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"Comedian gets sweet revenge on Piers and The Hoff - VIDEO"


Posted Jun 29th 2007 6:26PM by Joel Keller

Some of you may have seen this clip, especially if you're a regular watcher of America's Got Talent (and, judging by the ratings, there are a lot of you out there). Comedian Ricardo Aleman, who was auditioning for the show, fired off couple of good shots after both David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan voted against him.

The shot at The Hoff was fairly generic, so I'll let you hear it in the short video, which is after the jump. But what he said to Morgan was interesting: "You've been fired from every newspaper job you've ever had on unethical circumstances."
I guess Aleman had the foresight to Google the judges before auditioning for the show, because one of the first entries for "Piers Morgan" mentions how he was fired as editor of the Daily Mirror after photos he published of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi turned out to be fake. And his Wikipedia entry (which always needs to be taken with a grain of salt) mentions how he also left the News of the World after skirting the country's journalistic Code of Conduct. In addition, he was also admitted that, while with the Daily Mirror, he bought a large amount of stock in a company right before his paper published an "exclusive" story about that company's new Internet division. He was allowed to keep his job, but he was later fired after the aforementioned fake photo scandal.

So it looks like Aleman is one prepared guy (and a determined one; he's lost 70 pounds over the last three years). Notice that a) he didn't take any shots at Sharon Osbourne, who liked his act, and b) Piers and The Hoff seemed to get a kick out seeing the other guy get smacked. Hasselhoff's reaction to the dig at Piers is priceless.

- AOL's TVSquad

"Aleman punctures Piers, hassles The Hoff!"


Friday, June 29, 2007

Witnesses say that Ricardo Aleman got decent laughs during his set at the New York leg of the reality talent competition America's Got Talent, but, as is the right of the producers, they edited the appearance to make it seem as though it was less than rollicking!

View the 21-second YouTube video in which Aleman remains calm and delivers crushing blows to two of the three judges during his appearance on AGT, turning what could have been a short march to obscurity into a brief but effective network television smackdown! Notice The Hoff's reaction to his fellow judge getting pounded!

Also worth checking out is Aleman's weight loss videos (long and short versions) here.

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"NJ Comedian Doesn’t Win America’s Got Talent, But He Does Win The Battle Against Body Fat"


By Tom Venuto

Comedian Ricardo (Rick) Aleman, of Hoboken, New Jersey, may not have won America’s Got Talent, but he did win his battle against body fat, shedding 70 lbs and keeping it off for over 15 months and counting. Read on to learn Rick’s fat-burning success secrets…

With a well-thought out plan of action, “The Funny Mexican”, lost 70 lbs of flab in a healthy way, over a two year period. He documented his weight loss not only with photographs, but with a motivational (and funny) video montage of his acts at Comic Strip Live between April 2004 at 250 lbs to April 2006 at 180 lbs…

On his comedy website, Rick posted a page where you can see his before and after photos, his weight loss video montage and his step by step weight loss success story that shows you exactly how he did it.

Rick gives some keen insights into struggling with “poor genetics”, a personal loss as well as the temptations and challenges of life on the road performing in nightclubs.

He also lists all the tools he used to shed the unwanted pounds, his nutrition plan (which includes Burn The Fat), which supplements he took, what exercise equipment he used, how he measured his body fat, how he worked out while on the road for the comedy circuit and a lot more.

Rick was featured on America’s Got Talent in June and the show re-airs tonight on NBC. Although rick didn’t win the votes of David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan, he definitely won the battle of the bulge!

Aleman also made the news and won some “sweet revenge” on Morgan and the Hoff with a couple of good shots after they voted against him.

Rick’s success story is definitely worth a look:

02 July, 2007 posted in News & Current Events
- BurnTheFat.com


REALITY CD: I Am Not An Insult Comic

Teenaged Male's Guide To A Better Life (Book)



A Mexican comedian and author born and raised in New Jersey, Ricardo believes that the Spanish he learned on Sesame Street growing up is all the Spanish he'll ever need to know. However, that never stopped him from taking full advantage of the minority scholarship program at his local college. After graduating with honors and a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Ricardo took the next logical step for a non-Spanish speaking Mexican computer wiz... stand-up comedy.

Ricardo has toured the country as part of the icaramba Latino Comedy Series, and can be seen regularly in New York City at clubs including The World Famous Comic Strip Live and Gotham. He has appeared on several television shows including NBC's "America's Got Talent," SiTV's "Latino Laugh Festival," and LTV's "Llegamos." Ricardo was also a regular guest on the Sirius Radio show "Four Quotas."

Ricardo was featured at Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and was named "Best New York Main Stream Comic" by the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Ricardo is also the author of "Teenaged Male's Guide To A Better Life," a humorous look at the cluelessness of teenage boys.

"Aleman remains calm and delivers crushing blows to two of the three judges during his appearance on AGT" - SheckyMagazine.com

"Aleman is one prepared guy" - Joel Keller AOL's TVSquad

"you make me laughing a lots times" - Fellow Comedian Josh Filipowski in an email he sent me... I can foward it to you if you want.

"You are soooo hot!" - Random MySpace friend (female)