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Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Country Singer/Songwriter




"Richard Murray - 'The Long Haul'"

A Northern Irish singer-songwriter with a penchant for a contemporary form of country music, Richard Murray has been a central part of his local music scene for well over a decade. Starting as a session musician, he went on to release his debut album in 2007, a deft blend of alt. rock and timeless country that illustrated his style in perfect form. Since then, Richard has continued to impress, releasing new music and touching almost relentlessly throughout the UK and Europe, the Middle East, and Chine.

After singing with Ginger Syrup Records in 2017, Richard spent the next few years refining his sound and bringing to life his new album, ‘The Long Haul’. A blend of classic Americana and rustic country, Richard specialises in fusing classic sounds with elements of vibrant Irish rock, bringing to light his own creative style with the distinct influences of Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, and Thin Lizzy.

Sung with a rich, soulful sound, the album fades into existence on a wave of poetic, country charm, forming an immediate and wonderfully impressive sound. Incorporating elements of chamber pop, indie rock, the occasional classical flourish, Richard creates a unique balance right off the bat with ‘Thunderbird’, a textured, lo-fi single that rolls with distinct approachable sound. It’s an impressive introduction, one that is carried forward brilliantly by more intimate, driven numbers like ‘Blue, Dyed In The Wool’, the tender, heartfelt tones of ‘Devils’, and the more lavish, classical sounds of ‘Beside The Dying Fire’. - BROKEN 8 RECORDS

"The Long Haul"

Sung with such soulfulness, Richard Murray offers stories from a life lived most fully on the poetic “The Long Haul”. With firm roots in a traditional rustic country charm the arrangements incorporate elements of chamber pop, indie rock, and occasional hints of classical. By far the heart of the whole album comes from Richard Murray’s expressive voice. He sings with a quiet and determined power. The album has a nimbleness to it rolling through with a clear-eyed focus. Arrangements incorporate a great deal while retaining a unique balance. By allowing everything to fully breathe the whole of the album retains a thoughtfulness.
References to Bruce Springsteen are unavoidable. Like him, Richard Murray offers up careful character studies. These explore the small moments in a life that come to define so much. Everything about the album works perfectly, for each track serves as a chapter in a greater narrative. His attention to detail feels particularly grand, as he explores the innermost thoughts and feelings that run through a mind. Quite lovely at times, his is a modest beauty, one that has a gentle spirit that guides it along.
Opening up the album with “Thunderbird” the tone is set quite quickly. The low-key groove along with his delivery at times recalls Bob Dylan’s approachable sound, with even a hint of the blues. Intimacy reigns over the introspective “Blue, Dyed In The Wool”. Fiery passion anchors the whole of “Buses”. Little flourishes go a long way over the giddiness of “Satellite Town” where the rich, resonant tones have a lush quality to them. Tactile with its delivery is the tenderness of “Devils”. Elements of classical emerge on the regal “Beside The Dying Fire” allowing a hint of the tragic to further color the already captivating sound.
A sparser style takes over on “Thunderbird, Pt. 2” giving Richard Murray an ability to let a stripped-down quality take over. Easily the highlight is the carefully considered “The Barren Waste”. Rollicking with its intense energy the celebratory “Surfing Up To Castlerock”. Things mellow out considerably on the spaciousness of “Nowhere” where the acoustic guitars intermingle in a way that feels so natural. Effortlessly closing out the album is the dreamy disposition of “Hanging on the Hill”.
“The Long Haul” embraces a timelessness to its proceedings, showing off Richard Murray’s soothing, reassuring vocals. Forgoing the trendy, Richard Murray creates something that withstands the test of time with a journey that lingers in the mind long after it has ended.

written by Beach Sloth. August 19, 2019 - Entropy Magazine

"The Long Haul"

Hace muy poco que conozco a este tipo , se, que tiene unos cuantos discos editados , Richard Murray Music, pero el que estoy escuchando, es el ultimo ,editado, me parece algo a tener en cuenta ----The Long Haul (2019)-----una docena de temas, que te llenan la cabeza de buena música, cuando inicie la aventura de la primera escucha , siempre creí que este (zanahorio- pelirrojo ) me gustaría por ser irlandés y que en su disco ,su música habría señales de folk irlandés , pero , no fue así , todo lo contrario , música americana , country -- el primer tema ya te da todo lo que necesitas para los dolores de cabeza -Thunderbird- antiestaminico , contra la desidia y la alergias de la música - country -americana .--Blue, Dyed In The Wool, como me gusta ese pedal steel y esos coros femeninos , ahhh te trasladan a ese país acartonado por sus políticas, Buses -- tercer tema y un poco mas movido, country - rock , es lo que mas me atrae, que tenga los temas cierto ritmo para poner en marcha la maquinaria bien temprano .si queréis descubrir mas paisajes de este disco tendréis que darle una oportunidad y escucharlo entero , bien merece la pena , y ya de paso ,que este trotamundos musical tenga el buen hacer de pasarse por España a dar unos conciertos . simplemente eso , os gustara si lo escuchas , seguro, no te lo pierdas , no defrauda ni cansa . salud - Simon Simon Simon

"Richard Murray: “Borealis” A Perfect Mix Of Poetry And Sound"

Irish-born singer/songwriter Richard Murray is back with his upcoming album “Borealis”, which is scheduled to be released on the 6th of May. Award winning Murray had a rave review from us, the last time with his album “Desert Wind”. But everybody knows that it’s always harder the second time around, when you need to confirm your talent. On “Desert Wind” the poetic songwriter successfully captured the emotional highs and lows on each song, with perfectly intense executions. So just how does Murray do this time around?

Continuing his journey through Americana, Heartland Rock, Alternative Country and Folk-Rock sounds, on “Borealis” Richard Murray not only confirms his predestination as an exceptional music artist, but he goes way above. Few, and I mean a very few, if not just a handful of artists, major label or indie, in his genre, can hold a candle to Richard Murray’s performances and musical creations.

Charisma, honesty, and plain raw talent ooze relentlessly from every pore of his musical body. A perfect mix between the poetry of Bob Dylan, the vocal and melodic expression of Jackson Browne, and the sparkling arranging capacity of Dave Matthews, Richard Murray propels “Borealis” into a realm of superiority.

As is experienced from track one, the music is very well played, tastefully arranged, and well produced, with a nice organic sound overall. At times the songs rock with upbeat tempos and at others it harkens back to Murray’s folksier roots like on “Out On The Rolling Sea”. This collection of songs, are among his most meaningful and best produced. Since the previous album, Murray’s music isn’t so much changing as it is growing more expansive. Just listen to the intense rhythms on “I Knew You’d Understand” or the steadfast vocal melody over a prominently jangling guitar on “Rag and Bone” to appreciate the depth, of what on the surface appears to sound like a only subtle evolution.

Lyrically, Murray is creative and poetic without ever being pretentious. The subject of his songs are traveling farther and reaching deeper on each new release, while his wide-ranging voice continues to produce intense emotions. I continue to deem Murray’s work as being devastatingly hypnotic, and find it hard to resist to songs like “A Human Race” and “For The Miles”, notwithstanding the fact that they belong to completely opposite sides of the sound spectrum.

“Borealis” is an album that will grow on you with each listen, and there’s a lot to listen to here. The album presents Richard Murray in brilliant form; as he continues to pen some of the most intelligent, clever and insightful song lyrics around, backed by a well-crafted assortment of heartfelt and accessible musical arrangements.

So before you spend your hard-earned pennies on some overrated piece of junk keep them in your pocket until mid-May, and remember this album: “Borealis” by Richard Murray. It may just be the best buy you make this year! - Independant Music News 24

"Richard Murray – Borealis – Alt Country Finest"

by C Bret Campbell May 15, 2013 1:18 am
Tagged With: Alt-Country, Americana

Borealis Cover Art This one almost slipped through on me, folks! I sure am glad I found it. The new release from Irish-born Richard Murray, “Borealis,” is some of the finest alt-country folk acoustic rock I’ve heard this year.

Murray stands out as a lyricist, with amazingly poetic prose. The songs on “Borealis” range from dance-able old-timey influenced rags to ballads to stratocaster fueled blues rock, and every one tells a story that’s more than fun to listen to. “Ghost In The Machine ” and “On Carey Street” are good examples of the kind of dichotomy in the styles, but some how they seem to fit on the same record (perhaps that’s due to his mention of Tennessee, I could be biased).

As you get on into this record you get the point of the title, as it’s almost a journey around the western musical world. Island sounds and desert dry guitars and rainy mandolins with each tune you can feel a regional style as if Murray has traveled the country writing his songs as he moves from town to town.

Rag and Bone is one of my favorites on the album, I that intro really does it and the mountain dulcimer solo is awesome!

Continuing his journey through Americana, Heartland Rock, Alternative Country and Folk-Rock sounds, on “Borealis” Richard Murray not only confirms his predestination as an exceptional music artist, but he goes way above. Few, and I mean a very few, if not just a handful of artists, major label or indie, in his genre, can hold a candle to Richard Murray’s performances and musical creations.

I’d say I have to agree this is one awesome record.

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"Richard Murray - Desert Wind"


Irish-born singer / songwriter Richard Murray, after years of working in some bands, finally released his first album, titled Desert Wind. This album is a good surprise, unique in its versatility and scope yet deceptively simple and accessible. The album interchanges stark acoustic ballads with Bluegrass and upbeat country rock with first musicianship and soul as a common thread.

After a few years spent working in various bands, working as a producer and session man and going through different musical styles, the Irish Richard Murray finally arrives at his debut album with Desert Wind, recorded in London with a trusted group of musicians. What is surprising is that far from seeking inspiration in Irish music, Murray strongly winks at country rock made and the acoustic rides typical of Texas Sound. Certainly the setting of the song, this is typically Irish, means that the songs have very little derivative while remaining anchored to certain stylistic elements in which Murray seems to strongly believe. To understand it, just listen to the six minutes of Enlighten Me in which the strings arranged by David Hearn, envelop an interesting melodic line, the seven of Burning Silver, piano ballad, and the wonderful The Wind and Rain, which concludes the album. Over the course of the thirteen pieces, a great generosity at the compositional level is appreciated, as well as a lack of control over certain of its instances, which often make the various pieces lose bite. However you can't help but appreciate well-crafted ballads like Forgive Me Sera in a duet with Mandie Barnett and enriched by John Davis's pedal steel, or more compelling songs like Thinking of Cristin's honesty tonk, I'll Never Learn that brings us back to mind Chris Knight and the overwhelming country rock of DTs Roadhouse Shake. The naivety reside in missed opportunities like Valley of the Unforgiven, to which a more careful production would certainly have helped. In short, Desert Wind is a good record,

Salvatore Esposito - Ilpopolodel Blues (Italy)

"Richard Murray presents his first album "Desert wind""

Irish-born singer/songwriter Richard Murray has, after years of working with almost every species of band and artist around, finally released his first album of original material. His rich history as a formally trained session musician and producer has served his songwriting well. This, along with his wide-ranging influences and experiences, has helped to create an edgy, provocative album imbued with dynamic sound and imagery. Richard is currently promoting Desert Wind and continuing his work with other artists. - West Coast Music



Richard Murray was born in Northern Ireland some 30 years ago. After quite a few wanderings he ended up in London where he did all sorts of musician jobs such as session musician and producer to finally come to the point where he surrendered with full diligence and courage to record and release his first own CD under the title “Desert Wind". At the same time, he also plays bass guitar in the group of English singer Eden James. The album shows a varied sound, ranging from acoustic ballads to bluegrass and upbeat country rock, in which he extensively displays his excellent singing capacities and his soulful sound. No complex songs but a large musical variety in the 13 songs that can be found on "Desert Wind". All songs stem from his inspiration and writing talent. Musically he is assisted on the record by his accompaniment group “The Pickers”, in which a special role is reserved for an excellent singer Mandie Barnett who supports Richard Murray very well vocally on some songs. There is quite a bit of Nashville in this album, but also pure Americana. Murray himself plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica and percussion on this CD, which also earns him the title of multi-instrumentalist. On the more than one hour CD "Desert Wind" a very strong and swinging Mexicana rock song "Forgive Me Sera" is started on which the complaining pedal steel of John Davis keeps the pace high. The same goes for "Thinking Of Cristina" and the smooth country rock songs "I'll Never Learn" and "DT's Roadhouse Shake" that have been given a Springsteen undertone. Bluegrass music forms the basis of the song "1931". Quiet ballads with a story are "Enlighten Me", "Blueberry Wine" and "Down In This Town" and the more than 7 minute "Burning Silver". As the end of the CD approaches, a sparkle of boredom is lurking around the corner because songs like "Midnight Oil" and "Wandering Infidel" are more of the same and not strong enough to retain attention. Fortunately, the rocking "Valley Of The Unforgiven" brings us back among the people and the 7-minute closing ballad "The Wind And The Rain" is a top song in pure "Nebraska" style. I am happy to give an eight out of ten for Richard Murray's debut album "Desert Wind". He will hopefully be quite satisfied with that and find the incentive to work on a successor quickly. - Rootstime (Germany)

"Richard Murray "Desert Wind""

Der in Irland geborene Singer und Songwriter Richard Murray lebt seit 2004 in London und hat dieses Jahr sein Debütalbum „Desert Wind“ mit 13 eigenen Songs aufgenommen. Begleitet wurde er dabei von den Pickers, seiner fünfköpfigen Begleitband an Bass, Drums, Keyboards und Pedal Steel Guitar. Neben Mandie Barnet singt Murray, spielt Gitarre, Mandoline, Harmonika und Perkussion.
Murray hat eine schöne Stimme und die Musiker spielen tadellos, allerdings fehlt mir bei manchen Songs das gewisse Etwas. Da gibt es zwar abwechslungsreiche Country Songs zu hören, von rockig über rhythmisch bis zu melancholisch, aber die Musik plätschert so ein wenig dahin. Erst bei dem Antikriegslied „1931“ begann ich aufzuhorchen. Mandoline, Pedal Steel und Gitarre begleiten diesen bluesigen Song und gemeinsam mit Murrays heiserem Gesang machen sie es für mich zum wohl hörenswertesten Stück auf dem Album. Weitere Lichtblicke sind das rhythmische aber melancholische „Midnight Oil“ oder die siebenminütige Ballade „Burning Silver“, die mit schönem Gesang und Pianoklängen hervorsticht.
Das Album ist eine unspektakuläre Sammlung von Songs, die dem Genre Americana zuzuschreiben sind. Musikalisch einwandfrei gespielt und gesungen, aber ohne echte Höhepunkte. Das klingt alles irgendwie nachgespielt. - FolkWorld (Denmark)


One of the great things about the openness of the world today is that a musical style once popular in only one small part of the earth now has the exposure to develop in other areas. The internet has given us the ability to hear the nuances of music from each corner of the earth and take pieces of each to introduce new styles. A good example of this is our latest find, Richard Murray.

Richard Murray

The Irish-born, and now UK based singer-songwriter has taken some of the best pieces of American music and made them his own. After years of building up his talents and influences as a session musician and backup band member to countless artists, Richard Murray is now venturing out on his own. His personal style is a blend of southern country, Americana, and bluesy rock and roll. With a gruff yet soulful voice, Richard tells stories through his songs about everything from drinking to memories to forgiveness.

The road has been long but Richard did release his debut album Desert Wind a few years back. The album did gain him some critical recognition in the UK earning him success in the UK Songwriting Competition and Indie Music Awards. The opener ‘Forgive Me Sera’ is a peppy number that opens up the singers life for the world to hear. The story sounds very personal and the listener becomes a close friend as he is let into this world. ‘The Wind And The Rain’ is a perfect little song that creates the feeling of sitting around a campfire while Richard gently strums his guitar and sings just for you. On the touching ‘Wandering Infidel, Richard Murray shows off his gentle guitar skills in an Americana based tune with a great storytelling aspect. He introduces a new twist on the elegantly guitar picked tune ‘1931’. This is a man that has become one with his guitar and can get anything he wants out of it. I suggest you get a listen to this album in advance of the release of Richard’s upcoming album Borealis. - Indie Band Guru

"RICHARD MURRAY: “Desert Wind” Refreshing, Elegant, Effortless Tunes"

Irish-born singer/songwriter Richard Murray, after years of working as a session musician and band member to countless artists, finally delivered his debut album “Desert Wind” (E-SHARK Records). The album has enjoyed great reviews and success in the UK Songwriting Competition (Forgive Me Sera & Enlighten Me) and the Indie Music Awards (Best Alt. Country Album). Richard also released the singles ‘On Carey Street’ and ‘I Drove Across the City’ for Play Records.

In every song on “Desert Wind,” Richard Murray writes about the nature of living against the backdrop of a larger life context. He is, indeed, as much a poet as he is musician. You never feel he is someone attempting to tower over his audience with holier-than-thou wisdom and excessive eloquence. He’s a brother, perhaps a cousin, or a friend, inspired over set backs, passionate over suffering and surmounting each, by writing and singing about them for us.

Murray will speak to you through his artistry, and, perhaps more so, through his integrity in meeting you with the same truths, vulnerability, wisdom, passion and vigilance you expect and need to experience in music of this very intimate and personal genre.

The music, production, and lyrics on this true-grit Americana sounding album are superb, and some of my personal favorite songs on here, include; “Down In This Town,” “Enlighten Me,” “The Wind And Rain,” “Midnight Oil,” and “Wandering Infidel.” However, this album is solid all the way through, and an emotional roller coaster at that.

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Richard Murray successfully captures the emotional highs and lows on each song, with perfect execution. Comfortably moving his art into a musical category, embracing awe-inspiring musicians who care about the world. Like Neil Young, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Sheryl Crow, to name a few.

The arrangements are restrained and honest, allowing the songs to speak for themselves. Song after song, “Desert Wind” breathes refreshing, elegant, effortless tunes.

Most of the album sounds intensely personal, as well as emotionally intense. The album’s undercurrent “Desert Wind” theme really hits hard. You can’t praise Murray’s craft enough. The lyrics are poetic and deeply affecting. He finds focused, irresistible and memorable melodies that are the perfect fit to enhance his tales. Then wraps his thewy and gravelly, cobblestone vocals around it all.

Murray makes each song on this album dramatic and powerful, but he’s always supremely tasteful and never resorts to bombast. I honestly think that “Desert Wind,” is a flawless album. It rocks in places and it moves you in more ways than one. Richard Murray’s introspective mood never loses touch at any point over the course of the songs. It’s almost beyond all belief how well he puts his feelings and perceptions into words on this album. It’s an album that after many listens, continues to entice and intrigue the listener, and is pure therapy to the mind and soul.

I can’t understand why this album hasn’t received more accolades and publicity since it’s release, as it’s hard to comprehend anyone with even half a heart denying this album. It’s an absolute must have, for any serious listener of Americana, Heartland Rock, Alternative Country or Folk-Rock.

All in all, “Desert Wind” is a fine piece of work. Musically and lyrically it has breadth and depth and contains a collection of songs that is both nostalgic and current. The album represents a stunningly intelligent Irish-born “singer-songwriter” at his very best, immersed within a traditionally popular, American genre. - Jamsphere

"Richard Murray – Desert Wind – CD-Review"

Richard Murray, ein in Nordirland geborener, in London lebender Singer/Songwriter liefert mit „Desert Wind“ ein amerikanisch anmutendes Album ab, wie es amerikanischer eigentlich nicht sein kann. Murray, so ist es den spärlichen Informationen über ihn zu entnehmen, war bisher für diverseste Bands vornehmlich als Session-Musiker tätig, hat aber auch kompositorische wie auch produktionstechnische Erfahrungen gesammelt.

„Desert Wind“ ist sein erstes Soloprojekt, wobei naturgemäß Kompositionen, Produktion und das Spielen diverser Instrumente auf das eigene Konto gehen, ergänzt um einen relativ klein gehalten Teil von ihn unterstützenden Musikern. Die CD ist mit 13 Songs und einer Spielzeit von knapp siebzig Minuten recht umfangreich bestückt worden.

Geboten bekommt man einen sehr angenehmen Mix aus Country, manchmal mit dezentem Bluegrass-Touch und leichtem Tex-Mex-Flair, recht sparsam instrumentiert vorgetragenen (meist mit Akustikgitarre unterlegt), leicht rootsigen Singer/Songwriter-Stoff, zum Teil mit Storyteller-Ambition, aber auch ein paar unvermutet eingestreute, rockigere Songs, die aber allesamt mit recht schönen Melodien versehen sind. Hal Ketchum und Del Amitri sind im Groben die Orientierungs-Eckpfeiler, zwischen denen sich das Ganze im weitesten Sinne abspielt.

Murray weiß vor allem mit seiner unerhört angenehm ins Ohr fließenden (sehr amerikanisch klingenden) Stimme zu punkten (erinnert mich an die von John Kilzer), spielt aber auch vorzüglich Akustik- und E-Gitarre, sowie Mandoline. Ab und zu verliert sich noch eine Mundharmonika im einen oder anderen Lied, hervorragend aber auch die immer wieder dezent eingesetzten und gut passenden weiblichen Harmoniegesänge einer Dame namens Mandie Barnett.
Meine Favoriten auf einem durchgängig entspannt anzuhörenden Album sind das countryeske „Forgive Me Sera“ (mit Steel-Gitarre und Mandoline, leichtes Tex-Mex-Flair), das flockig instrumentierte „I’ll Never Learn“ (sogar fast ein wenig Mainstream-Country, E-Gitarren-, Orgelfills, Steel, sehr eingängig), das mit einem an Bruce Hornsby erinnernden, unterlegten Piano und einer langen E-Passage verzierten „Burning Silver“, das ebenfalls recht melodische „Midnight Oil“ (flottes Akustikgitarrenspiel, E-Fills, schönes Harmonika-Solo, Stimmungswechsel) und das rockige „Valley Of The Unforgiven“ (klasse E-Solo).

Und kurz vor Ende schüttelt Richard dann noch mit „DTs Roadhouse Shake“ einen furiosen, rhythmischen Countryrocker mit einer quäkigen Harmonika und klimperndem HT-Piano aus dem Ärmel, den selbst ein Dan Baird nicht hätte besser spielen können. Alles in allem hat der für mich bis dato völlig unbekannte Richard Murray mit „Desert Wind“ sehr positiv überrascht. Die CD-Gestaltung (inkl. Titelbild) wurde passend zum Titel in recht blassen, erdigen Gelb-, Grau- und Schwarztönen gehalten und beinhaltet alle Texte. Richard Murray ist zweifelsfrei der amerikanischste Nordire, der mir musikalisch bisher begegnet ist. Aus meiner Sicht ein sehr empfehlenswerter Musiker. - Sounds of the South (Denmark)

"Richard Murray – Like a Rain on a “Desert Wind”"

Richard Murray’s “Desert Wind” is out, and it’s like a cool breeze with a hint of refreshing rain coming across the arid sands of the Southwest. Obviously drawing from a wide array of experiences and influences, Murray has a folk-rock-americana-rootsy-country-alt-pop thing going on that makes his heartfelt songs impossible to ignore.

Believe me, I tried… I’ve been totally snowed under for the past few days, and trying to work and listen at the same time. So, I kept putting “Desert Wind” on and ignoring it, until finally, I would stop working and just listen. Now, normally, I can ignore bombs, teenagers practicing heavy-metal and even the wife, but not this dude! Nope, it ain’t happenin’.

Murray’s James Taylor-like structures and Glen Campbell picking grabbed my attention first, and then the vocal and lyrics started getting me all caught up. Poignant words and deep thoughts kept jumping up and grabbing me, sucking me into another world, where the hot air was gently moved away by that gentle breeze.

Echoes of Cockburn storytelling and Randy Newman reality (yeah, that’s subjective) combine with superb musicianship, excellent emotion and fantastic production to make the whole album the coolest, most refreshing Desert Wind imaginable.

The album has enjoyed great reviews and success in the UK Songwriting Competition (Forgive Me Sera & Enlighten Me) and the Indie Music Awards (Best Alt. Country Album). In 2009 Richard also released the singles ‘On Carey Street’ and ‘I Drove Across the City’ for Play Records. - Middle Tennessee Music

"Richard Murray: "Desert Wind""

In 2008, Irish singer-songwriter Richard Murray released Desert Wind, a mixture of acoustic guitars, pop music, and country music that spotlights his gift for writing music. If you didn't know he was from the UK, you might guess Murray was a contemporary of Central Texas native Steve Earle or the Mississippi-born Steve Forbert. Murray's storyteller songwriting style draws you in to hear his tales.

"Forgive Me Sera" is a bouncier song, merging a pop sensibility with an Americana vibe. The accompanying female vocal adds a pleasant contrast against Richard’s more raw, gruff voice. The second song on Desert Wind is a ballad, "Enlighten Me." While the acoustic guitar intro isn't remarkably in its originality (think Lifehouse's hit "You and Me"), the song offers a great deal lyrically in its call to be carefree and to wholly enjoy of life.

Something that stands out about Richard’s music is his lyrics, detailed in the imagery he paints for his audience. His words offer a window into his thoughts. It seems that Richard expresses himself best through his lyrics instead of his music, which serves more of a backdrop for the stories he tells. "Thinking of Cristina" picks up the pace and shows the side of Murray that is different and fun, as he shows that he has variety in his music by playing a more straight-forward country song.

Desert Wind is an enjoyable record, and it is nice to hear an artist go deep into songwriting to tell a compelling story with their lyrics. It is clear that Richard Murray only wants to give his fans and new listeners the best experience possible when listening to his albums. You can listen to Desert Wind on Richard’s Youtube channel. - Coyote Music

"Richard Murray"

*Translated from Dutch

If you listen to Richard Wind's Desert Wind you think you are dealing with an older, purified singer / songwriter. To your surprise you will see a young boy on the cover. That does not detract from the power of the music that this guest knows how to produce. To start with, he has a nice hoarse voice that he knows how to crawl under your skin intensively. He also plays fantastic guitar (both acoustic and electric) and has gathered a more than excellent band around him.

That band really needs to be mentioned in this case, because there is no doubt fantastic playing and singing. Murray herself of course sings all his songs, but Mandie Barnett manages to make some of those songs even better with her second voice. Murray does not only play the guitar, but also mandolin (very sharp and to the point), harmonica and percussion. Then there is the excellent rhythm section - Spencer Brown on bass (both electric and standing acoustic bass) and Nic France on drums and percussion. Finally there is John Davis on pedal steel, which gives a country touch to some songs, and the great David Hearn on B3 organ and piano. He knows how to do surprising things on the piano, in which you really sit up. Just listen to Burning Silver- you are really listening with your mouth open, because everyone is well on track in this song.

Despite the country accents of the pedal steel, this has mainly become a rock and rolling americana album. Nice and sturdy, but also with a layering that ensures that you are not listened to quickly. Not too smooth, nice and bright, and yet with a certain melancholy. That certainly applies to the ballads where he accompanies himself almost baldly on his guitar, such as the closing track, the seven-minute The Wind And Rain . The CD lasts more than an hour and is never bored.

Richard Murray turns out to be thirty, born in Northern Ireland, moved to London, but he makes pure americana. An absolute must!

Richard Murray - Desert Wind - RTMCD001 - Moors Magazine

"Surfing up to Castlerock"

"Bright, upbeat and catchy blast of folky, Americana tinged rock - it is sweet, hooky and supremely melodic and catchy as twangy guitars and husky vocals shift over a country beat. It is an earworm no question..." - BARRYGRUFF


This is fast and furious fare and the kind of track that could offer up a piece of tinder for any gathering. - Jason @


'Desert Wind' 2007
'Borealis' 2013
'Meet Me Halfway' 2018
'The Long Haul' 2019

'Firelogic' Viv Youell - Co-Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, 
'Downbeat & Loved' Lucy Layton - Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Multi-Instrumentalist
'Staying True' Lucy Layton - Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Multi-Instrumentalist
'Electric Charge' Eden James - Bass
'Mirror Image Dog' Margaret - Co-Writer, Multi-Instrumentalist
'Emma-Jane Thommen' Emma Jane Thommen - Guitars



Richard Murray is a Northern Irish Alt. Country Singer/Songwriter. Afetr 10 years as a session musician he released his debut album in 2007 and has been writing, recording and performing solo and with many other artists (The Silver Seas, Lucy Layton, Elliot Randall, Eden James etc) ever since. Touring has taken him on mulitple excursions throughout UK/Eurpoe, the Middle East and China and his music found a home in 2017 at Ginger Syrup Records who have been at the helm of his latest release 'The Long Haul'.

The music is a blend of classic American Country and Folk with elements of Irish Rock. Influences include Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy...