music, tour, and possibly get into the acting and/or broadway fields

Which has been the funniest prank you have been or took part while on tour or after a show??still waiting on that one..lol

If you were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour. The help is 65 miles away from where you and your band (If any) are, ¿Who would you send to look for help? And if while the rest wait, there's no food and the only way to feed yourself is by eating each other, ¿Who would you eat first? Wow..how did my band become the protagonists of a graphic horror film all of a sudden?!? Sorry to kill this one..but I'm pretty sure I'd escape and survive as a vegetarian.

In which country you would love to play? Colombia, my homeland.

With which bands you would love to share a stage with?? First, my own. I'd like to share it with them for a very long time =) Second, Carlos Vives, Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian, Melissa Ethridge (again), Micheal Buble, The Roots, Tina Turner, The Symphonic Orchestra of Bogota ( but I'm open to all orchestras..) etc

Are you OK with the direction the band is currently taking? YES. I am begin to take flight and the band is adapting and forming. It's been beautiful up until now..excited to see where the road takes us.

Check out more: http://www.riamusiconline.com/ - Vents Magazine

"HOT AC PLAYLISTS (thru dec 2010)"

Hot AC Show #1 Mondays 10-11 AM Pacific (1-2 PM Eastern)

•Ria - Alright
•Rachel Millman - Throwin' Rocks at the Moon
•Patricia Bahia - Before Time Flew Away
•Racquel Roberts - Answer
•Jess Godwin - Back in Your Arms
•Myla Smith - Radio
•Lynne Timmes - Now That I See You
•Luanne Crosby - The Sound
•Amalie Riis - Going Home
•Ainsley McNeaney - Old & Grey
•Kim Jarrett - How Long
•Jolie Holliday - I'm Coming Home To You
•Tia McGraff - All Of Us
•Sascha Dupont - Mad About You - Women of Substance Radio

"Song of the Day -'The Real Thing' by Ria"

Ria – ‘The Real Thing’
Written by : Ria
Produced by : Angel Angelov

Facebook: Ria
- MusiqFix.com


SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 - With so much out there it's hard to tell what defines a good pop moment. It's a question that has come into my mind with a great deal of frequency since the passing of the KING OF POP. His landmark album THRILLER was truly all about the music and all of the insanity that went along with it had more to do with what the listener brought with him or her (Of course carrying a chimp around and the changes to his face helped). In the age of GAGA, there is not a great deal of earnestness in pop which is why the self-titled debut of singer RIA is such a welcome release. The Berklee-schooled chanteause is truly in fine voice but the hook-filled production and RIA's own pop smarts earn this flawless debut a space between MADONNA's 'TRUE BLUE' and MARIAH CAREY's own self-titled debut.
- Rockwired.com : Rockwired Radio

"Coconut Grove Commodore Plaza hosting Block Party"


(Ria performing in Head Picture) - The Miami Herald

"Coconut Grove Block Party"

Every Saturday Night on Commodore Plaza.
Oct 3, 2009
Suenalo! will be playing live at 8:30. Also, songwriter and performer RIA beginning at 6:30pm.

**Enoy music, food, and drink specials! Fall in love with the gorve again**

www.coconutgrove.com - New Times

"Miami Sounds 09 Concert Series"

Refresh your mind body and spirit Saturday May 16 when Natural Awakenings Magazine and Dream Provider present the soulful pop sounds of Here II Here, Samantha Natalie, and Ria...performing LIVE.

Get you tickets now because they're going fast!

www.namiami.com/event - Natural Awakenings Magazine

"'A Mid Summer Night Fashion and Culinary Event'"

LIVE SHOTS- Ria performs @ Ocean Prime's Fashion Event July 30 2009 in Aventura Mall. - Cravings of Aventura

"Ria - Alumnote"

Singer/Songwriter Ria of Aventura FL performed her song "Change" at various private political events in South Florida. She also has released her single 'Alright' and contunies to tour the area. For more info visit: www.myspace.com/RIAmusiconline
- Berklee Today

"Local concerts to help Haiti relief efforts"

On Sunday, January 17, there's a Haiti Relief Concert and Food Drive at Chicago's (3120 Commodore Plaza). Bring two or more cans of food or $5.00 for admission. 100% of the proceeds go to Yele Haiti Relief Fund.

On the bill: Ria, Zoé d'Hauthuille, Rocker Alix, Space Hippie and Super Locks. More musical acts are being added.

You may donate now through Wyclef Jean's foundation, Yele Haiti by texting "Yele" to 501501 and $5 will be charged to your phone bill and given to relief projects through the organization.

Doors Open at 7 pm, for info, please call 786 200 4540 or visit: http://coconutgrovelive.blogspot.com/

A large concert, which may span two days is in the works for the weekend of January 23 and 24. It is planned for Peacock Park. We'll let you know what's up when it's released to us.
posted by Grapevine at 4:30 PM
- Coconut Grove Grapevine

"Magic City is muse for Colombian-born pop singer"

For Ria, there's no place like home when it comes to launching a singing career.

College classes and recording took her to the snowy Northeast. Ria left South Florida in 2003 to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in songwriting and vocal performance in 2006, then stayed on two more years to work on her debut disc. But when it came time for the singular named songstress to get in high gear, she headed back to where it all began.

"Miami is where my heart is," said the Colombian-born, bilingual indie artist. "It's where I was raised. It's where I have my biggest supporters."

Ria was born in Cúcuta, a city on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, and moved to Miami at age 2. The Magic City has been her longtime muse. Its diversity — coupled with a strong influence from her Colombian-Cuban family — seeps into her music. The result is a blend she describes as soulful pop with occasional fusions of dance, world, Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms.

"My music is very global," she said. "I have so many different sides of me. It's like a rainbow."

The mix can be found on her upcoming self-titled disc. Two singles from the CD were released in June. The album is due out this spring, Ria said.

The soon-to-drop album's lyrics, dealing with wide-ranging themes of female empowerment, relationships, family bonds and having fun, are in English. Spanish translations of several tunes are due out this summer, she said.

Ria will be performing Saturday at Klutch, 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Call 305-531-4643. She'll also be playing at Friday Night Salon, a new weekly series debuting Feb. 26 at Grace Cafe and Galleries, 49 N. Federal Highway, Dania Beach. Salons happen from 6-10 p.m. Fridays, featuring local musicians, works by various artists and tango dance demonstrations. Cover is $10 per person and includes entertainment, a light dinner and a glass of wine. Go to gracecafeandgalleries.com or call 954-816-3324.

For more on Ria, visit myspace.com/riamusiconline.
- Sun-Sentinel

"Ria's making her mark in Miami..."

Home | Energy Theory Management
In Miami we find fun, sun, beaches, lovely ladies and hidden talents. RIA's making her mark in Miami with her soulful Colombian swag.....read more>> - NRGtheory.com

"Ria – Ria (CD)"

“The Real Thing” is the first track on Ria’s self-titled album, and it is important for setting the stage for the rest of the album. There is a decidedly pop sound to the track that touches upon different styles ranging from the eighties on; while there is a Pet Shop Boys electronic feel to the backing instrumentation, there is a current and contemporary feel to Ria’s vocals. This blending of styles, coupled with a lively overall sound for the track, will ensure that listeners stick with Ria’s work throughout each of the album’s twelve cuts... - Neu Futur Magazine

"Ria, Self-Titled"

Don’t forget these three letters RIA because they will absolutely stick in your head after experiencing this debut album. The Miami sensation born in Columbia calls herself Ria and fittingly enough she named the record the same. The audience is receiving a large dose of nothing but Ria here and the talented singer/songwriter is making sure of that... - Skope Magazine


Several years ago when singer/songwriter Ria was a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she had a chance to perform for Melissa Etheridge at Matthews Arena in Boston at an event where the famed singer earned her doctorate from the school. Running into Ria after Ria had done her number, Etheridge exclaimed "You rocked my world!" With the release of Ria's self titled independent debut, it's our turn to be rocked-but, musically, the Colombian born, Miami raised performer is doing a lot more than rocking. Her multi-faceted collection includes tracks that range from soft pop to what she calls "R&B pop with an attitude and bluesy melodies," dance pop and, drawing on her own cultural influences and
- Music Emissions


The Colombian born star on the rise, Ria is on the verge of great musical achievement; she has all of the credentials stacked in her favor after all. A student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Ria received one of the best compliments we’ve ever heard for any PEV artist we’ve featured: The rock icon, Melissa Etheridge herself once exclaimed, “You rocked my world!” after seeing a Ria set. Yea – that’s basically the definition of promise in an artist’s ability... - Pens Eye View

"CD Review: Ria's self-titled debut crosses over"

"With an amazingly clear voice and positive energy to her songs, Ria's self-titled debut CD is a wave of pop, soul and fusion of electric light."

Ria's 12 tracks on her self-titled debut introduce larger audiences to her Latin-flavored, heavy pop sound. At times her CD is like listening to a soundtrack from Melrose Place or any of the CW Network's Monday night lineup, but listeners should not hold that against the lovely sounding Ria. She has catchy music that lingers in the listener's head for hours

Read more at Suite101: CD Review: Ria's Self Titled Debut Crosses Over http://modern-pop-music.suite101.com/article.cfm/cd-review-rias-self-titled-debut-crosses-over#ixzz0wmMfl76u
- suite101.com


"The Real Thing"

"Ria" (Fall 2010)




- FLORIDA WINNER of John Mayer ‘s Side Stage Opener Competition
- WINNER of MTV3 & Ourstage’s “EL HEADLINER” Competition 2011
- #1 Latin Channel song for August 2011
- #1 Latin Channel song for March 2011
- TOP 3 WINNER of Calle Ocho’s “Estrellas del Carnaval Competition & Concert”
-TOP 8 WINNER of Berklee College of Music "5-week Summer" Songwriting Competition 2003


Several years ago when singer/songwriter Ria was a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she had a chance to perform for Melissa Etheridge at Matthews Arena in Boston at an event where the famed singer earned her doctorate from the school. Running into Ria after Ria had done her number, Etheridge exclaimed “You rocked my world!” With the release of Ria’s self titled independent debut, it’s our turn—but, musically, the Colombian born, Miami raised performer is doing a lot more than rocking. Her multi-faceted collection includes tracks that range from soft pop to what she calls “R&B pop with an attitude and bluesy melodies,” dance pop and, drawing on her own cultural influences and her Miami background, Latin pop.

Etheridge isn’t the only major Grammy winning artist to find herself enthralled with Ria’s powerhouse voice and onstage charm. While still at Berklee, Ria opened a show in New Haven, Connecticut for jazz vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater, and later sang background and lead vocals in a show by salsa great Ruben Blades. Ria’s intimate, inspirational ballad “Change”—which she wrote after recording the initial tracks for her album—got a lot of buzz in South Florida during the 2008 election cycle, and she was invited to perform it at a kickoff event for Hispanics for Obama in Miami, an LGBT private fundraiser, an event for Congressional candidate Annette Taddeo and various regional Latin TV shows. It was also played on Air America. Ria has performed live at numerous venues throughout South Florida including the Miami Botanical Gardens, Commodore Plaza at Coconut Grove, the Hard Rock Café in Bayside, Klutch & Passions Nightclub, Florida Marlin’s Sunlife Stadium, the Gulfstream Casino and just recently at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL where Ria was selected to PERFORM & OPEN SIDE-STAGE for JOHN MAYER on the last stop of his Battle Studies Summer Tour 2010.

“Alright,” the infectious, laid back first single from Ria’s album about overcoming loss, is currently on the list of Top 20 songs being considered for performance on the 2010 Lilith Fair tour. The song has already hit the airwaves and has become very popular online, where Ria’s fan base is growing in the U.S., South America, The Caribbean, Europe and Asia. One of the few songs she has written starting on the piano, Ria wrote most of the song with a different chorus for a class assignment at Berklee—and she fleshed it out with the help of her songwriting teacher.

Ria likes to mention two other tracks that offer a glimpse into the project’s exciting diversity. She wrote the Latin flavored pop tune “Queens of the Night” poolside, thinking about women just wanting to get out, have fun, and have a night to themselves. “Club Zombie” is a cleverly titled dance track featuring Ria’s soulful, Sade-ish vocal that was inspired by the “male predators” that make it their mission to sweep women off their feet; Ria winks at them as if to say, we’re wise to your game, we’re just playing along.

“I’m really excited about the album finally coming out and the opportunity to play more live shows in different venues and cities,” says Ria. “It’s great to be able to show people who I am and what I am about. As an artist, my value is based on my ability to connect to the audience, to make people feel what I am singing. If you’re making that emotional connection, you can transcend concerns about perfect technique and more importantly, create something everlasting between yourself and the fans.”

Facebook: Ria