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Seymour, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1995 | INDIE

Seymour, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1995
Solo Rock


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The best kept secret in music



NeuroTronix Records is an independent label based out of Seymour,Ct. According to their website NeuroTronix Records “represents artists of multiple genres of music and provides worldwide distribution services to hundreds of online music retailers“. Since being founded by Lauren Demko (CFO) in 2019, the label has amassed an exceptional roster and reputation.

The team at the label is also quite impressive. NeuroTronix Records is headed up by president and Senior A&R rep Richard Demko (Rick, Rick D Keys). Also on board are Vic Steffens (Horizon Music Group) and Amanda DeFilippo (Photo/graphic arts).

AMP was able to corral Rick Demko for an extensive interview about his mission at NeuroTronix Records.

AMP: You have a very varied resume. Give AMP a quick rundown who Rick D Keys is.

DEMKO: I’d like to start off by thanking you for this wonderful opportunity. Rick D Keys is the stage name that I’ve been known as. It dates back to the days I performed with Electric Mayhem as their B3 and keyboard player. Electric Mayhem formed in 1999 as a funky jam band. Although we are not very active these days due to family and work obligations, we still get together from time to time. We play a show here and there. The band is actually working on perfecting some old recordings. We are trying to create a masterpiece album from some of our older unreleased songs. I never really thought of how diverse my resume is until now that you ask. I engineer, produce, write, play multiple instruments, do session work, book, promote and everything in between. I’ve been in the game for over 20 years. As I’m thinking back I’m realizing that every experience I’ve had revolving around music has led me to where I am today.

AMP: What was your motivation in forming NeuroTronix Records?

DEMKO: Playing and listening to music has always been a passionate hobby of mine. I learned the art of engineering when Electric Mayhem went into the studio to record some tracks 20 years ago. When the session was over , we packed up and the rest of the guys went home but I never did. I literally slept on the couch at the studio for days on end. I wanted to learn how to record music and create great albums and I did whatever I could do to accomplish that goal. It was very fortunate to have learned basically everything along the lines of studio engineering and the art of production from my good friend and mentor, Vic Steffens at Horizon. I started as an intern and worked my way up to an assistant engineer. Soon I was starting my own sessions. I began learning how to do things in the studio and teaching myself what to listen for. Along the way I met a lot of industry professionals. I absorbed everything that was talked about. I heard stories about being on the road, how major labels worked, personal experiences and changes to the business end of the music industry. Last year Vic and I were talking about the lack of companies in the New England area that can handle management, promotion, distribution and bookings. There was a void that needed to be filled. Using my experience as an engineer coupled with my knowledge and connections as the booking coordinator at Toads Place for a few years, I figured I would do what was needed myself. Thus, NeuroTronix Records was born.

AMP: What satisfaction have you had as an artist, producer and record executive?

DEMKO: As an artist, i find satisfaction knowing that people actually listen and like the things I write. If my music can bring one person joy then I’m happy. As a producer it is satisfying to hear the songs I produced in their final versions. For me there is nothing quite like hearing something that I’ve poured every ounce of creativity into played on FM radio. As an executive I take great pride in making sure the artists I work with and represent are successful. The label cannot be successful if the artists are not finding some degree of success themselves. Another satisfying aspect is that throughout my involvement in the industry I’ve met and hung out with some really awesome people. Way to many to list but some of the more memorable hangs were with Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes and Greg Allman. A few others were Melvin Seals, who Electric Mayhem opened for at Toads, Kasim Sultan and Blondie Chaplin. I actually played B3 on a few of Chaplin’s tracks he recently recorded and have maintained a very good relationship with him ever since. Though out the years I have interacted with countless major A&R executives in the industry. These are the guys who can make or break your professional music career. The guys who can make your dreams come true. These guys have signed some of the biggest artists around. I have an enormous respect for them. If I was to list everyone and every experience I’ve had over the years, it would be novel the length of War and Peace.

AMP: NeuroTronix Records has an eclectic group of artists. Is there a particular genre of music your A&R staff is looking for?

DEMKO: For me, it’s really doesn’t matter what genre the artist is. I work with and appreciate everything from Rap and Hip-Hop to Country and Metal. My thought process behind signing an artist is that they have to be really good and have at least one song that has the potential of breaking. They should have somewhat of a decent following and the determination to succeed. Also, be in it for the right reasons and becoming rich and famous is not one of them. Most important of all is being able to handle the long haul. Sending a positive message through their music to their fans is a plus.

AMP: Who are some of the artists currently on your roster?

DEMKO: The label is separated into two sections. The first section is the artists side. These are bands and artists that are signed to a contract and are offered everything the label has to offer for a percentage of their sales and streaming revenue. Right now I have Cara, who is a amazing pop artist, Passing Strange, a very unique piano/drum duo, Cardboard Dream House, an indie punk project and Amy Ozols who is working on her first Country pop single. I also released two projects that I perform with: Electric Mayhem and Demkovic. Demkovic is a Christian metal unit fronted by my good friend Suzanne Vick. The second part of the label consists of artists that employ our services. They are called affiliate artists. These services range from management, booking, promotion, and PR based around the specific needs of the artist. We are proud to represent some of the areas’s finest bands and artists. We work with Christine Ohlman, Frank Viele (who is a favorite son of AMP), Steve Rodgers, the Name Droppers and many more.

AMP: What are some of the pluses and minuses of being an independent label?

DEMKO: I really enjoy checking out new talent and hearing new sounds and ideas. I also enjoy meeting and working with new people. I wouldn’t say there are many minuses. Maybe finding the time to listen to the enormous amount of submissions I receive in a week. I had two releases come out during the pandemic and I’m sure the physical sales took a hit. There’re no outlets to hold a traditional release party. I guess that constitutes a minus. We have made the best of it and are continuing to be creative in ways to reach the masses. Nothing will beat a live show for promotion and record sales. For now we have to sit tight until thing open back up and people feel comfortable going out to see live music again.

AMP: Leading right into the next question. What are some of your thoughts concerning the state of music and the current pandemic?

DEMKO: The pandemic without a doubt changed the industry. A lot of great venues won’t survive the economic impact. Musicians will have to find creative ways to keep their music in the spotlight. Working musicians have always found it hard to get by. It breaks my heart to see so many great people struggle. Moving forward, it’s my belief that it might be awhile before thing get back to normal. Prior to the pandemic, the Ct. original music scene was probably the strongest it has been in my lifetime. I am confident that once this pandemic is over the music scene will come back even stronger. Until then, small outdoor social distance concerts, videos, social media live streaming, and digital releases will be the new normal. It will be important to build upon these concepts. I am fortunate to be able to maintain through all this. I am busy doing remote mixing and mastering for my clients in the comfort of my home studio. I’m doing album PR and social media campaigns and other little things that have generated enough income to stay afloat.

AMP: Kind of a lighthearted question. As an elected Justice of the Peace have you ever officiated a wedding ceremony involving one of your artists?

DEMKO: Ahh!, I was very fortunate to have been elected a JP. However my term doesn’t start until January 2021. It would be cool to officiate a wedding for one of my artists. Love and music are two of the most powerful things in this world and right now we need more of both. A lot more.

AMP wants to thank Rick for his time and energy. Rick and NeuroTronix Records are a huge success and a boon to the New England music scene. Please support their artists in any way possible.

NeuroTronix Records artist roster

Passing Strange
Cardboard Dream House
Amy Ozols
Electric Mayhem
NeuroTronix Records affiliated artists

Christine Ohlman
Frank Viele
Steve Rodgers
The Name Droppers - RALPH BEAUCHAMP- AMP

"Valley Baroque/Operatic Rock Duo “Demkovic” Prepare for National Album Release"

Valley Baroque/Operatic Rock Duo “Demkovic” Prepare for National Album Release

Shelton native Suzanne Vick and Seymour resident Richard Demko have been busy in the studio lately putting the finishing touches on their debut album that is scheduled to be released on Tuesday March 7, 2017.

The Duo calls themselves “Demkovic”, and their music is classified as Baroque Operatic Rock. What exactly is Baroque Operatic Rock? Primary songwriter Richard Demko gives us an idea of what to expect.

"Our style is hard to explain, but to give you an example it’s a mix between Evanescence, Tori Amos, Faith no More and Living Color," said Demko. "It also encompasses vocal elements similar to hip-hop on the chorus parts, and powerful, dynamic, flowing, melodies on the verses. You really have to hear it to get the full scope of what this project exactly is.”

The album will be available on HMG Recordings nation wide on virtually every major online retailer, and in select brick and mortar stores. Demko states, “We are extremely excited to be able to have such a huge platform to share our music.”

The duo has been also busy assembling a live band and preparing for their CD release party. The band consists of powerhouse players from all over the state. Joining them on stage will be RVP Studio Guitar instructor and former G-Soul shredder Marc Amendola, Bassist Steve Wovkanech form the band Fast Ricky, Rhythm Guitarist Dale Grenier from Evil Twin, and Seymour Business Owner Matt Christiani on Drums.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to have such an amazing, talented group of musicians to help deliver our music live," Demko added.

The CD Release Party will be on April 1, 2017 at Café 9- 250 State Street, New Haven CT. Doors open at 9:00, show starts at 9:30. Tickets are $10.00 at the door, or available in advance by logging on to New Haven artist Nick Depuy and fellow HMG Recording artists Chemical Z will be joining them on the bill.

For more information visit Demkovic on the web at or on social media @demkovicmusic - Jean Falbo-Sosnovich- View from the Valley

"Duo from Shelton and Seymour to release debut album"

The Valley-based duo who call themselves Demkovic and specialize in “baroque and operatic rock” music will celebrate the national release of their debut album “Breathe” Tuesday.

Shelton native Suzanne Vick and Seymour resident Richard Demko recently put the finishing touches on the debut, which is now available on HMG Recordings nationwide, at every major online retailer and in select stores.

Demko, the band’s primary songwriter, explained that Demkovic’s sound is unique, an eclectic mix between Evanescence, Tori Amos, Faith no More and Living Color.

“It also encompasses vocal elements similar to hip-hop on the chorus parts, and powerful, dynamic, flowing, melodies on the verses,” said Demko. “You really have to hear it to get the full scope of what this project exactly is. We are extremely excited to be able to have such a huge platform to share our music.”

Demko, a father of two young sons, member of Seymour’s Board of Finance and Conservation Commission, is a surgical assistant by trade, and Vick, the lead vocalist who owns and operates a music education and healing arts center called SoulSong in Shelton, are longtime friends. They were in a band together years ago, and decided to reconnect in the recording studio last year to create “Breathe.”

As far back as he can remember Demko, who is heavily involved in music engineering and production, has always loved music and began playing the piano at age 5. The classically trained pianist later learned how to play the drums, guitar and many other instruments. Vick has been singing since childhood and recalls how she and her dad used to sing favorites such as “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “Over the Rainbow” at family gatherings when she was a toddler.

While studying classical voice in high school, and later attending Berkley College of Music in Boston, Vick honed her vocal skills. The duo said “Breathe” has a little something for everyone on it.

“We’re essentially a rock band, but our sound is coupled with elements of Pop, Baroque, Industrial, R& B and HipHop,” said Vick. “It’s a very unusual take on a style that people know well and because of that, I think we’ll appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. Also, the songs on the album tell my story of struggle and regaining my footing over the past few years. Anyone who has been through a difficult time in their life will be able to relate.”

Demko said the duo has been busy assembling a live band and preparing for the CD release party, which will take place April 1 at Café 9, 250 State St. , New Haven. Doors open at 9 p.m. followed by the show starting at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door, or available in advance by logging onto New Haven artist Nick Depuy and fellow HMG Recording artists Chemical Z will join Demkovic on the bill.

The live band that will join Demkovic on stage, according to Demko, consists of “powerhouse players,” including RVP Studio Guitar instructor and former G-Soul shredder Marc Amendola, bassist Steve Wovkanech form the band Fast Ricky, rhythm guitarist Dale Grenier from Evil Twin, and Seymour business owner Matt Christiani on drums.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to have such an amazing, talented group of musicians to help deliver our music live,” Demko said.

For more information visit Demkovic on the web at or on social media @demkovicmusic. - Jean Falbo-Sosnovich- New Haven Register

"Hidden Treasure: The Black Crowes rock out Toad’s Place under a pseudonym"

In order to warm up for their seven night string of sold out shows at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, The Black Crowes, hidden behind the alias of Mr. Crowe’s Garden, took the stage at Toad’s Place, a bar/concert venue in New Haven.

Rick Demko, the bookings coordinator at Toad’s Place, explained how the venue had to remain faithful to their gag order, as defined by the band’s tour manager. To paraphrase, he told me that if Toad’s Place were to break the news to anyone, the band would not play a single note.

Back in 1984, when Chris and Rich Robinson formed their band, it was called Mr. Crowe’s Garden, and it is common to find them warming up under this name before a large tour. I have come to find out, after talking with Rick Demko and other serious fans of various bands that warm up shows played under alias names are not rare. Bands such as Phish, Pearl Jam, The Rolling Stones and others do it regularly to keep in touch with their true fans in a much more intimate setting. So keep your eyes peeled; your favorite band could be playing at a local bar this weekend, and you wouldn’t even know until afterward.

Not being an intense fan of The Black Crowes did not hinder my experience at this particular show. They are an eight-piece band, with two lead guitarists, a keyboardist, a bass guitar player, a drummer, two soulful backup singers, and of course, Chris Robinson right up front with a microphone and an occasional harmonica or tambourine.

The crowd at Toad’s Place, eager to see the band take the stage, screamed, clapped, chanted and banged on the floor for nearly an hour until that last light went out, and the band followed a flashlight’s beacon onto the stage from the dressing room below. They took their places and without a word broke into song. The rest of the night was filled with first class Rock n’ Roll. Present-day classic rock poured seamlessly from the instruments and vocal chords of the eight rock stars, hard at work.

The sea of people at their feet begged them to stay for nearly two-and-a-half hours. They complied with great enthusiasm and played many fan favorites. Fan favorites, I came to find out, are not the same as radio hits. Songs such as “She Talks to Angels,” “Hard to Handle,” “Twice as Hard,” and “Remedy” were not heard. One surprise was a Bob Dylan cover to kick off the encore, “It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry,” reportedly being played for the first time by the band.

Some of the unique aspects of the night included a large tour bus parked right out in front of the venue, an appearance from Chris Robinson’s wife Kate Hudson on the back balcony, and a false rumor that lingered for the entire evening that Keith Richards, of Westport, would play during the encore.

Chris Robinson’s unprecedented vocal performance encompasses everything that is great about music. With a wide range, a unique rasp, a toe-tapping funky quality and an overwhelming stage presence, Robinson’s performance rivals that of seasoned veteran Steve Tyler of Aerosmith.

Anyone who has their hands on a Hammerstein Ballroom ticket for their appearances from the March 22 to March 30, consider yourself blessed by the gods of Rock n’ Roll. These guys put on a ridiculously entertaining show, even if you don’t know a single song they are playing. Tickets are still available for their April tour of the south.

If you have never heard of The Black Crowes, or if you are somewhat unfamiliar with them, their music is, without contest, worth investigating, purchasing or downloading. - Sean Corbett- Fairfield Mirror


Demkovic- Breathe (10 song album) 2018 HMG Recordings 

Demkovic- Immortal Sin (single) 2020 NeuroTronix Records 

Richard L Demko- Merry Christmas From a Distance (single) 2020 NeuroTronix Records 



Richard Demko is a Recording Artist, Producer and Recording Engineer. He is also the President and Senior A&R of NeuroTronix Records. 

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