Native American Flute improvisational indigenous fusion, new age, and blues.


Richard is a classically trained musician who began studying violin at the age of 9, and attended Southeast Missouri State College on a music scholarship. He is also a sound healer, a member of the Sound Healers Association and the International Native American Flute Association. He was a 2003 graduate of the MindBodySpirit Professional Training Program offered by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington, DC, and co-sponsored by the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing.

His eclectic experience - Classical, New Age, Ambient, Blues, Jazz, Chinese Modal Music, Tibetan & Sanskrit Chanting, and Native American - makes him a truly versatile and interesting musician. His music has tremendous depth of feeling and the capacity to touch the innermost places of your mind, body and spirit to bring profound release, healing and relaxation.

Through, Richard's CDs have been purchased in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, and the Russian Federation (Moscow).


CD Albums
- Stillpoint
- Journey Within
- Grandfather's Flute
- Improvisational Suite for A Minor Flute and Piano
- Raven's Road
- Nada Upasana
- SoundShaman Mediations.

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Set List

1-2 hours depending on the venue. There is no set list because it varies depending on the venue. Each performance is adjusted to the length of time allowed.