Richard Cagle & the Voodoo Choir

Richard Cagle & the Voodoo Choir


Texas Blues Rock What makes Texas Great! Blazing Fingers and Bleeding Vocals with a little Voodoo on the side... Great Original Songs!


"Texas Voodoo Blues"
Richard Cagle and The Voodoo Choir is the end result of a true test of the creative process. When Richard decided to do a blues album, he knew that he didn’t want to just put a band together, write some song and record them; that would be too normal, so he asked some of the best blues musicians in the Houston area to try something different. The concept was to bring everyone together to write the songs and record them in same session. Most of the players didn’t know one another or hadn’t played with each other, so it was improvising at its zenith. Or as Richard put it, “I wanted each session to be a true Zen moment.”
Each of the songs on this album were written and recorded in about a two-and-half hour period. The end result of this unique concept is one of the best blues albums to come out this year. No matter what your taste in blues, you’ll find something on this album that will push your buttons. Blues music is all about feelings and I’ll guarantee you, this album will make you feel good.

Rod Tanner
(Former Atlantic Rep)


"Texas Voodoo Blues" LP
Radio Airplay
1 Station in Houston
7 Stations in France
1 Station in Norway
1 Station in Belguim
1 Station in Croatia
1 Station in Argentina
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Set List

45 minute set
All Original

1 You Got The Shake
2 Headed Into Houston
3 Uptown/Downtown
4 Sweet Marie
5 High Heel Shoes
6 Call Me Crazy
7 Everyday
8 Mystery Moon
9 Sally Sue
10 Black Hearted Woman
11 Side Of The Road