BandR&BHip Hop

RnB is not gonna be the same once RICC hits the airwaves. With a captivating voice and lyrics that speak of truth, RICC will outshine whoever tries to follow his footsteps. Allow your ears to hear and your heart to be touched, because this artist is truly what the streets are about.


RICC was born with music in his blood. His mother was a professional singer and his father was a producer. He started his career at the age of 17 with fellow friend and formed a group named Eternity. After years of unsuccessful times he then started his solo career, which has now taken off. He is featured in numerous local Bay Area (Oakland, etc....) artists and compilations. He also will be featured in a compilation album in Germany and in other states of Northern America. Influences are Brain McKnight, Tupac, Micheal Jackson, Maxwell, 112, DeAngelo, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Ray Charles and last but not least R-Kelly,


"Product of My Enviroment" da mixtape - 1st album
"So Many Flavors" with Mr Kee has airplay on wild 94.9 fm