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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"One to Watch: RIBS"

One of the most outstanding new acts in Boston right now, RIBS have an overtly British subcontext. That may win a number of hearts and minds today, but where this band excels is proofed by their music. The bits of dissonant, the distinctively emotive tone - beautiful chaos really, is somehow kept in check on "Even" above. The cerebral and the raw stacked side by side; it's a clever draw for listeners. The songs often descend progressively with guitars wailing only to come into steep ascension lead by drummers and bass. It's the possibly of being dangled upside down, musically, that keeps listeners sharp.

The kids are going to like what this band is cooking. RIBS is Keith Freund, Blake Fusilier, Justin Tolan, and Chris Oquist. The four are making music here that defines spaces and challenges our traditional song concept. Find out what RIBS Rock is all about tonight if you're in town. If you reading this, set your sights on this band, something is definitely happening here. - Ryan's Smashing Life

"Dig CD Reviews: RIBS - British Brains"

When you first listen to British Brains, your mind will draw the obvious comparisons—Joy Division, Muse, Nine Inch Nails—but Ribs is not in the business of imitation. Yes, you've heard the crunchy guitar before, the kick drum and static-obscured vocals, but never put together quite like this. This is unabashed radio rock, people. "Brains Out" deserves a place in a regular rotation between '90s hits and the newest MGMT track.

British Brains is a textbook EP from a polished, ambitious band. It has no problem putting its singles front and center, and each song does something a little different while still adhering to a unified aesthetic. Ribs might not get picked up by Capitol or Virgin, but they sure as hell are just as good as most of bands those labels have been spitting out recently. - The Weekly Dig

"One of the absolute best live bands I’ve seen in a while..."

One of the absolute best live bands I’ve seen in a while. There might as well have been someone manning a Gatling gun on stage as calculated guitar riffs left the speakers, blasting the crowd into motion while ears drank the sweet, yet morosely melodic nectar. Leading into the first song, “Hope,” the soft, unexpected intro turned violent, in a comfortable sort of way, with red strobe lights displaying the band vibing, crushing the notes in perfect harmony.... - Cerebral Driftwood

"PGB Weekend Pick"

RIBS has a very cool sound, well worth checking out. They’ve got the noise-rock thing going, while at the same time featuring layered compositions that add so much more substance. The dark combination of vocals and frantic guitars enable their sound to jump from a Death From Above 1979 to a fast-paced, much less depressing Joy Division. - Playground Boston

"Future Legendary"

RIBS are the latest band to emerge from the Boston scene, and look poised to become one of the best. The band hope to release their debut EP “British Brains” in October, and were kind enough to present Exploding In Sound and its readers with an exclusive version of “Even”. Their music evolves emotionally as it progresses, and soars with an atmospheric quality and intensity similar to Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, or Muse. Without being pretentious, the band manages to write gorgeously moody rock that’s straight forward, pure, and will have you listening on repeat. - Exploding In Sound


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