Richard Cruden

Richard Cruden


The music is a mix of instrumental guitar, modern textures and groove. It has moments like satriani and vai but also hints of mike oldfield with a little 'oddness' thrown in for good measure.


Born in the coastal town of Eastbourne Richard Cruden is an artist that did not blend with the rest of the crowd. Having listened to the progressive rock bands of the 80's, he soon accommodated the skill and knowledge on the guitar to unlock the creative ideas he had. A big influence came from the ‘Indian hippie improvisation’ of guitar teacher Mick Hutchinson that showed music could be taken beyond its boundaries. This ultimately contributed to a style that Richard moulded to his own. This style and unhampered flare is apparent in the music he composes unleashing an elegant but powerful result. On 'Virus’, you'll find manipulative guitar work along with a pulsing backbone that delivers an edgy an exhilarating ride. Then you have tracks such as ‘Déjà vu’ and ‘Destitute’ that portray different highlights of his musical repertoire. Richard continues to reach deep into his creative side to produce music that is passionate, different, yet familiar.


Deja Vu - IAC Radio
Virus - IAC Radio