Ricardo Ribeiro
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Ricardo Ribeiro

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Acoustic


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Ricardo, the Great
Ricardo Ribeiro is great, the greatest of his generation. The only one that really achieves fado performer’s transcendence, that extra something that takes us beyond traditions, conditions and trends. One who belongs to Fado or lives around it know best. When performing live, few are the ones that are able to rise such a state of mind in an old and new singing way of his own. However there was another link missing – to release a record with the same emotional work. His previous records, despite the great success, didn’t achieve that mirror effect. “Largo da Memória” is the first one that brings justice to what Ricardo really is. A sacred record to be listened as one’s would be praying. Not to be listened in all occasions or moods, as a matter of fact it is recommended to be listened in small pieces – the emotional over feelings maybe armful to health.
As the first song says “Destino Marcado” – a minor Fado with lyrics by Fernando Farinha, “Fado has something/that ties our soul; an emptiness one can´t see; a whole that everybody feels”.
The comparisons, the little subtleties of his singing are only found in names of the past (Fernando Maurício, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Fernando Farinha…), nowadays no one sings like Ricardo Ribeiro – no one uses the interpretation shades, the good styling as the old Portuguese way, the capability of transforming a note as it is sung. Ricardo Ribeiro starts the record with his two feet steady on the bottom of the tradition, just like himself, with The Minor and The Corrido. But during the record, he shows that his fado soul doesn’t have deaf walls and it is sensible to other senses creating here clear bridges.
Ricardo has already recorded an album with Rabih Abou Khalil once middle-east, classical as well as flamenco music are his greatest passions. In the new record and within this tradition, we can find “Fado Alentejo” adapted from a former Rao Kyao’s theme (lyrics by Rosa de Lobato Faria) and arrangements by Rabih Abou-Khalil. In a logic sequence we also find “Tarab”, an adaptation from a poem by an Arab based in Silves Hasan ibn al-Missisi (Algarve-Portugal – XI century).
Along the record there’s another coming into to force through the classical (or contemporary) music in two extraordinary moments: “Cantiga de Seguir” with Pedro Caldeira Cabral playing the guitar (based upon a poem by Manuel Alegre). Later, another one “Romance” a baroque arrangement by Ricardo Rocha for a poem by Afonso Lopes Vieira/Carlos Gonçalves. Now, with Ricardo’s voice, Ricardo Rocha brings closer Fado to Bach (already done in the past with Maria Ana Bobone).
But there are still time, a great surprise - a solo act by Ricardo Ribeiro dedicated to his daughter. And to finish it and to bring consistency to the trip: “Fado é Canto Peregrino” by Mascarenhas Barreto e António Santos.
Manuel Halpern, Jornal de Letras Newspaper, December 2013. - Jornal de Letras

"Ricardo Ribeiro - Largo da Memória"

"One will not get deceived. Put the record on and you can tell whose singing. Ricardo's voice is unforgettable. Once heard, always remembered. It's one of those voices that do not need to grow bigger. Deep, strong, magnificent, as if it’d been born weighed. But there's nothing to doubt of because fado sounds like fado, tastes like fado, smells like fado. "
Alexandra Carita in Expresso, 12 October 2013. - Jornal Expresso

"Ricardo Ribeiro is the best"

“A minha vida renasce/ Neste meu canto magoado/ Cada um é para o que nasce/ E eu nasci para o fado’.
There was no need to face this earthly truth like a slap in our faces, to prevent us from reading something different from this new Largo da Memória record. When singing, Ricardo Ribeiro offers a visceral and volcanic artistic expression and if by chance he’d sing the popular Moldavian songbook; his initial statement wouldn’t get pinched whatsoever”.
Gonçalo Frota in Ípsilon, Público, October 2013 - Jornal Público

"Songlines - Top of World - Ricardo Ribeiro"

A sweltering night in Lisbon distilled into album form

Maybe you’ve heard of him through Rabih Abou-Khalil and the brilliant Em Português – a collaboration on which the Lebanese tried to make of Ricardo Ribeiro some sort of Portuguese Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Whatever the reason, it’s unlikely you’ve been prepared for this. It took Ribeiro six years to get to Porta do Coração (The Door to the Heart), but it’s worth every second of this long wait. Contrary to some of the new fado interpreters that have been rising at a freakish rate in Portugal, Ribeiro’s take on fado doesn’t need a pop sweetening or a more exotic approach. It’s as traditional as they come. No more, no less.

Each syllable of Porta do Coração smells of Lisbon: it’s like sardines, cheap red wine and hot nights in every alley of Alfama or Mouraria’s neighbourhoods. A proud follower of Fernando Maurício and Alfredo Marceneiro’s street spontaneous singing, Ribeiro guarantees with his second official record (his teen debut album doesn’t really count) a male voice to follow the steps of Camané. Being this good at 28, one can only dream of what he’ll be doing in the next ten years.

Listening to Porta do Coração, even if you don’t understand a single word of Portuguese, you can’t help but wave a little white flag surrendering to this sad and deep voice. It makes no effort whatsoever to avoid shedding its emotions all over the place. Taking it this high is rare and absolutely extraordinary.

Gonçalo Frota - Gonçalo Frota


Ricardo Ribeiro
Em Portugus
Porta do Corao
Largo da Memria



Ricardo  Ribeiro was born in Lisbon

In 2004, his first record RICARDO RIBEIRO is released and in 2005 the theatre director Ricardo Pais invites Ricardo Ribeiro to cast the production Cabelo Branco Saudade along with Celeste Rodrigues, Argentina Santos and Alcindo de Carvalho.

It premiered at Teatro Nacional de So Joo in Porto and hit european venues like: Cit de la Musique in Paris, Teatro de La Abadia in Madrid, Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Teatro Mecadante in Napoli, Casa da Msica in Porto and in So Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon.

2008 comes with the invitation by Lebanese Lute player/composer Rabih Abou-Khalil to sing Em Portugus, in the album released by Enja Records that joined poems by Silva Tavares, Mrio Rainho, Tiago Torres da Silva, Jos Luis Gordo and Antnio Rocha. This record headed one of the best Top of the World albums by Songlines magazine. Ricardos interpretation got the best reviews by the critics that mentioned him as The Rising Star of Lisbon Fado.

Ribeiro is also invited by the songwriter Joo Gil to sing in his Joo Gil record the song Hoy El Mar Es Mas Azul Que El Cielo.By December 2008, Ricardo takes also part in the live act Amlia at Olympia 20 years later that took place at Campo Pequeno arena, along with Celeste Rodrigues, Caman, Mariza, Carminho and Ana Moura.

Porta do Coraao is the next big thing, the new record featuring Pedro de Castro, Jaime Santos and Professor Joel Pina. Porta do Corao was released by Emi Music Portugal and premiered at CCB in Lisbon. It also hit the top charts with Golden Record, selling more than 10.000 copies in Portugal.

In 2011, Ricardo Ribeiro is once again awarded with Best Male singer by Amlia Rodrigues Foundation and performs two sold out shows at So Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon, dedicated to Lisbon and Fado.

Still in this year, he is solo interpreter invited by the Macaus Chinese Orchestra to perform at the Luso-Chinese music cycle at the Macau Cultural Center, directed by Maestro Pang Ka Pang.

With Rabih Abou-Khalil and Luciano Biondini presents EM PORTUGUES in the Dias da Musica (Days of Music) 2011 at CCB, broadcasted live by Antena 2 (Portuguese Radio Station). Also casts in the Festival International de Musique Andalouse et Musique Ancienne, within the Capitale Islamique de la Culture 2011 in Tlemecen-Alger.

In 2012 collaborates with the singer Maria Jonas, the violist player Susanne Ansorg and the Lute player Fbio Accurso in the Ancient Music concert Lgrimas de Saudade in Bielefeld Germany, broadcasted live by WDR3. Still in this year, takes part in the Festival de Fado de Madrid second edition at Teatros Del Canal/Sala Roja, with Pedro de Castro, Jaime Santos, Professor Joel Pina and the collaboration of Pedro Jia. By the end of the year, Ribeiro is invited by Rui Veloso to sing Nunca me Esqueci de Ti, in his latest record Rui Veloso e Amigos.

Ricardo sings at the Venice Biennale 2013 in the Portugal Pavillion conceived by the visual artist Joana Vasconcelos opening, along with Pedro Joia and Arabesco Quartet.

Also with Pedro Jia, performs during the Day of Portugal and the Portuguese Communities in Caracas, playing with the Venezuelan Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Osvaldo Ferreira at Teatro Teresa Carreo

Ribeiro records works by Rabih Abou-Khalil Em Portugus with the Frankfurt Radio Bigband, with arrangements and direction by the esteemed Pianist/Orchestrator Jim Macnelly.

Ricardo Ribeiro takes part of the 37 edition of the Festival dIle de France in Paris which drove three days entirely dedicated to Fado. 

In October 2013 the big news hit radios, audiences and all media, the new work Largo da Memoria is released by Parlophone/Warner! The album was recorded with some of the most incredible artists like Professor Joel Pina, Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Pedro Jia, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Ricardo Rocha, Pedro de Castro, Jaime Santos and Francisco Gaspar.

Largo da Memoria hits the charts and gets the best reviews by critics and audiences! Largo da Memria hits the Top national selling charts in third place and its way is unstoppable!

Driven by this success, Ricardo Ribeiro sings at the VIII edition Gala Amlia at So Luiz Teatro Municipal before a stunning audience, closes the V Gala de Fado edition, promoted by Radio Sim and finally sings during the second Fado World Human Heritage Aniversary, at Recreios Coliseum in Lisbon. In February 2014, Ricardo joined with Pedro Jia, performed for a sold out Elebash Hall in New York! Later but also in February, Ricardo performed in front of more than 3000 people at CCB and Casa da Msica (Lisbon and Porto), officially premiering his latest album "Largo da Memoria!