Ric Albano

Ric Albano


An original blend of progessive classic-style rock-n-roll with steady and relaxed melodies, reminicent of some of the better opo songs of the late 70s. Complex lyrics and chord changes are layed around totally original yet accessible themes and melodic tunes.


A performer and composer dating back to the late 80s, Ric Albano had been a bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist in several classic-rock style bands in through early 90s.
Concurrently, Ric composed and recorded a vast library of original tunes in a small home studio, following the paragdim of early solo Paul McCartney and others by playing all instruments and multi-tracking.

After a 10-year hiatus to pursue other interests, Ric returned in 2005 with his independent, professional debut entitled "Imaginary Lines One", an album that crosses several rock genres with complex, yet melodic tunes and mini-suites.

Ric is currently working on a follow-up album that is due for completion in early 2007.


Donovan's Dread

Written By: Ric Albano

You say that the means fortify the ends
But I refuse to crucify any more friends
You claim that the crow tolerable with white wine
I choose instead to draw my own imaginary lines

When will we ever feel the sun?
When will we ever have some fun?
When will we ever be
All but done with our accomplishments,
Fulfilled by mass acknowledgement,
Relieved of our embarrassment, when?

You say that the Dream solidifies the means
But I reject my assignment to the underground machine
You wave the goal approaching the divine
As I choose to subsist within my own imaginary lines

Why must we congenially drink the rain?
Why must we eventually taste the pain?
Why must we ever be
All but hung for our proficiency,
Stung by our own technology,
Loathed for our non-apology, why?

Where is the roadmap to the Promised Land?
Where is the soft and sympathetic hand?
Where is the hunger for the
Justice of our own righteousness,
Promotion of our exultance,
Adoption of our endorsement, where?


Written By: Ric Albano

And you will find what you seek in your heart
And your compassion will guide you to that door
And you’ve got destiny’s balance on your side
And you’ll discover more secret passages
And you will never relinquish the Truth
And your convictions are bold, clear, and pure
And you’re consistent against the flux of time

And you are trying to reconstruct a holy universe
And you keep relying on the only self that only you know
And you are humble
And you are brave
And you can crest your wave above the swift, strong, submerged undertow

And you dwell within a prison in paradise
And you’re perpetually wondering beyond the painted lines
And you appear to make wrong choices at every turn
And you burn in undervalued anonymity
And you continue to crawl along the side of that muddy hill
And you are scary
And you are scorned
And your favorite store no longer is affordable

And you endeavor towards that which is right
And you pray for every mortal soul every night
And you’re bitter, bored, and blue
And you’ve got so much to do

And you revisit those spirits of lost youth
And you can see daylight back up that one-way path
And you will search for the Poison’s antidote
And you will hope that someday soon it’s discovered
And your spring of life unobstructed-ly resumes its flow
And you are faithful while you are lost
On the dark side of Mars in a neighborhood where no one goes


Written By: Ric Albano

It’s been a long, hard day in Burlington
The favorite son’s turned stale,
The wicked one has prevailed
So then the town’s folk all rally to get their guns
To settle things with might
While only one soul resists the fight says,

“Find your peace, find your peace.
Don’t hastily react with base release,
Find your peace -
There’s more to life than that”

Within the bowels of the town dwells a tragic girl
Who’s given up on hope
Lost all desire to cope
So she unplugs her heart and fills her world
With shallow, empty tasks
In clichéd terms she raps,

“I wish you peace, wish you peace.
Although any chance for me has surely ceased,
I wish you peace -
Is there any life like that?”

It’s been a long, hard week in Jericho
As the aboriginal men are all called to arms
Except the first-born, all sheltered from the miracle
What’s the harm?
What’s the harm?

Live in peace, live in peace
And your better days will doubtlessly increase
Live in peace -
Conduct your life like that

Out the doors of Walter Reed walks a serviceman
With fourteen colorful charms
Just to the left of his severed right arm
Then some appeasers holding signs break into mindless chants
To which this hero calmly replies,
“For those people I would have honorably died

To bring them peace, bring them peace
Against their own internal nihilistic beasts
To bring them peace –
They deserve a life like that”

But it’s been a long, hard month in Babylon
Patriarchs must adapt to veils falling to the ground
And it’s been a long, hard year in Avalon
As the mighty ABC alliance begins to crumble down
I’ve seen the spring flower bloom in the desert sand
As a new world opens its arms, extends its hand


"Imaginary Lines One" LP (October, 2005)

1. The Phoenix
2. Good Friday
3. Perfect Light
4. Lorelei
5. 33 Flames for Mary
6. Anthem
7. Donovan's Dread
8. Peace
9. One

All songs written, arranged, and produced by Ric Albano

Set List

Right now I would like to limit performances to a single set no longer than 45-60 minutes.

I perform a nice blend of original and covers that may vary depending on the audience. These include any or all of the tracks from Imaginary Lines One LP plus several other originals.

Covers include (but are not limited to):
"Tempted" by Squeeze
"Changes" by David Bowie
"Melissa" by Allman Brothers Band
"Summer, Highland Falls" by Billy Joel
"Crazy Fingers" by Grateful Dead
"No One Is to Blame" by Howard Jones
"Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart
"You Never Give Me Your Money" by The Beatles