BandEDMNew Age

New age, classic, film music, electronic, techno, ambient.


My music transmit textures,colors,and changing states of spirit. It is a mixture of pleasant, hard, flying, and always motivating influences from my sounds. I am not static; I like movement and harmonic processes, as it is life itself. I try to print strength and softness into the heart of those who listen at my music. I am also sculptor, painter and digital artist. In all cases, I work alone. Compose, mix and edit my music by myself.


I've always composed my music for my own pleasure, and it happenned to be good music. That's why now I'm looking for manager and promoter.

Set List

1: THE MOON VALLEY, Symphonic poem, 15:54
2: ORIGIN, Sympo-electronic, 7:04
3: ROUND STONES, Ambient, 6:35
4: METALIC NUCLEUS, Techno, 3:44
5: AFTER THE STORM, Ambient, 4:24
6: ISCHIGUALASTO, Techno, 1:50
7: DIRTY ATHMOSPHERE, Sympho-ambient, 6:04
8: NATUR VIVACE, Electronic jazz, 7:13
9: EARTH AWAKENING, ambient, 2:13
10: AMERICAN REVIVAL, Ethnic, 2:32