Ricardo Aleman

Ricardo Aleman


The comedian who got roaring applause insulting David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan on NBC's America's Got Talent!


A Mexican comedian and author born and raised in New Jersey, Ricardo believes that the Spanish he learned on Sesame Street growing up is all the Spanish he'll ever need to know. However, that never stopped him from taking full advantage of the minority scholarship program at his local college. After graduating with honors and a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Ricardo took the next logical step for a non-Spanish speaking Mexican computer wiz... stand-up comedy.

Ricardo has toured the country as part of the icaramba Latino Comedy Series, and can be seen regularly in New York City at clubs including The World Famous Comic Strip Live and Gotham. He has appeared on several television shows including NBC's "America's Got Talent," SiTV's "Latino Laugh Festival," and LTV's "Llegamos." Ricardo was also a regular guest on the Sirius Radio show "Four Quotas."

Ricardo was featured at Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and was named "Best New York Main Stream Comic" by the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Ricardo is also the author of "Teenaged Male's Guide To A Better Life," a humorous look at the cluelessness of teenage boys.

"Aleman remains calm and delivers crushing blows to two of the three judges during his appearance on AGT" - SheckyMagazine.com

"Aleman is one prepared guy" - Joel Keller AOL's TVSquad

"you make me laughing a lots times" - Fellow Comedian Josh Filipowski in an email he sent me... I can foward it to you if you want.

"You are soooo hot!" - Random MySpace friend (female)


REALITY CD: I Am Not An Insult Comic

Teenaged Male's Guide To A Better Life (Book)

Set List

20 Minutes - 1 Hour