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Rice Moorehead

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Rock Soul


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""Honky soul" is a good name for what Rice Moorehead does."

"Honky soul" is a good name for what Rice Moorehead does. The South Filthy/Hickoids bassist's solo LP siphons a bit of those bands' fried country frazzle, but "Honky Soul," the third track, blows open doors with sax solos and Moorehead's smooth guitar work. Elsewhere, opener "Where I Stay" is a lustful daydream over some nasty slide guitar, and follow-up "It Don't Matter" lays down the pick-up line. The album gets soulful assistance from Karla Manzur on "Unlearn" and "You Can See" and from Texacala Jones on window-steamer "Tex Pants." Perhaps it's all the ladies surrounding Moorehead, including drummer Jill Csekitz and bassist Cindy Toth, that gives You Make Me Feel ... its levity. By the final title track of carnal declaration, he and Manzur propose to do it in the road, and the feminine balance saves it from being too hokey, or honky. - Austin Chronicle

"Een andere topmuzikant die een bijdrage komt afleveren voor “You Make Me Feel…”"

“You Make Me Feel…” is de nieuwste soloplaat van Rice Moorehead, de bassist van o.a. cow punkformatie ‘The Hickoids’, ‘South Filthy’ en ‘Bigfoot Chester’. Deze in Austin, Texas wonende muzikant is ook een getalenteerde songschrijver die al acht soloplaten op zijn actief heeft onder het pseudoniem ‘Amberjack Rice’ en beweert dat hij er nog twee in de muzikale pipeline heeft zitten.

In zijn groep heeft hij twee dames met haar op de tanden opgenomen met Cindy Toth op bas en Jill Csekitz op drums. Voor de song “Tex Pants” heeft hij daarenboven een beroep gedaan op cow punkzangeres Texacala Jones die een rauwe en intrigerende gastperformance weggeeft.

Een andere topmuzikant die een bijdrage komt afleveren voor “You Make Me Feel…” is de bekende saxofonist Kaz Kazanoff die schittert in het instrumentale “Honky Soul”, een nummer met ook een stevige beat afkomstig van Moorehead’s basgitaar.

Zelf brengt Rice Moorehead op “You Make Me Feel…” een mooie mix van soulgeïnspireerde songs, stevige country- en rocknummers en enkele rustige ballads. Hij beschikt over een stevige, doch zeer aangename stem en slaagt er in om elke song een catchy riff of meezingbaar refrein te bezorgen, kortom alles wat hedendaagse popmuziek moet kunnen bieden. Of het nu de funky soulopener “Where I Stay” is of het shuffle beatnummer “It Don’t Matter” - met een aan Augie Meyers herinnerende orgeltje - of het groovy “Molly the Cowgirl” en “You Can See”, al deze liedjes nodigen dringend en dwingend uit op de dansvloer.

En in de ballads vinden we hem zelfs nog net wat sterker uit de hoek komen: ronduit schitterende nummers zijn “Unlearn” - alweer met knappe Hammondorgel-klanken en met een onweerstaanbaar ritme, het laid back gezongen “Drivin’ By” en “Somewhere on I-35”, een countrystijl slow en ‘on-the-road’ song, eveneens het allerbeste liedje op deze cd, mede door het schitterende koorwerk.

Ook de afsluitende funky soul titeltrack “You Make Me Feel…”(… like fucking) is heel mooi maar zal de radio wellicht niet halen omwille van de ‘dirty language’ in de songtekst. Deze heerlijke cd bevestigt dat we onze hoge verwachtingen in deze Rice Moorehead misschien nog wat moeten bijstellen want dit heerschap zou wel eens heel snel tot bredere roem en (h)erkenning kunnen overgaan.

(valsam) - http://www.rootstime.be/CD%20REVIEUW/2010/MA1/CD121.htm

"Not a bum track on this exploration of Moorehead's bag of tricks."

"No Blues For You"....If you need a label you can call this release from Austin, Texas native Rice Moorehead roots-Texas-soul-alternative-rock-punk covering the topics of love, lust, sex and cowgirls. Oh, did I mention sex? This guy is a horndog. A horndog in possession of a pleasing and throaty set of Texas tinged pipes. His guitar skills equal his vocal abilities, supplying crunchy chords, slide accents or acoustic strumming as needed. The assorted players throughout provide snappy drumming, pronounced bass and that patented Texas cheesy organ ala Augie Meyers.

"Unlearn", "Drivin' By" ,"Molly The Cowgirl" and "Somewhere On I-35" can almost pass for Chris Issac with a slight cold. On "Molly" he professes his love and lust to the cowgirl he met at the bicycle rodeo. Don't ask me, we don't have bicycle rodeo's in Joisy. Ol' Molly must be in good shape, she carries him up to her room. "Unlearn" and "Drivin' By" are the kind of Issac-y, slow, moody songs that pop-up in tv dramas. The later has a bit of that Stones spacey late night feel with weeping slide over acoustic and vibes adding background seasoning. "I-35" is a Texan version of Johnny Mathis' "99 Miles To LA". Hold on....It gets stranger....but in a fresh way that works.

The music portion of this Tex-Fest is well thought out and made more appealing by the crystal clear sound not often heard on a self made production. The one instrumental "Honky Soul" kicks in with a throbbing bass line into a chiming guitar riff. First call saxman Kaz Kazanoff adds the honky part. Oh lest I forget.....why haven't I heard the drums of Jill Csekitz before?.....She's all over the place adding drive to many songs.

Ok.......where was I? Oh, yeah......One Texacala Jones is listed as doing vocals on what else?....."Tex Pants". She uses her voice, mostly unintelligible....her multi-tracked screaming, moaning......and a few 'babies!' thrown in for good measure. Rice's slide and regular guitar come in-and-out over his crunchy guitar riff. Ok here's an over used cliche' for you......This song is a breath of fresh air. Crank this puppy up and blow out yer' speakers.

"No Air Play For You".......Rice F's up his real chance for a potential hit with the Texas-soul of the title track. You guessed it kiddies......"You Make Me Feel Like ( F'ing)" starts off as a sentimental love song......then Wammo!(pun intended). It's up to you. I'll make no judgements. It's a great song on a very good CD.

Not a bum track on this exploration of Moorehead's bag of tricks. And many of them make an appearance given the short playing time. Take Chris Issac, Delbert McClinton, Texas punk-rock, Texas-white boy-soul, alternative-rock, slide guitar and blend to a frothy fare-thee-well and see if this concoction dosen't grow on you like a soothing fungus. Ok another silly pun......But this record is really growing on me. I'll admit at first it sounded like a mess. I think there's a quiet semi-genius lurking here. Wouldn't be surprised at all if we hear more of this Texas horndog in a big way. As for me I'm no fool........I'm riding off on Molly's handlebars into the Texas-punk sunset before I make another silly analogy.....Adios mi cowpunks...... - Blues Blast

"This is a rather eclectic collection of numbers..."

Rice is originally from Tennessee, but now he currently resides in Austin, Texas, he is very busy man for he maintains not only a solo career but is also the bass player for the band The Hickiods. On this album we hear Rice mixing bluesy power chords with an unmistakeable Texan country influence that starts your fingers tapping.

The ten numbers on the album are all Rice originals he himself takes lead vocals and guitars, helping him are; Jill Csekitz and Nuje Battel; drums with Cindy Toth and Patrick Flangen on bass. Together they create a raw, but interesting collection of ballads, country blues, brooding power shuffles and one blues/punk rocker entitled “Tex Pants” with a ‘Cow Punk’ lady, exotically named Texacala Jones who is spitting out what appears to be, angry lyrics at breakneck speed. The pace certainly slows down with the calming instrumental “Honky Soul,” which highlights the rather good saxophone work of Kaz Kazanoff.

This is a rather eclectic collection of numbers especially for the world of blues; I found it interesting, most certainly different and it holds your attention for quite awhile.
- http://www.bluesart.at/NeueSeiten/1-2010-CD-DVD-Reviews.html


"You Make Me Feel..." 2009

"4-Track Blues" 2008



From Todd Bugs, Lake Hughes CA.

Rice Moorehead “you make me feel…” (Full Length CD) 2009 Independent Release

Self proclaimed as “Roots guitar freakout with bad ass chicks on bass and drums” well that sounds like a tag line I would stand behind. I didn’t have the chance to see Rice perform with his backing band of bad ass chicks, but on the record they do deliver the goods. Rice has a long history in the music business with roots going from playing guitar and harmonica in a seedy hideaway (I think that was even the name of the bar) in Tennessee to playing and living in the music juggernaut that is Austin Texas. In between the two places in life he also honed his chops playing with various other recording artists on various labels playing bass as well as guitar. With an accomplish list of credits to his name like writing and producing ten records and being showered with the highest compliment giving by northern Ireland “record of the week” Rice is no stranger to being praised for his music. Now a full time resident of Austin Texas he spends most of his time playing there, however I did meet him while on tour playing bass for another one of Texas’s greats, the Hickoids. It was then that I was able to see him perform some of the songs on “you make me feel…” and became an instant fan of his work. Not only is Rice a great singer/songwriter/performer he is a nice guy to boot.
The opening track “Where I Stay” is a cool groove tune with a great side guitar in it, Rice’s voice is perfect through out. The following shuffle beat, toe tapping bluesy tune “It Don’t Matter” makes you just want to get up and move! The lyrics are great as well, “I would say I’m sorry if I cared” this just might be the best tune of the record I think! The bass and saxophone driven instrumental “Honky Soul” is very well described by the title. Another on of my favorite is “Molly the Cowgirl” with its loose jangly guitar and cool keyboard in the background. Rice did all this with the help of some great musicians and great guest appearances that helped make this record shine. One guest in particular is cow punk legend Texacala Jones which Rice said from the stage as I watched him “Texacala sings on my new record, so if you like her you should buy it just for that reason”. I for one can say that she did a great job, but her appearance is not the only reason you need to buy this record. Like for instance the slow dirty guitar country sounding tune “Somewhere on I-35”. This is a great tune all about driving on a long road, passing cars with only one head light, holding the steering wheel tight and thinking of your girl, this is a great and well written tune. The backing vocals at the end are spot on, I love it. The closer of the record (if you don’t include the thirty second hidden track) is also the title track, while there might not be a big chance of terrestrial radio playing this tune due to some of the language, it is a great tune. What it is that you make me feel like doing rhymes with “trucking” but it doesn’t involve driving, or clothes for that matter… I’m sure you get the idea.
Rice Moorehead’s “you make me feel…” is without a doubt one of the best records I’ve heard in a long time, heavy in the funky soul, blues, roots and rock genres it has a little of everything that makes it great. I can’t say it enough, if you like good music get this CD! You can get some of his stuff at iTunes and CD-Baby under his witness protection pseudonym “Amberjack Rice” or just check out Rice on line at www.ricemoorehead.com and www.myspace.com/ricemooreheadband and maybe you too will soon feel like…