Richard and Tyler

Richard and Tyler


This California songwriting duo is currently penning and performing some of the best songs today's alt-country/Americana genre has to offer. Their melodically driven stories are showcased with tight vocal harmonies and an engaging stage presence that keeps audiences coming back for more.


Richard (March) & Tyler (Ragle) fill a room up with their music not because their both 6ft+ and to the right of 200lbs. No, it's the mutual respect and commitment they share for their craft that gives their music its substance. Both believe that one should ‘stay out of the way’ of a song, inviting the audience to walk through their stories with them and not simply be passive witnesses. Their shared commitment to the craft of songwriting and performance has earned them opening slots for such national acts as Rambling Jack Elliott, Jackie Greene, and John Hammond. While they both love Dylan, Simon, Joni, Prine, Springsteen, and The Band, Richard does not have the Grateful Dead and Kris Kristofferson collection that Tyler has. Nor does Tyler have the show tune and 70’s pop collection that Richard has; but it’s just those differences that make their brand of California Americana so special.


Forever Down The Road

Written By: T. Ragle R. March

Forever Down the Road
©2009 Richard March & Tyler Ragle

On the outskirts and the edges
In the alleys of your mind
You walk a thousand miles all alone
Now the barrooms crack, the thunders back
You have no voice to sing
You’re stepping through those curtains all alone
Those empty seeds are sown
Forever down the road

Seems the phases of a heartache
Don’t matter so much now
Though you can’t forget how hard the wind has blown
The preachers now are silent, the poets gone to bed
Through the darkness comes the crackle of a phone
A voice you’ve never known
Forever down the road

You make your stand, not where you planned
Shake it off and let it go
Faith runs thin through talk and waiting games
Feel its pounding rhythms rising through your bones
Know you’ve never been alone

Standing there in tatters
Your prayers turned upside down
You suppose it doesn’t matter anymore
Watch those dancers spinning, smiling sweetly, ebb and flow
Feel the wheels and ask not where they go
We’re not that far from home
Forever down the road

Kings & Thieves

Written By: R. March & T. Ragle

Kings and Thieves
©2009 Richard March and Tyler Ragle

Drive by, so high
Limousine, dirty money buyin' him piece a' mind
Keep him out of the headlines
Brass ring, dreams sweet
Robber baron has a laugh, sipping a whisky neat
Cruisin' down Easy street

Around we go again
Kings and thieves make better men
Thats the game we're in
All in

Back home, bad loan
Standin' there, hears the news, hangs up the telephone
Watches the clock alone
Ten years, sweat and tears
All gone like a vagabond into the atmosphere
Dried up and disappeared

Takes it on the chin
Kings and thieves make better men
That's the game we're in
All in

Around we go again
Kings and thieves make better men
Crooked game we're in
All in

Drive by, so high
Limousine, dirty money buyin' his peace of mind
Part of the grand design


Richard & Tyler
"Kings & Thieves"
Tyler Ragle
"Kiss Your Eyes Goodnight"
"Truth is Stranger"
Richard March
"The Bridge"
"These Dreams"
"Levee Road"

Set List

Typical set lists are 10-13 songs in length and average 45min-1hr.
We have material for 4 sets but rarely play more than three in an evening.
Depending on the venue we may include 1-4 cover songs per set.

Cindy - E
God N Country - E
Golden Gate – B
Strikeout –D/E
Simple Song - E
Katie - B
Brother -
On a Night - A
Comfort Zone - G
Heather - E
Wintertime - A
I Got Yer # - A
Helicopter - A
San Francisco - C
Step By Step - E
Rome - E
Instrumental - G
All I Ever Wanted - Bb
Long Gone - Gm
Christina - G
Nebraska - G
Better Believe - E
Justin - Bb
These Dreams - E
Goodbye - E
Levee Road - Eb
Libraries - G
Just Another Highway - C
High on a Mountain - C
Shine - G
Eastern Girl - F
Second Hand Store - C
People You Meet - G
Damon and Jill – C/F
Sweet Surrender - D
Twinkling Bird - E
Same Street - G
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