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The best kept secret in music



Israel Houghton meets Lincoln Brewster is probably the best way to describe the sound and lyrical content of "Moving Forward", the new CD from Free Chapel featuring worship leader Ricardo Sanchez. Given the popularity of both of Israel and Lincoln I could probably end the review here and you would have a pretty good idea of what's on this CD, but for the benefit of those of you that require clarification, I will continue. Imagine the big urban sound of Israel and New Breed mixed with the accessible rock worship sound of Lincoln Brewster. Now throw in an ever present choir and you end up with a pretty exciting Urban Rock Worship CD. While Lincoln Brewster has nothing to do with this project, Israel Hougton is in fact credited as Music Director, as well as playing guitar and taking lead vocals on a few songs. He also co-wrote most of the songs with Ricardo Sanchez.

Despite Israel's obvious thumbprint on "Moving Forward", the heart of this CD is expressed through Free Chapel's worship leader Ricardo Sanchez. Not only does he have a great voice, he has a strong presence to lead. This presence is a constant reminder that "Moving Forward" is not a worship performance but a real worship service taking place in a real church service. His prayers and exaltations reflect a congregation seeking God to be present in their church, homes and nation. As a collaborative songwriter, Sanchez is an excellent fit with Israel. I would venture to say that the songs on this CD (mostly written by Sanchez/Hougton) are every bit as strong as past Israel Houghton/Michael Gungor collaborations. And that's saying a lot!

One of the most appealing things about "Moving Forward" is the large amount of congregation friendly songs. If you are a worshipper that likes this style of music, then you will have a great time listening and worshiping along. Not only are the songs congregation friendly, but they are worship band friendly as well. Whether your team is rock oriented or more urban, you will probably be able to tackle any of the songs if you want. Let's hope that they eventually make print music available for this great CD. And let's hope that we hear more worship music from Ricardo Sanchez in the future!
REVIEWED:BY JEREMY DUNN - www.worshipmusic.com

"Jentezen Franklin Presents-Moving Forward"

Free Chapel worship leader Ricardo Sanchez delivers an energetic praise and worship project on Integrity Music, with the participation of Israel Houghton as special guest, songwriter, music director and producer.

Titled Jentezen Franklin Presents - Moving Forward, the project was recorded live at the church’s premises in Gainesville, Georgia.

With a vibrantly infectious pop style, the album brings new music featuring soloists Sanchez and Houghton backed by a large choir and stellar band, with significant audience enthusiasm adding buzz to the songs.

Hit cuts include the opener “Great God”, penned by Sanchez and Houghton and featuring a snaggy Eastern melodic motif, and the slightly gentler “Awesome God”. Sanchez declares freedom and “all things new in Christ” on the album’s title cut, “Moving Forward”, a song strong on vocal power. Other notable cuts are “Say So” and “My Nation Healed”.

If you’re looking for new and high-powered praise music, then this would be your ticket all the way.
REVIEWED: BY STAN NORTH - www.gospelflava.com


Moving Forward
Integrity Music



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Atlanta based worship leader and Christian recording artist, Ricardo, is known nationally and internationally as a singer and notable songwriter, with such songs as "I Call Your Name", topping the inspirational radio charts at #3. Ricardo recently joined Pastor Jentezen Franklin at Free Chapel Worship Center in Gainesville, Georgia, as the minister of music, and has partnered with a broad range of internationally acclaimed worship leaders such as Israel and New Breed, Darlene Zschech, Mac Powell, Salvador, New Song, Jaci Velasquez, and many more.

Many artists possess multiple influences and skills, but not every singer/songwriter/musician harnesses them at the depth and intensity Ricardo demonstrates on "Moving Forward", newly released through Integrity Music.