Two piece guitar drums duo with female vocals, and feet grounded in 70s/80s postpunk and thrash metal. Spacey guitars mesh with hyper-propelled percussion and work over darkly melodic, memorable vocal hooks.


Ribbons formed in 2007 when drummer Sam Roudman met guitarist Jenny Logan (My Teenage Stride, World Atlas). Sam’s aggressive, polyrhythmic style meshed instantly with Jenny’s caustic guitar, and the two developed a unique sound that blends the grit and energy of hardcore and metal with dark, singable melodies and a developed lyrical sensibility. The duo are building a reputation for strong live performances with swelling audiences at New York clubs like the Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge, and Public Assembly. They recently appeared on East Village Radio, and have earned a prime spot at this summer’s Seaport Music Festival in Manhattan. Their 2007 album, Surprise Attacks was a featured release and top seller at Manhattan’s Other Music, and is available online at itunes and amazon, and via the band’s myspace. They’re currently booking dates for spring and summer, 2009.


Surprise Attacks, LP, 2008 on Electric Lights Music

Set List

7-8 songs, 30-35 minutes.

Freed Shadow
About Them
Spread Out Under the Trees
No Clouds

Sets can vary in content (we have a number of songs), no covers.