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And Now I Rise

Written By: Richard Burdick

I have lived within the darkness
Known the emptiness of night
Felt the sting of bitter cold
The wounds of endless fights
But now I've found there's more within me
Than any power of the night
For my spirit has found heaven
In the resurrected Christ

And now I rise, and now I live
Above the pain, beyond the fear
For God has shown me to the light
Of the possible.
So now I see that I am free.
For now I soar, and now I fly
There are no chains
To hold me down
I stand on higher ground
For now I live, and now I grow
For now I rise.

I have travelled to the bottom
The pit of my despair
Found a strong and loving God
A force beyond compare
And now I'm lifted so much higher
Than any sorrow of this life
I am caught up in God's fire
And I'm living in God's light. (chorus)

There's nothing that has ever been
Or will ever be
That has any power over you
When you're down on bended knee
Turn your focus to the Spirit
And away from worldly things
And know the Christ
that is within you
Gives your heart
and soul their wings. (chorus)