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Rich & Royal


Rich&Royal come from the best elements of Bowie, Led Zep, and Radiohead. HenryRich croons baritone melodies over the band’s intense rock sound. Not reflected in existing genres, The band has developed the term Architect Rock to describe their music. More details at


Rich & Royal is the brainchild of Henry Rich and Eric Royal Lybeck, two friends since fourth grade. After their high school band, The Crazy Diamonds, disbanded at graduation, the two followed separate paths: Rich to Harvard; Lybeck to various schools including Vassar and Rutgers University.

2003 - Henry started Oral Fixation Mints so he can make his own schedule and play music whenever he wants - hired Eric. Putting their heads together, they took the material they had individually developed while estranged at Harvard and various clinics and pulled together a medieval concept album titled Hair Like Fire - an album who`s title track had been written and recorded when both were aged 16 years.

The medieval theme had them focusing their musical palette to grand piano, acoustic guitar, and hand percussion while maintaining the comfort zone they developed listening to Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and Nine Inch Nails together in high school. The album was completed while working 60 hours a week, straddling the alternating lifestyle of hard mechanical labor over vintage pharmaceutical equipment and glitzy, glamorous trips to the MTV music awards in Miami. Both gentlemen lost their girlfriends at this time.

2004 - More exhausted than ready to make hoopla, one day the two unceremoniously decided they were finished. At 60 minutes, Hair Like Fire travels from dirge to Brit-pop to cyber punk to Gregorian chant to German cabaret to arpeggiated chorale to Grand Funk Railroad-esque instrumental and back and back again. Lybeck and Rich had completed an album they would listen to themselves: one with authentic guitar playing and passionate classical-style vocals; an album that required multiple spins; a modern record with depth.

2005 - Enter music compatriot from way back, Owen Susman on bass, and Andy Sapko, a legendarily energetic session drummer and Rich & Royal, ten years in the making, was fully formed. In just a year, the group has performed over 25 gigs at The Knitting Factory, CBGBs, The Stone Pony, and the other best and worst venues in New York City and New Jersey.



Written By: Eric Royal Lybeck

Packing up my things I watched you breathe

Your shirt slid o'er your breast just like you'd left.

I promised not to travel
past your heath

Thank you for the meal and disapproval

I wondered how you'd looked three days before

But something always tells me

I'll be missed

Please don't leave without a kiss

Turn don't look back
I'm sorry I don't want to go
If it weren't for my master
I'd look you in the eye and cry


When I met you I didn't know I'd
Love you and hug you I think I'm alive
But I used to be someone
Who though not of but himself
and When I was young I had no idea I'd Love you and hug you and want you to.
Promise me you'd be my someone who'd wait for me after the war.


Hair Like Fire (2004)
Rockefeller EP (2007)

Set List

Rich & Royal can play sets for several types of crowds. With currently over 30 wholly original songs, Rich & Royal can fill a variety of time and mood requirements ranging from a 30 minute hard rock set to a 2 and a half hour mixed mood set complete with plenty of mellow acoustic material. Rich & Royal's set works best as something to be seen and heard and focused on. A R&R audience does not get distracted from a consistently strong delivery of well composed original songs. With some covers in the back pocket including David Bowie, Depeche Mode, the Zombies, etc. ready to get an audience on their feet dancing, Rich & Royal can just as easily leave an attentive audience speechless.